Why Is It So Hard to Find This Movie with Meryl Streep and Cher?



Silkwood (DVD) is available for $13.99 on Amazon, with next-day delivery available.


@2: That's a lot to ask. The overwhelming guilt can cause hives and shortness of breath.


But @2, for people who just want to watch it once or twice without keeping the disc, streaming services and giant red boxes aren't going to have the depth and knowledge that Scarecrow Video has. And there are very few cities left that have a video store with the depth and knowledge of Scarecrow.


Do you even torrent, bro?


Lotta dudecrotch in that trailer still eh


I like the concept of this new column. But I have a suggestion: dedicate a portion of the column each week to movies which are only available on VHS (which Scarecrow still carries). Quite a lot of good films have never been released in digital format.

Case in point: "Stacking," a 1987 film with truly phenomenal performances by Megan Follows and Christine Lahti, and some striking cinematography which cries out for a blu-ray reissue. Watching Megan Follows act is like listening to Charlie Parker: you feel you're witnessing a miracle. Scarecrow has the VHS.


@8 Great suggestions. Thanks! I just bought a VHS player, so we're definitely going to dip into VHS, too.


There are shows that were never released on DVD (or VHS) in this country that I have been able to watch in their entirety, without commercials, on YouTube.

It seems like they'd want to be getting some residual payments from Amazon or Netflix but I guess even clearing something for streaming is work. Ironically, I think YouTube avoids showing ads on some of these old shows because they are so clearly copyright violations.


VHS is an assault to the eyes after Blu-Ray. Don't think I could stand watching something (other than home movies) on VHS, but I remember how excited we were when VHS hit the market. Imagine having to be at the mercy of late show programmers or theater managers to see one's favorite old films. In other words, if you missed The Wizard of Oz or Gone with the Wind on TV, you'd have to wait till next year to see it.

I don't know the reasoning for why some films make it to disc and others don't. All of Mike Nichols other films are readily available - even the flops. Lauzon's Leolo was hard to find for many years. It's on DVD now. but the picture quality isn't so good. Blu-Ray has spoiled me, I'm afraid. Delbert Mann's The Dark at the Top of the Stairs never made the transition to disc. You'd think all of his stuff would be available.


I was curious if our two library systems carried any of these movies. Turns out both have Silkwood - and that's it. Definitely a bummer. This article has got me itching to watch Clockwatchers again - a wonderful, subversive movie.


What were the lyrics to that "Shave That Pussy" video? I didn't quite catch it...