Trump's monitoring the situation in Hong Kong? That fills me with confidence.


I believe it is spelled "ditty" when used in that way. "Diddy" is used to describe some goofball with a dumb name.


@4: That gentle breeze you feel ruffling your hair? Is the sarcasm of the comment @1 whizzing over your head.


trump the traitor continues to disparage our great American cities, how ironic that he should refer to one as rodent-infested though. It takes one to know one I guess.


"It's not just mice. Kushner's properties are in such disrepair that Baltimore County government released a report showing that Kushner's company had 'violated housing codes more than 200 times in just 10 months... " --Associated Press

If you wanna know how trumpfy's progeny and their spouses are gonna rule the World, look no further than son-in-law Jared Kushner, soon-to-be-Billionaire (should he manage to keep outta prison), and on some path for high-ranking position in further Republican/trumpfyesque Authoritarian Rule.

"Other than jump up and down and shrilly express moral outrage, there is nothing that anyone can do to stop the Chinese from a Tienanmen style crackdown." --fax2

And, sadly, we, the People have tossed away any claim to Moral Authority by electing pro-corporate fools like bush and trumpfy, and allowing Obama to keep Guantanamo Bay operating -- perhaps 'we've' stopped the Torturing of suspected terrorists, perhaps not.

Were the United States to elect Moral human beings to the Presidency and to Congress, we might hold a more Humane sway over this Planet. Right now we rely on weapons of mass destruction to enforce unbridled Capitalism-- the least 'moral' option available.

Besides, trumpfy Loves him some Authoritarian Rule, and desires nothing more than to be worshipped by his subjects -- so why on Earth would he care what China does to their Citizens? He SUPPORTS stripping people's Freedoms away. Well, except for (currently) the 2nd Amendment.


@4 Try tapping the dial on your sarcastometer, I think the needle's stuck.

My guess is that Trump is keeping an eye on Hong Kong not because he thinks he can influence the outcome, but to see if there's anything he can crib from in Xi Jinping's playbook.


Vid: Minimal wage slaves, becoming machines to 'earn' their Living.
Repetitive skeletal/joint/tendon injuries, anyone? What do they (we) do after their bodies give out, in 5 years or less?

Speaking of trumpfy, gotta Love that vid (thnx, Nathalie?) of the 5 yo knocking the toddler off with a swift blow to the ribcage.

America Funniest Videos?
America 'funniest' "president"?

Wishing it were ME laughing
My way to the Bank
just about now...


@8 You got the sarcasm, but still managed to let the implication go whizzing over your head?

Hint: It's got nothing to do with what Jinping can or can't do in Hong Kong.



Right, but you're reading too much into 1's comment, which was just pointing out the comic absurdity that anyone, anywhere, ever, is better for Trump's monitoring of anything, let alone a revolutionary democratic uprising across the globe. It's just sort of a throwaway gag, like one of those posters that shows a bespectacled chimpanzee hunkered over an adding machine amidst a giant pile of scattered papers. That chimp isn't accomplishing anything beyond looking cute and Trump's "monitoring" of a situation is on par. The dude is special and his attempts to demonstrate any sort of executive competency are similarly adorable.


Didn’t the Stranger recently take Elizabeth Warren to task for fumbling the difference between gender and sex on drivers licenses? Shouldn’t then this bit read “sex” as designated on drivers licenses, not gender? I honestly don’t think most people, even the worst of the woke, can keep up...


“I don’t understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running to be the president of the United States to talk about what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.” --Elizabeth Warren

Didn't we try that, last time?

Can someone remind me,
What the Fuck happened?

Without the Millennial Vote
we Get trumpfy
(should HE stay outta prison
which is getting less likely, daily.
He needs a War, badly).


@13 The extreme position is pretty easy to keep up with: "abolish any and all distinctions based on gender, sex, sexuality, or any related concept."

The extreme fix for the driver's license is to just remove the item entirely. How to adjust Ob/Gyn hospital departments, medical school courses, etc would be, er, a bit more difficult.

If you actually go out and talk to people who hold radical views on the subject, though, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who actually holds the extreme position-- once you get into nuances, their ideas are all over the place, coming from completely different directions.


Is the baby’s name “Matthrew”?


@14 You forget that conservatives don't think the way you do. "Standing athwart history, yelling stop" is one of the few things that's been carried over from paleo- to populist conservatism.


@1 - I think he is actually watching some Hong Kong Phooey cartoons to get an idea of the situation. See:


@17 -- conservatives?
they have their OWN
(whacko) candidate.


@20 Yes-- the difference being that their candidate won.


@21: Conservative, unfortunately, has become a malleable term. Donald Trump is no conservative, but yet able to project conservative superficialities enough to maintain the facade.


I think you're all using "conservative" when you actually mean Fascist.


So now there are ZERO reasons to be in Bellevue.


@23: Oh do tell. Nothing more fascist than a 'National Socialist Workers Party'.


Pianos in the Park sounds like a nice idea. I mean, listening to some nice piano music in the park? Excellent! As long as the person playing knows what he or she is doing, but I don't want to have to listen to a bunch of kids (or adults for that matter) banging away. That's the opposite of pleasant.

I haven't taken Marianne Williamson very seriously because she's such a black horse, but I like some of the things shes's been saying. I remember her sort of kooky pep talks to people with HIV/AIDS back in the 80s. She was telling them that they could maybe cure themselves with self-love or some shit like that. Disappointed to find out she's anti-vaccination, but I guess I'm not surprised.. I have a low - a very low tolerance for that crowd. In fact, I'd like to round them all up and put them in an iron lung for a week.


