Read our endorsements and then VOTE (please).
Read our endorsements and then VOTE (please). JAMES YAMASAKI

There's less than a week to go before Election Day in Washington. There's a whole lot that you get to decide, especially here in King County—mainly, who will fill the seven City Council seats that are up for grabs.

Obviously, the port commissioners and school board members are important, too, but they aren't pitted against multiple big business-funded PACs that are using their heavily-loaded financial arsenal to defeat them. That's what's happening in the City Council races.

So, your vote. It matters. Please cast it. If you aren't registered, haven't gotten your ballot, or just want to learn more about how deliciously accessible Washington elections are, keep reading:

In Washington, your ballot gets mailed to your house and you can mail it from your house no postage needed no questions asked. They started getting mailed out on July 19. If you haven't gotten your ballot in the mail yet, that's a problem. You can solve it by contacting your county elections office. First, check your voter registration.

As of July 16, there were 4,464,322 people registered to vote in Washington.

Did you remember to update your address after a move? Did you remember to register to vote at all? Currently, it's too late to register to get your ballot by mail. That ended on Monday. But, thanks to new voter laws passed in Olympia, you can register to vote and vote in-person on Election Day!

It's easy. All you need is the number of your Washington driver’s license, or State ID card, or the last four digits of your social security number, according to Kendall LeVan Hodson, chief of staff at King County Elections.

You can register and vote at five King County locations on Election Day. They are:

  • King County Elections Headquarters in Renton

  • King County Elections annex in downtown Seattle

  • Kenmore City Hall

  • Bellevue Library

  • Federal Way 320th Library
  • Support The Stranger

    Those locations will be open and operating during business hours (10 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Election Day). I've got directions for you here.

    Voting couldn't be easier in Washington. Take advantage of it. And, if you need some help, consult our endorsements. Or email me with your questions.

    Have you already voted? Tell me about it and I'll send you a virtual congrats since there are no "I Voted" stickers. I've already voted and would love your virtual congrats since I feed off of positive reinforcement.