The Rolling Stones Live—Not Sucking in Their 70s

The Stones kicked ass in a football stadium last night, albeit with a setlist that rarely went beyond the most obvious hits.



It's kind of amazing to realize it's been over 35 years since people stopped caring about the Rolling Stones.


I'm glad Boomers are getting to relive their youths while the world they've sent into a tailspin burns.


@2, yeah, real shit hole here on poverty at the lowest levels in recorded history, starvation more rare than ever before. should just open an artery and bleed out so you can avoid the total hell Earth has become.


@1: Seeing as the Stones played a total of one song released after 1981 last night, they've known this for a while and have adapted spectacularly.


This idiot is a “journalist”?? So many ignorant millennials who look for any ridiculous excuse to trash Trump in their uninfme lock step style. The Sones concert was great but to tie it in to Trump bashing is ridiculous, unprofessional and totally irrelevant. Grow up child-man. Oh and brush up on your burger flipping skills. “Journalism” is clearly not your forte.


I took the advice of an old Stranger article written last time they came through town. I waited until the first band started & then bought a last minute ticket for $50. success!


Great show and even better knowing Sir Mick is a Tory. I especially loved they played Brown Sugar because, well it's so triggering. Best $1200 me and the missus have spent in a while.


The Stones are awesome. It was a great show.



I guess that means you'll have to cut back bidding on any more Schutzstaffel memorabilia for a while, amiright?


@9 You just don't have that much jam, do you?


@10 Go easy on him, some of the commenters here can't afford to preserve their youth by harvesting and injecting the blood of teens.


No one who was around for the beginnings of these bad boys would have thought for a fraction of a microsecond that they'd not only still be playing well into their 70's, but that they'd be killing it.

One of my biggest regrets in life is going into a Chicago club called the Quiet Knight — where Tom Waits & many others got early exposure — to buy tickets for an upcoming show. Once I was at the box office, I was in the small venue where Muddy Waters was playing the iconic song Kansas City. I stood at the back of the tiny venue listening for about 10 minutes, then left. The next morning, the Chicago Tribune reported that the Stones had stopped in to jam with him while prepping in town for a huge show at Soldier Field. Still kicking myself for missing that!


@5 LOL ...the Overgrown Orange Toddler richly deserves every pointed reference — and this one was dead-on. Now go back to beating off to Sean Hannity.


Wow, and I thought they were past their prime when I saw them in 1975.


Great story with the exception of mentioning Donald Trump, that makes zero sense to me man.


@5, 15. Fascism is real. It will taint your life too. Blessed are the persecuted. Etc.


Sappy cliche review.


@12 -- the Stones still alive, Kicking It after all these years fucking Decades?! that's a Bingo. Jesus. These guys are walking Testaments to Sex Drugs and Rock and Fucking Roll. (Oh, and Money). 76. Well played, Stones.

"Now go back to beating off to Sean Hannity."
Omg -- way TMI.

People do that shit?

but if ya try sometime
ya just might find


well not me


Thanks for this one, Dave.
Not a huge Stones fan but
this is History.