Ballot Drop Update: Liberals Vote Late, Herbold and Morales Inch Closer to 50%



So, in the 2nd round, it will be the big business/Safe Seattle homeless demonizing extremists coalition against progressives. Our "moderate" business leaders and their candidates should be reminded of that fact at every opportunity.


How is “Amazon-backed” defined? Sawant has a received a number of contributions from Amazon employees, and Amazon is a reported vendor to her campaign—does that mean she is “Amazon-backed?”


@2 They're referring to the CASE PAC spending on the Orion campaign. CASE accounts for $123k or 63% of all spending to elect Orion:

Amazon (the company, not individual employees thereof) is the largest single donor to CASE, contributing $200k out of $800k.

So if you follow the money, ~16% of spending on the Orion campaign came from Amazon (the company).

You seem to ask a lot of questions that could be answered with a few searches on I encourage you to explore it a bit, it's a fantastic resource.


@1: It’s entirely possible for a Seattle voter to believe that we should help the homeless get permanent housing, and that the current City Council is the main reason our attempts to do so have resulted in such spectacular failure.

It’s also possible for a Seattle voter to observe the vast amount of time the current City Council spent on the Showbox. Their result was an illegal spot rezone which the city tried, and failed, to defend in court. (A ruling on damages is pending, and may cost Seattle’s voters millions of dollars, in addition to the aforementioned waste which got us here.)

For a voter holding the above beliefs, it is perfectly rational to vote for a challenger to a current CM.

But, if you’re not up for the dreary task of defending one ignominious, self-inflicted failure after another, we can understand how demonizing and not-so-subtly threatening your fellow citizens appears far more appealing to you.

(It still makes for poor morality defending poor public policy, though.)

@2: By a CM who won’t stop demonizing Amazon, and repeated uncritically by her blind followers.