Who's Going to Win Tuesday's Seattle City Council Primary?



This should be easy:

D1 Herbold, Tvael
D2 Morales, Solomon
D3 Sawant, DeWolf
D4 Pedersen, Scott
D5 Juarez, Who Cares This One Is Juarez
D6 Strauss, Willis
D7 Lewis, Pugel


Sadly, the corporatist PACs will have an impact, as Primaries typically included young out of touch Amazon and other recent migrants.

Luckily, in the General election, they will all but two be swept away, as Seattle's strong nature rejects them.


I've seen those festivals in Europe where the denizens take great glee in flinging tomatoes or some other organic matter at each other. While that might be fun, I am content to stand just outside Seattle and watch - be safe out there!


Throw the bums out.

Oh, and get rid of the current council members too.


@3 more like a Midsomar vibe, really.

And let's fuel them with non-Seattleites commenting on, and contributing to our city races.


All moderates have to do is knock a couple of commies out of the running, and we’re home free.

In the event Kshama doesn’t make it on the ticket it will be a great day in Seattle out the gate.

It all started with the tax Amazon circus from Kshama, and her posse. It’s fitting her political reign will come to a close in Seattle in part because of that very big win for
The pro-compassion, and pro-accountability moderate.


Sawant has been totally ineffective and MIA in D3. She has several strong progressive opponents. Please vote the narcissist out and give somebody else a chance to fill the void created by her lack of leadership.


The only winners of the primary are print shops and political consultants. Voters got stuck with a democracy voucher tax bill, and PACs came over the top with private money. Nobody’s better off and everyone is poorer for it.

Not a fan of how this campaign is characterized as Trumpian since the Seattle left is also trotting out terms like “fascism” to describe people that are sick of stepping over needles and sh*t in the street.

Slow clap for Seattle elections, all around.


While making accurate predictions is very difficult, especially if they concern future events, let’s think for a moment about this election.

Seattle enjoys unprecedented prosperity. Construction cranes dot the skyline, as they have for years. Our $15/hour minimum wage went into effect, and the unemployment rate declined further. New shops and restaurants are everywhere. The city’s treasury is overflowing. This should be the moment our elected officials should be riding high, proposing more schools, more civic amenities.

Yet, four of seven Council incumbents have already given notice, and the three others have no guarantees of success. How did this happen?

The answer, of course, is an epic failure of leadership. Let’s hope voters do the right thing, and bring in even more fresh blood this election season.


You did ask for the predictions of who will win by the usual tax-and-spend extreme left wing hacks, sorry pundits. Right? Not their wet dreams for an all-socialist City Council?

I can guarantee that if even four Socialists win in November, you'll all get your dream of hearing the sucking sound of Amazon (and all other sensible companies) moving to the eastside. That should be heaven for you, no?

I actually pray it happens so all the entitled brats out there can get a taste of socialism. Or even what it's like to live in Detroit or the rust belt.


@10, honestly a good old (housing/job) market correction would make the place a whole lot more affordable. Seattle was great before a bunch of billionaires/millionaires took over. As far as I’m concerned, Bellevue can have ‘em.


Well, Lester and Nathalie, you've scoured the "progressive" barrel for this bit of entertainment. This is yet another 'Who's Who" of Woke Seattle.

Next time, why don't you grapple with the fact that "Seattle is Dying" has had 4.6 million views, or the FB page "Seattle Looks Like Shit" has more than 40,000 followers and often gets hundreds of comments on a post? (You wish you had such influence).


Moms for Seattle PAC has only spent $117,657.39, all of which was basically spent on Facebook ads and mailers.

Does anyone truly think this is going to sway the election?

I mean, that amount adds up to only 8% of the amount democracy voucher contributions made thus far. It's also about 8% of individual contributions. It's silly to think the minimal expenditures of this PAC are going to make a meaningful difference in the outcome of the election.


@11 "Seattle was great before a bunch of billionaires/millionaires took over."

Yeah, good point. Once Arthur Denny showed up, things really went downhill.