Slog AM: Mike O'Brien Is the Bike-Lane Lorax, Mississippi Children Left Homeless After Huge ICE Raid, Climate Change Will Cause Food Shortage



"A note cited mounting health issues and health care costs that the [elderly] couple wasn't able to pay as the reason behind the murder-suicide."
Money is the last reason on earth for killing yourself. Let your creditors kill you if they have to.


Yay Danny Trejo!
Always enjoy his performances,even in the lousiest movies.
Pretty compelling biography as well, no bullshit to the man.


Overpopulation takes it's toll in climate change. If you don't address overpopulation things will get worse on the earth.


Avoid stripes, especially narrow stripes. On TV they will move and shake. Unless that’s what you want.


@ 5,

I’ve been thinking that for awhile as well. We’re really in an overpopulation crisis, with our species reproducing out of control and destroying our environment.

Looking at the trillions it would take to even begin to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change is pointless. It’s not going to happen because most people are unwilling to change their consumer behavior regardless of the consequences.

We should put those trillions to work by investing in birth control, education, and women’s political and economic empowerment. The environmental, social, and financial benefits would be incalculable and an incredible improvement for our quality of life on a global scale.


@ 7,

It’s as if the last forty years of political and economic kleptocracy that created a few billionaires with more wealth than the rest of the world’s population combined has some kind of consequences.


@9 the way to think about the global climate crisis is that it’s an entirely avoidable problem exacerbated by greed and ignorance that will cause the needless and unprecedented suffering of billions of human beings. You fucking pile of shit.


@11 - The way to think about global climate crisis is to study it instead of disparaging others with insults over tangential rants.


In addition to stripes don't wear blue or green.


raindrop -re your Reagan fetish as you once again forced-masturbated on us the other day:
“Saints aren't very good at economics and foreign policy.”
We actually agree here. Reaganomics destroyed the Bush senior administration. It’s the economy, stupid, and the trickle down voodoo did trickle down eventually. The Clinton administration had to deal with it, just as Obama did after W.
Reagan is the one who brought the disastrous christian fanatics to the federal government, the one to constantly water down foreign and environmental policies, the one who sold us AIDS as a godly punishment for homos, the one who cultivated the racial hate and fear that his heirs thrive on to this day.
Your hero supported a Polish workers union while attempting to kill all of them in this country, leaving the working class to the mercy of the wealthy ever since.

The Soviet Union did implode. If anyone deserves a credit it’s the people who made it happen, and the soviet leadership at the time that enabled some of it.
When it comes to foreign policy one must not forget that Reagan came to power by striking a deal with the Iranians that promised them weapons PROVIDED THEY WILL NOT RELEASE THE TEHRAN EMBASSY PERSONNEL BEFORE THE ELECTION. A true patriotic act.
Those weapons, shipped mostly through Israel who helped negotiate the deal, enabled the Islamist regime to survive. Couple of years in office Reagan supported the disastrous Israeli invasion to Lebanon. US moved into Beirut, a suicide bomber blew up a truck that killed 120 marines, Reagan ran away.

You can scream “Reykjavík” all you want while ejaculating, and yet you’re nothing but another semi-useful idiot for those who still make money out of the propaganda they poured into your head.


@15: ok


Reagan’s folksy grandpa schtick gave cover for policy that gutted the middle class and left rural white voters vulnerable to the brand of authoritarian populism that has since consumed the right. Reagan also cast the mold for the celebrity airhead presidency that they spent years honing well beyond self-parody, like if this administration was written into a screenplay no one would touch it because it’s so fucking stupid. Thanks for everything, Reagan.


@9 Laughable. As if doing nothing to mitigate climate change is going to allow any form of civilized living anywhere on earth for pretty much anybody. Either you are clueless about the science and the non-linearity of climate processes or old and don't give a ff about anybody but yourself so spare us your stupid rationalizations about how once a portion of us have been culled everything will be hunky-dorey

The only thing missing to start mitigating climate change now is political will. Vote for the green new deal.


@17 - its maybe a mistake to see the Goldwater-Nixon-Reagan-Bush-Trump arc as a anomalous decline. If you put it into a broad historical context, its the generally competent technocracy of the mid-20th century that's the anomaly. For most of its history, America has had really rotten government. Early 20th century industrialization set the stage. The 1929 stock market crash (and Hoover's foolish response leading to the Great Depression) loosened the grip of the plutocrats. It took them a couple generations to recover.