@25 -- Precisely why the Fascists called themselves Nazis.

Nazis concentration-camped all the Socialists, et al;
they did co-opt the term to appeal to the multitudes
of low-information Germans. It worked then, too.


4: I was just making fun of Trump. I don't think any US president can affect the situation. I just think the whole idea of Trump monitoring anything to any effect is pretty hilarious. Sorry you're a humorless dork.


Time will tell, but given Chief Mylett and the Bellevue police departments history of flat out lying about voluntary adult independent sex worker redefined as coerced, youth sex slavery as one prong in an international sex ring I have real doubts about their credibility on story.

The fact that the Bellevue police department also has a history of taking money and "all sex work is sex trafficking" media training from anti-sex work lobby group Demand Abolition certainly does nothing to help their credibility either.

"A downtown Bellevue apartment-turned-brothel"

"A brothel in Bellevue that is part of an international ring" always turns out to be a single sex worker in an apartment working independently. You know, the same way a a decade ago these same cops would have redefined an 18 year old with a loose joint in his pocket as one prong in an international drug trafficking ring to raise media attention and funding.

"Police found an ad online for a woman who was allegedly forced into sex work against her will."

If true, there is an entire host of serious laws from theft, extortion, kidnapping, (real) sex trafficking and assault we could (and should) charge them with. What charges do we see instead?

"Another woman was arrested for promoting prostitution and is believed to be connected to more brothels."

Wow, promoting prostitution, which is essentially "anything that advances or promotes prostitution" to include an extremely large list of non-financial or coercive behaviors Demand Abolition paid off the King County prosecutor and Bellevue police to redefine using a poorly worded 1976 promoting law that would be impossible to use in such a way in other States. No charge of theft, sex trafficking, kidnapping or promoting 1 (that involves coercion) as claimed here with no actual charges to back those claims up. Seems we've seen this game before.

If history is any guide, the only promote going in here is by the Bellevue police of themselves.


An odd stance to take, Aurellaur.

Did you miss the part about her being in the country on a temporary Visa and that she wasn’t doing outcall work, did you opt to ignore those bits of information , or are you simply questioning the veracity of the BPD’s statements?


Seattle should sue Trump for calling Baltimore essentially "Rat City" because of its large rodent population. That was Seattle's moniker for years and years ( (you have a waterfront, you have rats) before some city leaders decided Seattle needed a more appealing nickname. Thus, was born the campaign to call Seattle "Emerald City" (which stuck). However, the argument can be made that Seattle is still "Rat City", with the animal rodents being joined by a few human ones.


"An odd stance to take, Aurellaur.

"Did you miss the part about her being in the country on a temporary Visa and that she wasn’t doing outcall work, did you opt to ignore those bits of information , or are you simply questioning the veracity of the BPD’s statements?"

Having a temporary visa and refusing to do outcall work in a highly criminalized anti sex work city like Bellevue by itself proof of coercion, but I ask you, if there was coercion, where are the charges reflecting their narrative? Are the Bellevue police giving a free pass to those who coercion women into sex work the same way they gave a pass to rapists by failing to submit rape kits to the lab for processing, because we have appropriate charges for coerced sex work if they are not simply repeating the same lies that Demand Abolition trained them they have been caught red handed repeating after every low level prostitution bust.

Did you read the article I linked about? Do we have a statement from the women that she was coerced, or are the police ignoring her statement that she is hear by choice and doing this of her own free will as they have in the past? Are the not mentioning that she spends her days off shopping at Nordstrom's as past women have who they claimed "only worked incalls and saw 8-10 men a day" all evidence to the contrary?

BPD has a well documented history of lying repeatedly about sex workers being coerced base on nothing more than temporary visas and choosing to work incalls even when the women open claim they are hear and do this by choice.. They specially target those with temporary Visa's (Much like the Kraft case in Jupiter, FL) are linked to Asian women they don't believe are mature enough to give consent without their approval. Call it Chief Mylett's white man's burden.

Heres' another local story of BPD targeting and harassing women with temporary visa's and claiming they were forced into this all evidence to the contrary.

And another:

If you are a bigot, then temporary visa and brown skin with an accent always equates to coercion, but sex tourism is as old as society itself just as targeting foriegn sex workers is as old as Seattle itself
"1884 A new ordinance bans “soliciting prostitution upon any of the public streets,” and the mere presence of “dissolute Indian women” after dark. Its effect is to favor the brothels and “box houses”—low-end theaters whose actresses hustle drinks and sexual services—staffed by white and Asian women."

In the past the bigotry within the police force was more open. Now they hide behind the more cultural appropriate marxist worker victim "we saved them (from all their money and a steady income).

At a time when the police in Seattle can't find the time to process rape kits and follow up on rape victims, inventing these self serving rescue narratives is an enormous waste of resources.

Here is an excellent book on this topic by PhD Anthropologist Laura Augustin:

Unlike the BPD she doesn't profit off of spreading lies about sex workers and profiting of the multi billion dollar rescue industry as PBD does.


@33 I'm guessing you're not familiar with that "doth protest too much, methinks" line in the old play, are you?


No, I didn’t.

Some of them do know how to say “massajee for you”. They use their elbows.

Does that make me a bigot?


@32- Actually, Seattle was the Jet City. And still should be. Emerald City is an abomination cooked up by the convention bureau. I believe that you are confusing us with Burien, which has long been known as Rat City.

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