This is the most-stuffed ballot box in Seattle right now. Hot!
This is the most stuffed ballot box in Seattle right now. Hot! Nathalie Graham

Microsoft is moving on from Windows: It's a new day at the company, which is continuing to quadruple down on its growing cloud services business. While Windows is still one of Microsoft's biggest products, the company indicated it has shifted its priorities by removing a "longstanding reference that described Windows 10 as 'the cornerstone' of its ambition to make computing more personal," reports GeekWire.

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Maybe don't vape in the Badger State: Say Wisconsin health officials. In Wisconsin, there have been 11 cases identified where people, mostly teens, have been "diagnosed with severe lung damage, and with symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and weight loss." Investigators haven't found any common thread in these cases besides vaping, but the investigation is still in its early stages so it's tough to make conclusions.

He's a total double agent right: Right? What is this tweet? This is wild.

More announcements from the Official Twitter: Trump has dropped Representative John Ratcliffe as his pick for the country's top intelligence official. Since being named Trump's nomination, Ratcliffe has faced criticism for allegedly inflating his resume. Trump whined about this criticism in a series of tweets announcing Ratcliffe's withdrawal. These dudes sure can't face public scrutiny.

Jay Inslee is hot, hot, hot: But not as hot as this bussy planet. After a surprising performance at Wednesday's Democratic debate (the bar was low), Inslee's received some celebrity support. Also, people think he's hot???? As Inslee told Rich back in April, "Almost every race I've ever been in, I start somewhere between 60 and 30 points behind. So this is a common position for me to start a race." There's no way he'll snag the nomination, but the rising support bodes well for other potential positions. (Head of EPA.)

Judge recommends Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who choked Eric Garner to death, be fired: The news came this morning. Pantaleo's firing has been a national point of interest this week, propelled by protestors who interrupted Wednesday's Democratic debate on CNN, yelling "Fire Pantaleo.” Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill has the final say whether or not to fire Pantaleo without pension.

Liz Cheney goes off on Twitter today: She called Bernie Sanders a "commie" with "daddy issues" (lol) and then ranted about her favorite family pastime, war.

SDOT is thinking about adding fare-enforcement officers to the First Hill streetcar: In an effort to cut down on (apparently growing) harassment issues on the First Hill streetcar, SDOT is considering hiring a couple bus cops to enforce fares. They don’t know if the people perpetuating the harassment are the same people who haven’t been paying, so this is just more anti-poor, fear-mongering bullshit. People aren’t paying because they can’t afford to pay. That’s the end of it.

Remember to vote this weekend: And obviously vote how we tell you. In Seattle, looks like 74,227 people have voted so far out of 469,086 active registered voters. Here's how it breaks down by neighborhood:


Let's break those numbers down further: Here's the total percentage of registered voters who've voted in each district:
D1 = 15.5%
D2 = 14.4%
D3 = 17.8% (SUCK IT BALLARD!)
D4 = 16.8%
D5 = 15.1%
D6 = 15.0%
D7 = 15.7%

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¡Viva Puerto Rico!: Now what?

Seafair Sunday is going to be hot: It may get up to 90 degrees on Sunday, scorching for Seattle. The "heat wave" will only last a few days, writes Seattle Times. Stay cool up there while you're watching your porn, Blue Angels!

Longhorn on the loose: He's kind of cute.

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