Egan Orion Claims “No PAC Money,” Despite Receiving $123,000 in PAC Help



Any reason this post omitted the fact that the Stranger received $400 from CASE for digital advertising supporting Orion?



Why is this relevant? It is a long-standing practice in the newspaper industry to maintain a firewall between editorial and advertising content for precisely the reason, namely, to prevent conflict-of-interest, that you seem to be insinuating. Literally every journalistic endeavor regardless of medium does this and has since print publications began accepting advertising, so why would you expect The Stranger to be any different?


"Despite Receiving $123,000 in PAC Help"

and accepting their endorsement. Sure looks like Orion has some ethical issues as he seems to believe that anything goes for the win.


Haha Haha. Funny but Orion is precisely the kind of candidate The Stranger would love. Capitol Hill, Gay, Pride Parade, Rainbow Lanes, Magical Unicorns.

Unfortunately they always go foe the absolute left-most candidate in every race -- if possible, to the left of Antifa and even Venezuela. So Orion got outflanked by even leftier loonies. He should immediately declare his membership in the Socialist Party, that ought to get him consider from Lester Black, bobble-head woke barista and legend only in his own mind!



You really don’t understand Seattle at all.

Seattle Pride used to be for gay people. It took place on Capitol Hill, and everyone marched down Broadway to Volunteer Park. There were always floats, they used to be made by small groups of friends. Everyone knew each other. We were all friends.

What Orion has done is to turn it into something approximating St Patrick’s Day. Straight people vastly outnumber the gays. The floats are all corporate, and used to advertise Macy’s and Amazon rather than to express anything at all about gay culture. It’s no longer in the gay neighborhood. It no longer has much to do with gay people.

That’s why a lot of us don’t really care for the man.


Legally, no candidate can accept any PAC money which is part of an independent expenditure — or even advise the PAC on such an expenditure. Therefore, no candidate should claim independent expenditures as contributions.

Lester, if you have evidence any candidate is actually coordinating with a PAC’s “independent” expenditures, please publish it, and copy the Public Disclosure Commission.

@4: “ why would you expect The Stranger to be any different?”

Try searching The Stranger for “Meinert”.


you must be smoking the hard stuff these days



And your evidence for this is - what again? Oh, right. Because the bugle sound coming out of your ass sometimes sounds like actual words...


Let's Go Egan!!!! We need you, my friend. Down with Savant. C'mon Seattle, let's get this City moving again. We are the best City in the Country, but people like Savant (in particular) keep holding back our ability to innovate, smartly grow, and dominate.