This 55-Person Election Hell Is Almost Over, Even the Police Chief Hates Tim Burgess’s Deceptive Mailers, Moms For Seattle Hates The Stranger, And More City Council Election News!



From the linked page, Rich Smith to KUOW:

The independent spenders can raise and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on whoever they want. And so the concern is they can do that so long as they're not coordinating with any of the campaigns.

If we don't know who's raising and spending this money, then the concern is that they're coordinating with the campaign.

Angela King (KUOW):

But at this point we don't know that for sure.


No – but mostly because they're not picking up the phone.

= = =

There's no "connecting-the-dots" as Rich Smith implicitly admits his premise is pure conjecture.

Why does Rich hate democracy?

Why does Rich hate other peoples' political dispositions other than his own?

Why does Rich want to incite violence and harassment against the Moms of Seattle?


@2 Sawant is poison, and the body politic wants to expel that poison.


Vote the bums out, literally and figuratively.


@4, what does “figuratively “ look like in this scenario?


So, what's illegal?


Oh, Lester, you've succumbed to drinking Spekulum's KoolAid (perhaps you should get to the ER ASAP - as it could prove fatal). I know that Spekulum's style is "edgy" (in fact he's on the cutting edge of all things innuendo and conspiracy-ish), but really now, you should be a reporter first and a gossip columnist second. Do you really want to be remembered for using the delusions of a paranoid troll as the basis of your stories? Above all, fact check - at least that's what they used to teach in journalism classes - but who am I to pontificate?

We know you find the work of your buddy, Rich Smith-sonian, to be Pulitzer Prize-ish and you aspire to that, but it would do you well to take a long, hard look in a mirror for some much-needed self-reflection. Ask yourself if you really want to be remembered as a third-rate hack, left in Smith-sonian's dust. The work by your amiga, Nath, has overshadowed yours as well. Maybe it's time to look for work elsewhere. I hear the B-Town Blog is hiring and there's always the Little Nickel. Best of luck.


@8 Remind me again, which Bond movie had Spekulum KoolAid in it? She was hot.


@1: Assuming this is true, Smith is actually accusing Moms for Seattle of illegal acts? On the basis of zero evidence? And how is them “picking up the phone” going to resolve this? Does he believe persons who engage in such hanky-panky simply admit to it when asked?

The Stranger is doing everything it can to create sympathy for the high-income white people behind this Moms PAC.


Maybe a spell caster could help with Lester?


@11: I suggest Aunt Clara.


@11 I'd consult with Aunt Clara and her sack of door knobs for an intelligent opinion long before you, on just about any subject.


You status quo commentators hate anyone bringing up topics such as inequality, poverty etc. in this not fair city.

Too bad. We vote for Sawant and we will do what we can to rid the city of the likes of Durken and her overprivileged cohorts. Who should be stripped of their cushy lifestyles to learn what it is like to be among the many poor.


Mayor Durken and her enablers are violating Human Rignts laws and the U.S. constitution and should be held accountable. If we had justice here.

Burgess is a pathetic......add what you like.
Today neonazi proud boys were harassing people in our district and probably your attitudes enhance those behaviors. Think so?


@14, @15: That’s “Durkan”. She won the primary two years ago; please do try to keep up.


Everyone I know voted this Monday, either at drop boxes or by mail.

So that refresh won't help you until at least the Friday afternoon vote totals.