Dont panic. Plan.
Don't panic. Plan. Bartolome Ozonas / GETTY IMAGES

Germany’s economy is contracting and a bond stat called the “yield curve” has inverted, causing economists to warn of an impending recession. Dan Savage, Katie Herzog, and Rich Smith, who steps in as host while Eli Sanders is out on vacation, have lived through a few of these economic downturns. They’ll give you some "tips and tricks" for getting through the next one.

Then on Monday, after the largest massacre of Latinx people in recent memory, President Donald Trump introduced a new rule to crack down on legal immigration. The Blabbermouth crew puts their heads together and talks about why the new rule is racist and bad.

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After that, Savage, Herzog, and Smith discuss some good news. According to House Judiciary chair Rep. Gerry Nadler, the House has already initiated formal impeachment proceedings. But is this soft rollout what the ITMFA crowd is hoping?

Finally, Jefferey Epstein. His alleged prison suicide launched a thousand conspiracy theories on Twitter—one of which was retweeted by the president. What are we doing here, people? And will Epstein’s victims find justice?

And, as always, the music of Ahamefule J. Oluo.