Slog AM: Bellevue Will Finally Get a Full-Time Homeless Shelter, China Scapegoats the U.S., Saudi Arabia to Treat Women as People



Sounds like it’s time to extend the Pike Place Market Historic District to include Bush Gardens. Did Count Basie ever visit there? I understand that is an important factor.


Errant remarks don't define us.


"Really bad news! The Baltimore house of Elijah Cummings was robbed. Too bad!" --onefakePrez

What do they call it, Stochastic Terrorism?

You GO, "prez"!
Maybe you can get them to burn it down next time.
But, whytf stop there? You are, after all, "the president."


@3 -- "Dr.TAKUTA also cures:


I had marriage counseling once
is it too late to Cure it?

So glad you're here, Spammy.
Keep on postin'!


Anyone who is shocked that president “welfare queen” put away the dog whistle when he was speaking in private has their head up their ass.


@4: Judging by the timeline, it appears the break in occurred before the original tweets. Wasn't even a robbery, according to Cummings, who allegedly scared away the intruder with his old man yelling.

I understand that Donald Trump will still be blamed for all crime that has occurred in Baltimore in the past and in the future, but just some perspective on the timeline.

Although, I am sure someone will coin a new term, something like "Psychic-Delayed Stochastic Terrorism" or something like that to describe how something that has not happened can directly cause something to happen.


@7 Don't get confused, the Kushners own many shitty buildings in Baltimore and refuse to fix them. While its not directly the mango mussolini, himself shitty housing is still in the family


@6: Same was true for chums Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra.


A future President, on the phone to a current President, using the most vicious, dehumanizing racist language possible and eliciting a huge guffaw.
The racism on view here is not conjectural, it is not implied, it is not in code. It is as ugly as it gets.
The racist views expressed by one very powerful man to another even more powerful man are not just idle musings, either- they actively suggest their intent to act on those racist beliefs in the future. It really is shocking.


@They DEFINITELY define Reagan 'The-Welfare-Queen' and 'Let-The-Gayz-DIE-While-I-Laugh-My-Head-Off' Man!

Racism and Bigotry were a feature with Reagan, not a glitch. Nixon might have started the Southern Stragegy, but it was Reagan who amplified and refined dog-whisles and equating black and brown Americans with criminality - in order to dehumanize them - to an art form! He made the GOP into the White Supremacist Party it has become today. Trump is just benefiting from Nixon's and Reagan's lifework and venality!


11 was @2



Yeah, yeah, we get it. You're new to this burgh, and as such, have no regard for or connection to our history, architecture, culture, whatever; to you it's all just old stuff you couldn't give two shits about, so those of us who've been here for decades, or in some cases our entire lives, should just STFU already about the persistent demolition of our civic heritage and legacy. Hell, you'd probably be screaming to have the Space Needle torn down if you perceived it impeding the construction of some shiny, new high-rise home for AMZN coders, amiright?



That's right, Teddy, it's all Conjecture
till somebody dies.

How many Planned Parenthood doctors have been murdered
by right-wing Terrorists?

Oh, right -- Lone Wolves.
Nothing to see Here.


@9 - Exactly. The fact that beloved icons of the past were shaped by their era into believing racist ideology does not temper those beliefs or make them benign. It was wrong then, and remains wrong now.


@14: I know drugs are fun, but time basically just goes in a straight line, as far as most human consciousness and human realities are concerned.


@15: Yes - and turning up 'New York, New York' full bast and championing the pros of a former president does not subtract karma points from us.


Did The Stranger ever follow up their recent Amanda Knox piece to reflect that she got married last December and that that organization paid for her trip to Italy?


@19: When you're called a racist, what do you tell folks to convince them otherwise?



So wait... You're saying that the fucking president went digging through Cummings' old tweets, found one in which the representative referenced his home having been broken into it, then gloated about it? That's freaking incredible. What an embarrassingly juvenile display of behavior. Just absurd.


raindrop, are you still masturbating to Ronald Reagan?
I guess it’s too much to ask you to stop pretending that elected officials who implement long-term destructive policies are just like popular performers. Too much as you don’t even pretend, you actually believe this shit.


@21: I don't believe you. Convince me.

@23: The human condition of our leaders is far more nuanced. History must be so boring for you.


@22: No, I am not really saying anything, just describing an event.

What happened is that Cummings' house was broken into before Trump originally tweeted about how Baltimore was rat-infested, but the news of the break in did not come out until after that tweet. Trump then saw the news about the break-in and tweeted about that.

This is all made very clear in the articles about it:


@21: You are a racist. Only a racist would try to deny it, or stay silent about this accusation.



And your evidence for him being a racist is - what exactly? Besides something you extracted from your descending colon, that is...


Reagan's been dead for 15 years. Those remarks were made 48 years ago. This information is irrelevant.

Our national politics as well as political reporting really have descended into hell.


@27: Anyone who would leap to the defense of a racist is obviously a racist. Only a racist would deny this or stay silent about this accusation.


@30: Ok, so do you realize how stupid your logic is then? Or do you lack even that single, almost microscopic shred of self awareness?


@28 Patti Davis is irrelevant. And if you think she's relevant, get a life.


No, the question is, do you realize how stupid your fallacy is?

And we can all discern the answer.


@32: Overwhelming evidence you say? Oh do tell. What's Exhibit A?


Mr. Sausage and racism by declaration.


Rat-human births have been happening in the Trump family for years.



When should I be a grown-up and take responsibility for my words?

When can I disavow my words as "errant" when somebody finds out about them and tries to hold me responsible for them?

Do I get to pick whichever is most convenient for me after the fact?


@29 -- your logic is Infallible:*

"Anyone who would leap to the defense of a racist is obviously a racist. Only a racist would deny this or stay silent about this accusation."

*Orwellian too
well played