Slog AM: Primary Results Not As Bleak As Expected, Three More Dead Orcas, Cyntoia Brown Released from Prison



hate to be negative but that Orca flag is hideous.


"So, naturally, the ma -- a 39-year-old full-grown man --
grabbed the [13 yo] kid by the throat and slammed him down."

'Cause if ya cain't take yur fucking hat off,
Fucker, how can America truly be FREE?

"And when the band plays 'Hail to the Chief,' oooh,
they're pointin' the cannon at you, yeah." --CCR




8Chan is only being shunned because the money is going away - the 8Chan brand will likely be subject to a civil lawsuit over its roll in the organization of the Charlottesville actions that trump enjoyed.... Stay current you worthless phone zombies!


Of course mental illness is the problem. It’s mental illness that causes people to hate the rest of us so much that they voted for Prezirapist AntiChrist and the RepubliKKKans to carry out a white trash supremacist national murder-suicide against us.


"Primary Results Not As Bleak As Expected"

The first purpose of corporatist propaganda is to have you believe their leftist opponents are going to lose. Just like they want you to believe the Amazon tax failed due to an uprising of the little people and not a propaganda blitzkrieg instrumentalizing homelessness to demonize the left.


8 - You REALLY hate black people, we get that already.


@7: It's also a good thing that Hal Wallis knew that Ronald Reagan didn't have the gravitas to play Rick in Casablana. "Please figure on Bogart for Casablanca," he wrote Jack Warner, "Bogart is perfect for it, and it is being written for him."

Not related to what you said, but far more intelligent.


@12 The first thing that Reagan did as president was to de-fund public metal health services. Since that time, many people who needs such services but can't afford them go from living on the street to jail, repeatedly. What are you going to do about it?


@13 Nothing softens up a suspect like a K-9 unit, eh?

Not a new idea, of course; there are even some inspiring statues commemorating the practice:


I discovered that three people in my zip code donated to Dotard Judas Tr666p just this year! Horrifying. Check you zip code for a name ‘n shame of everyone funding white supremacist terrorist attacks.



Actually, there's no compelling evidence to support the assertion that extreme bigotry is a "mental illness" in the generally accepted meaning of the term, and in fact there appears to be a great deal of controversy in the field of psychiatry over whether or not to classify it as such. The main point of contention, as I understand it, is that this form of extreme hatred for groups of people based on superficial characteristics is essentially a learned behavior not derived exclusively from any pre-existing or identifiable genetic or medical condition in the subject. Such behavior may manifest in association with other known mental disorders such as paranoia/schizophrenia for example, but even in these instances it's considered a secondary characteristic and not the predominant factor in determining a diagnosis. Many people who exhibit racist behavior don't otherwise meet the criteria for having a mental illness, and conversely, many people who are mentally ill don't commit mass-murder.

And let's face it: the main reason people attempt to attribute these horrific events to "mental illness" is that it reframes the actor as being not fully in control of their actions: if they were mentally ill, then their racist beliefs can be downplayed as having little to do with why they chose to kill, and their fellow racists can use this as a justification for continuing to engage in their own bigotry. OTOH, if it can be demonstrated that mental illness was not a factor, then it bolsters the argument that they were motivated almost exclusively by their irrational hatred of others, in which case they are fully responsible for their acts of violence, which in turn keeps the spotlight fully on those who share similar beliefs.


@16 you know everyone can read your comments and figure out for themselves what you think, right? It’s one thing to throw around names and accusations as though someone simply needs to say something for it to be true and another altogether to reveal your true self, comment by comment.

For years on end you’ve take the time out of your day to leave plainly racist comments on this blog so it’s a weird move to act like you don’t believe the things you say, as though your a random text generator and there isn’t any unifying system of beliefs underlying it all. Just own it.


@17: So what are you going to do, TP their driveways?

@18: Have a nice dinner and watch Casablanca I guess.


@20 You might want to work on your phrasing a bit. If I weren't already familiar with your opinions, I'd think you were stating a preference for progressive taxation over martial law there.


@19: Lots of folks take time out of their day to go on Slog to accuse, defend, preach, rant, on racism and all its bloviating permutations. You and I are in that that mix as we have to own it as well. Nobody is the truth arbiter here.


16 Yikes, truth stings doesn't it?
We fret not; the words of bigots such as yourn are meaningless.


@1 Yeah. Nothing against Orcas but that flag is creepy...


Droppy, you salivate over stuff Reagan said as an actor almost 80 years ago, yet dismiss the racist shit he spewed as governor some 30 years later.


@18 - sometimes an asshole is just an asshole. Let's hope they never talk the psych establishment into defining it as a mental illness and excusing them.

And why the fuck didn't the onlookers beat the snot out of the guy who broke that kid's skull? This is why we have woodchippers.


@28: I never said he was a good actor. In fact, he was awful.


@1 is correct, vote for number 9.

And the Mayor still lost last night.


Droppy- you still dismiss his and your racism by pretending to be "funny."


@33: Acknowledged facts are not dismissed facts. Reagan's racist remarks on blacks, hippies, and gays were awful and I don't dismiss their hurtfulness. Nevertheless, he was one of the greatest presidents of the 20th century.

Dichotomy is a virtue in our society. Saints aren't very good at economics and foreign policy.

Now, before returning a volley - you can't dismiss the fact you're the one that is belaboring the point.


Last night I heard several loud "pop pop pop"s in a row... I live a couple blocks up from Gasworks and my first thought was tragedy. My (very small) practical side came to the conclusion that it was fireworks during the block parties around the neighborhood... but man. That video of people running for their lives because of a backfire... heartbreaking. We live in fear.


"That video of people running for their lives because
of a backfire... heartbreaking. We live in fear."

Precisely why the weapons makers of
mass destruction insist we
Need more guns.