Rep. Matt Shea Promotes Group Training Child Soldiers for Holy War



It's rare these days that Republicans fall below my expectations of them, but Matt Shea has done it.


Without ChrISIStian “terrorists, white supremacists, and other right-wing ideologues,” there’s no one else left to vote RapeubliKKKan.


Religion poisons everything


Countdown to yhe honorable congressman being caught on a gay dating site or front row at male strip club begins now.....


Can this dipshit fuck off to Idaho where he clearly belongs? Why do we have elected officials who hate the state they are supposed to represent?


I thought Jerry Falwell died in 2007.


That's pretty good choreography, if paired with the soundtrack from the Irving Berlin number in White Christmas.


" 'There will be scenarios where every participant will have to fight against one of the most barbaric enemies that are invading our country, Muslims [sic] terrorists.”

"This is directly from Team Rugged's facebook page. Kids talking about committing suicide for the 'patriot cause.' This is weaponized Christianity. This is no different than what Isis teaches their youth."

"... all of this seems alarmingly dangerous if not illegal, especially in a world where young men are quoting Republican talking points and then massacring minorities... "

"If not illegal"?
How could inspiring* Terrorism NOT BE ILLEGAL?
Who the fuck's minding the gott-damn Store?

*or promoting or brainwashing / poisoning young minds that a little tit-for-tat Terrorism -- oh, and why wait for THEM to make the first Move??? -- is just what GOD, or the Dr., or whoeverthefuck ordered.

Looks like the Kochs are gonna pull off a Coup.

Ah, Inherited Wealth -- it's thy Best Kind!

(you can even ask Fake Prez.
He'll even tell ya: Tax-Free's
thee Best Kind!)


Trying to establish that Shea-ria law, is he?


"Christian"-Shea-ria law, but Bingo, Spunky.

Who Would Jesus Kill?


@12 - the more I learn, the more I realize that Plymouth Colony was pretty much Jonestown (thankfully, Kool-Aid would not be invented for another 300 years). So I suppose Shea is just respecting our great American tradition of religious whackittry.


In all seriousness, the bigger issue is that Spokane Valley has enough of these lunatics to keep electing him. What the hell is wrong over there?


@12 Seems reasonable enough. The only problem with spaces where people are free to practice their (one and only one) religion is that their teenage kids tend to develop this inexplicable urge to get the hell out of them.


@5 MJake: I share your frustration.
@10 spunkbutter and @11 kristofarian: For the WIN!
@12: "...alternative spaces where they are free to practice their faith"? That sounds like Matt Shea leading a cult. No thanks. Charles Manson lead a particularly murderous one 50 years ago. He and his whacked out followers occupied ever-changing compound sites and invaded people's private homes (i.e.: actress Sharon Tate and her director husband, Roman Polanski, and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys, for two examples. Manson was criminally responsible for a two day massacre on Cielo Drive in Los Angeles on August 8th and 9th, 1969 in a string of mass murders). Take off that ridiculous MAGA cap before your head caves in, Kenny.
@14 dvs99: My guess is that it's an overwhelming combination of the following: Egg-frying-on-forehead level summer heat, lack of funding for education, healthcare, and infrastructure, too many pro-birthers who worship guns and dirty money, hate women (why else would GOP nutcases like Cathy McMorris Rodgers win by landslides there?), refuse to vaccinate their kids, and believe that the Apocalypse will "save" us all.


@12 like church? Where are Christians not free to practice their faith? This guy wants to wage war on people of other faiths, where does that fit in?


There's a republican in Georgia who just withdrew from the primary at the request of the republican party because he declared himself a white nationalist. The republican party in Washington can't even try to ask this guy to not run again?


"implacable hostility" is when the state extends prohibition on arbitrary discrimination in public accommodations to groups that the religious would like to arbitrarily discriminate against.


Remember the good old days, when Pam Roach set the Washington standard for Republican crazy?


@19 Wait, democratically elected leaders are a good thing, now?

You're a hard one to keep up with, Kenny.


@24 That's a lot of words for "democracy for me, but not for thee."



Defining moral disapproval of homosexual activity as discrimination is, on the other hand, entirely thetical to the value system of many non-Christians, including the homosexuals being discriminated against. It's also against secular law - so, you know, "render unto Caesar" and all-that, or conversely Romans 13:1-2: "Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow."


"There is no government anywhere
that God has not placed in power."
Whoa -- when I think of Nazi Germany, and the Halocaust,
to name one, it seems that 'God' is one pretty pissed off Entity.

Any idea why He installed the donald J-is-for-Juvenile trumpfy?

Is He, too, praying for Armageddon?
He just may get His Shea-ria law,* AND 'His wish.'
Can't wait.

*Thnx, Spunky!


@22 Hoover: Yes. I do. My theory is that sometime in 2016, rapid fire Pam turned rabid and bit every member of the GOP in the butt. It could well explain why the RepubliKKKan party of 1% is now so batshit stupid crazy and hellbent on destroying the Earth and her inhabitants for the last dollar.
@25 robotslave: I nominate you in a three-way tie for the comment thread WIN, joining @10 spunkbutter and @11 kristofarian. Congrats!


@27 kristofarian (and spunkbutter): For the WIN (again) in a two-fer this thread! Keep rocking the house.


Saturday night and Sunday morning. Griz is having entirely too much fun. :)