But now they've recovered. The economy is de-industrialized so workers have no physical plant to take hostage in strikes. So the conditions of the 19th century have reappeared.


Right wingers really warm up to the idea of climate change when considering its effect on the poor, defenseless and under-developed.


@12 No more studying is needed to start taking action now because thinking about it won't do us much good.


@14 public opinion is changing really fast now that climate change can be seen firsthand by many. Mitigating global warming is going to be one of the top issues of 2020 campaign. Republicans constituencies in the Midwest, South, Southwest, Southeast have been getting hammered by climate extremes. The GOP is squirming now they realize they have been found out and their own youth is not following them on the issue.

Even fucking Harry Reid says climate is the top issue:


@7.....I was talking about the overall population of the world not any particular country. I am not against a migrating population to accommodate areas of under population. If the world could somehow achieve a zero population growth for awhile and allow for natural attrition perhaps it could be brought under control. If nothing is done then in a short period of time we will starve ourselves out of existence; famine, warfare, then annihilation.


@12 We've studied it for forty years, you dumb fuck sock puppet. And It was already unanimously concluded by the majority of climate scientists what was happening and what we needed to do about if over twenty years ago. And if insulting people who demonstrate a callous disregard for human life and suffering is tangential then well... go fuck yourself you pile of shit.


@17: Your opinions are also noted.


Speaking of current events, rumor has it that the upcoming Pokemon-econ event in South Park tomorrow will be hosted by none other than Phil Tavel.

Stranger Events for sure!


"The delivery trucks don't have air conditioning. Many of the mailmen (and mail women) sit in 120-plus degree heat throughout the day. One mailman sent a state representative updates on how hot the truck was by taking pictures of a raw steak that, by the end of the day, was cooked through to an internal temperature of 142 degrees."

Mail carrier, which is used by the USPS itself and avoids the rephrasing or the tortured "mail person."



Are you serious?

First of all, we've known what the problem is for over 30 years.
That doesn't tell us how to fix the problem.
Not making the problem worse isn't the same as fixing the problem.
"Stop using fossil fuels" is like saying "stop pouring dirt on the floor", it will keep the mess from getting bigger, but it's not going to clean the mess up.
If we stop using fossil fuels today it's not going to clean the CO2 out of the atmosphere.
If we stop throwing trash into the ocean today it's not going to clean the trash out of the ocean.

We need to do a lot more research, because the best plan we have right now isn't going to fix anything, at best it's going to slow the problem down.

Do you have a plan that's going to reverse climate change?
If you do we'd all like to hear it.

When we do finally figure out what needs to be done it's going to be the biggest challenge Humanity has ever faced.


@24: Yes, "greed and ignorance" is tangential to the scientific discussion. But "politics and policy" is not. See the difference?

The volume of your anger is gaining you any credence on the matter. Climate change is really a fascinating subject by itself without all the heated bluster from you and others.


@28 "stop pouring dirt on the floor"

Your choice of metaphor is a little underwhelming ;)

To be sure mitigation and remediation are both necessary but it seems natural to put an emphasis on mitigation now since the nature of the emergency is that GHG emissions are increasing and committing us to further warming down the road while we already are fast approaching what some scientists call tipping points in climate (positive feedback mostly)


Medication is important, but if we don't figure out a way to remediate the problem we are doomed.


Mediation not medication.




Zero population growth would have devastating effects. Population decline must happen slowly and naturally. Ideally, birth rate would decline in tandem with older populations dying off. China's one-child policy really fucked up their population and artificially accelerated the low-birth rate that comes from becoming a developed nation. Also, migration won't fix it, because you will be moving low-carbon consumers into high-carbon consumption areas.


Right-wingers currently fall in two camps: the stupid and the cruel (with some crossover). When it comes to climate change, the stupid ones don’t believe in it, cause the preacher done said it’s God’s plan and they don’t need that science learnin’ no how. The cruel ones say shit like @9, i.e. this is not a problem I care much about because it adversely affects OTHER people and be relatively easy for me, which means I win. The end.


35: Yeah, both are repulsive fucks in their own way. The cavalier ones are probably a little worse, and definitely the most deserving of bearing the worst possible outcomes of climate change, like the "surplus" people breaking down their door to loot their homes for example. Not that "deserve" has anything to do with it. It's way more of a wildcard, but every conservative wants to believe they're the select and everyone else is the surplus.


