Monica Lewinsky Is Co-Producing a TV Show About the Clinton Presidency Scandal





A whole season devoted to rehashing the Clintons.

Oh, Joy !!


Monica has been through hell. Really. This is a must see.

@1 and @2: Suit yourself to something else. Lots out there for the easily amused.


It's too bad Chris Farley isn't alive to play the role of Linda Tripp


@4 john goodman is still around though


“Some journalists and critics...have complained that the timing of the show will be, at best, a distraction from the important issues of the election and, at worst, give fuel to the Trump campaign by examining everything horrible that Bill Clinton did as a Democrat president.”

Really? Seems to me it will remind voters of the absolute hypocrisy of Republicans that tried to impeach the President over lying under oath in a civil case (and by his personal behavior) while ignoring the current occupant of the White House.


American Crime Story no longer covering crime. GLWT.


@3 It's like doubling down and reliving some of the worst in American political kabuki (although I do agree the poor Monica did go through hell). You must be some kind of masochist. Although, I temporarily forgot you are a Fox watcher, which suggests a high tolerance for thoroughly nauseating stuff.


Good for Monica.
Hopefully she will inflict a weeks long death by a thousand cuts to Bill and Hillary.


@8: "'THE' poor Monica" ? She's not an inanimate object. You must be some kind of misogynist.


@10 usually you are the one who asks for clemency regarding language errors. I wonder why you display such hastiness to read into your shitty crystal ball this time around (if it bothers you that people say you are a Fox watcher perhaps you should say you don't watch it anymore)... although you are right insofar, that being an older male, i sometimes surprise myself reproducing ambient sexist stereotypes even though I have been a declared feminist for my entire adult life.


Oh, gee, look, everybody--there's another RepubliKKKan apologist ho on White Nationalist TeeVee!! They're all coming up like bile in the current Err of Trump! Free beer!
I'll pass, thanks.
Meanwhile, in other news, the Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans are presently laughing their asses off.


@11: Ok, I'll grant that deference to you.


Will she be selling those tuna-flavored Cigars?
I'd like to see her get a little Something out of her Ordeal....

@4 -- John Travolta'd make a Hella Linda Tripp.
I can see Rudy Gulianny as a pantsuited Hillary.
With Lindsley Graham as Billy Graham ...