Walmart employees are walking out to protest the sale of the weapons that killed their fellow employees. Again.
Walmart employees are walking out to protest the store's sale of the weapons that killed their fellow employees. Again. Getty Images / Staff

Damn: Pour one out.

The big buyout downtown: As you probably read earlier today on this here blog, Slog, Mayor Jenny Durkan today "announced a plan to sell off nearly three acres of city-owned land in South Lake Union to a private developer for $143.5 million." The sale includes: "a $5 million contribution from the developer to fight homelessness, 175 affordable housing units, and an expected $78.2 million infusion of cash to combat the city’s housing crisis." But as Mudede wrote today: "The housing crisis in Seattle is not a multi-million dollar problem. It's one that demands billions."

HELP FIND THIS PARROT: A beloved parrot has gone missing from Denise's Parrot Place, a palace I once visited. It housed a majestic macaw. We fell in love. That bird is still in Denise's Parrot Place, but another one, a male Indian Ringneck Parakeet, has flown the coop. Please contact the number below if you have any information on the bird. (And hopefully we find it before the rogue Mercer Island cougar finds it.)

Wanda Vázquez is the new governor of Puerto Rico: She was sworn in earlier today. Vázquez is Puerto Rico's third governor in three days. The swearing-in of her recent predecessor, Pedro Pierluisi, was declared unconstitutional. Vázquez's appointment isn't expected to calm the protests of Puerto Rico, as many Puerto Ricans have rejected Vázquez as a leader. “It should be the people who choose the governor, not the party," said one Puerto Rican homeowner to AP.

Jesus Christ look at all these corrections in this Washington Post story: There are 15, as of now. The corrections are pretty tedious but whoo boy this is embarrassing.

More politicians are coming out and declaring Donald Trump a white supremacist: This time, the label comes from Beto O'Rourke.

Trump is visiting victims, families, and first responders in El Paso and Dayton today: He said the day was "amazing." Ugh.

Moms against drag queens won't quit: 100,000 Christians are coming for Drag Queen Story Hours across the nation. LifeSiteNews (shitty conservative website) and the Personhood Alliance (anti-abortion group) have filed a petition with the American Library Association (ALA) requesting that it “immediately STOP its promotion of this outrageous, dangerous and abusive activity in America’s libraries." The ALA has said it “strongly opposes any effort to limit access to information, ideas and programmes that patrons wish to explore," reports the Guardian. I swear, every time these protests pop up five more libraries get a Drag Queen Story Hour. Keep the complaints coming, mommies!

ICE conducts largest raid in a decade: ICE raided multiple food processing plants in Mississippi and arrested 680 people, reports AP. It is believed to be the largest immigration sting in at least a decade. A child was seen crying and waving goodbye to his mother, a worker at the plant, as she was taken away by ICE.

Bernie Sanders says he'll reveal UFO secrets if he's elected: Facebook briefly shut down the "Storm Area 51" event scheduled for Friday, September 20 (they said it was an accident). But don't worry, alien truthers, Bernie is here. He told Joe Rogan this week that he'll release all the alien secrets if elected president. (Didn't Hillary promise this, too?) Here's the exchange:

Rogan: If you got into the office and you found out something about aliens, if you found out something about UFOs, would you let us know?

Sanders: Well I tell you, my wife would demand that I let you know.

Rogan: Is your wife a UFO nut?

Sanders: No, she’s not a UFO nut. She goes, "Bernie, what is going on, do you know? Do you have any access?"

Rogan: And you don’t have any access?

Sanders: I don’t. Honestly, I don’t.

Rogan: You’ll let us know though?

Sanders: Alright, I’ll be on the show, we’ll announce it on the show. How’s that?

Updates on Seattle's primary elections: ICYMI:

  • From Rich Smith: After Mixed Results on Election Night, What's Labor Going to Do Next?
  • Also from Rich: Ballot Drop Update: Returns Are Leaning Left, and Mosqueda Hits Back on Durkan's "False Narrative"
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  • Get ready for a fare hike, ferryers: What do you call a ferry rider? A ferryer? Ferrier? Fairy? Anyhow, Seattle Times's Heidi Groover reported today that ferryer's ferry fares will increase. The hikes will come in two different ways. First, fares will increase by 2% for walk-on passengers and 2.5% for drivers on Oct. 1. Then, in May 2020, fares will increase again by the same percentages. On top of that, each ticket will be bumped up by an extra 25 cents to help fund the construction of a ferry for ferryers who pay high ferry fares.

    Walmart employees are calling for a walkout: To protest Walmart's gun sales. Gun control advocates have pushed for Walmart to discontinue its gun sales in wake of the growing amount of shootings occurring in its stores. “If I do wind up getting fired for this, that is a risk I am willing to take,” an employee told MSNBC on Wednesday.

    Shingy is leaving AOL: Who is SHINGY, you may ask? It's this guy. He's a famous "grifter."