The Recession Cometh. Maybe?



Well, unless you believe Samuelson, and he's a known Liar.

Pro tip: don't sell at the bottom. This is not the bottom, and all you do is lock in losses, and you don't have enough capital in individual stocks and bonds to be able to capture those for tax reasons, and all you'll do is lose more.

Second pro tip: Pay. Off. Your. Debts.


It seems like the last recession is when the construction started to get really nuts here. If we are going into a recession, I hope it eases up a bit.


Dear Katie. You're doing it again. The one thing that most weakens the democrats is worrying about what the republicans are going to say about them. It's a poison on the party and you are helping deliver that every time you fret and fuss about the mean things coming out of GOP mouths. Here's the thing; if Democrats won't stand for what they believe in, why should anyone vote for them? When you said that Trump is going to call a failed impeachment effort a victory, you are saying exactly what the republicans want you to say and give in to defeat without ever trying. Get woke and stop being a fail enabler. Weakness doesn't look good on anybody.


@1 Thanks for the sound financial tips, Will. I'm glad I did just that.
@2 & 4: Oh, dear. Call 9-1-1. Kenny refused to take off his MAGA cap and now his head finally caved in.
@3 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Agreed and seconded. Our region could certainly use a slowdown in its current out of control building boom. I find the explosion of empty packing crate units with "For Lease / Rent / Sale" signs where open green space used to be and gridlock on once easily accessible roads and highways depressing.