The Death of a Pedestrian in Columbia City This Morning Shows Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Not Entirely Wrong



Nobody is going to say let's ban air travel because a plane goes down. It's tragic, but ultimately we go on. Accidents happen and always will in transportation. You might trip and fall on your face and die of brain swelling, but you still go out and walk because it's a necessity.

What necessity do automatic weapons serve in civilian society other than mowing down people in a mall?

It's silly to compare the numbers between the two because one is completely useless to civilian society.


Air travel is a good comparison, actually.

Airplanes are religiously inspected and maintained, and pilots are highly trained.

Place the same expectations on car travel, and you would see similarly low incidence of crashes.


What was wrong with Tyson's comment was that all the other ways people die are things we actively combat and try to control. Guns, we just shrug. Price of freedumb.


Tyson is obviously completely correct and only emotionally reactionaries need this explained to them


As it stands we have more rules, regulations, and oversight regarding the sale and operation of cars than we do for guns. One must pass an exam to drive legally, one must adhere to the rules of the road or risk fine or forfeiture of their license. You must keep your license up to date, take eye exams and driving exams over the years to maintain it. Accidents will still happen, but as a society we take steps to minimize the risk of having unfit drivers on the road. We don't take any meaningful steps to filter or monitor gun owners.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's statement is arguably correct but ignores the fundamental fact that for nearly everything in our country that impacts the health and safety of the pubic (cars, medical procedures, air travel, infectious disease) we have rules and regulations to minimize human-caused error, with the understanding that accidents will happen. Leaving gauze in a surgical patient is an accident, and could be traced back to insufficient protocols in the operating room, which can be corrected. Mass shootings aren't an accident, and can't be traced back to anything but a system that allows dangerous individuals to purchase weapons with the sole purpose of causing as much death as possible in a short amount of time. These are not comparable issues.


We were wondering what the 8chan/Fox News talking points spin on this would be.

Well, here we have it @8. Repeated ad nauseam by every simpleton on the internet.

Nothing can be done!



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