@35/37: Just a little googling points to Evangelical Climate Initiative.

Let's work with facts and listen instead of bloviating stereotypes. We always learn more when united!


As it turns out, according to his manifesto, the El Paso shooter 's logic is very similar to Theodore's: "Everything I have seen and heard in my short life has led me to believe that the average American isn’t willing to change their lifestyle, even if the changes only cause a slight inconvenience. … So the next logical step is to decrease the number of people in America using resources.”


If you think the population is to high take action..castrate yourself then pick up two ounces of heroin and shoot it up. Remember, be the change you want to see in the world!


"The delivery trucks don't have air conditioning. Many of the mailmen (and mail women) sit in 120-plus degree heat throughout the day."

Too bad someone couldn't invent some sort of 'sunbrella'™ for their little mail jeepsters -- keeping the direct sun off the cab should make some little difference, at least -- perhaps enough even to make the job doable...


Pretty disgusting to go after other sloggers who aren't on the thread to defend themselves.


@41 talk to midwest farmers to check out how much they really care about cheap air travel and gas guzzling hogs after the year they had. Last I checked employment was plummeting in farming country.

@44 relax, it's obvious I was talking about @9 & 14, i.e. Ken Mehlman, not Theodore. After a while, closet deniers all sound the same, you know.


2% of Seattle actually commutes via bike and they're all tech bros. There's nothing progressive about screwing transit and real workers to accommodate Mike Obrien's bike bros. Seattle's loyalty to rich leisure laners is more about intellectual laziness than real progressive values.


"Many of the children of those arrested [by ICE] have nowhere to go..."

I can tell where many of them will go ... into the CPS/foster care system. Presumably loving, productive families broken up for no good reason.

The kids who can't be placed anywhere permanently (with nearby family) or somehow reunited with parents will bounce from foster home to foster home, or possibly spend their days with social workers in hotel rooms, until they are 18.

That's expensive as hell, cruel, and unnecessary. Plus, it gives us traumatized and pissed off adults, if they survive through all that.


@28 Yes. I'm serious, dumbfuck.

We've known EXACTY what to do: Stop burning god damned fossil fuels. Are you this stupid?

Have you read a single climate action report over the last 30 years?

Just because we can't just snap our fingers and magically instantaneously reverse everything that happened ver the last century doesn't change the course of action.

A course of action we could've been thirty years ago except for dumbfucks like you keep insisting we need more study before action can be taken when the data was already there. We don't need more study to take actions we already need to take right now.

From every list by every scientific action committee since 2000:

Institute carbon taxes.

Stop burning fossil fuels by making transition and investment in sustainable (and even nuclear energy as a stop gap) a top priority over literally everything else.

Stop all clear cutting and begin massive forest replantation.

Invest in mass transportation systems.

Upgrade infrastructure. (Build fucking sea walls, preparing arable land for alt water encroachment, build desalination plants, move sewage treatment facilities farther inland from coasts etc).

Secondarily: Make contraception free and distribute it. (Possibly even institute one child policies if things get dire).

For fuck sake. None of these ideas are remotely new and were proposed on day one after the data became clear.


Not to change the subject but this caught my little eye:

"Florida man [always a good clue] pulls gun on delivery crew
after furniture arrives late, tells them ‘I’ve shot people for less.’"

My wife, when she burned the toast.
My dog, when he wouldn't stop shaking.
The mailman, cause he looked like he was gonna go Postal.
The chef at the greasy spoon, 'cause if forgot how I like my eggs cooked.

The nra is right -- we just Gotta GET MORE GUNS.


@48 -- Professor, never you mind Mellow Muffy
That was an Excellent fucking Post.

"For fuck sake. None of these ideas are remotely new... "
Nor impossible. We put a motherfucker on the
Fucking Moon for fuck's sake.

If it weren't for a handfull of Billionaires claiming the Biosphere as their own, to Despoil as THEY see fit, we could fucking DO THIS. So very very very few vs. so many Billion souls......

Oh, and then, there's all their Apologists...
Whatever will we do with them, when
Snoqualmie Pass is an island?


@50, fixed:
The chef at the greasy spoon, 'cause I forgot how I like my eggs cooked.
My 'editor.'