Why Do Stoners Hate Weed Drinks?



We don't. Another stupid Lester Black generalization.

I prefer the indica ones and the tinctures. Great for parties when you don't want to drink booze.


While I occasionally keep an Olala Lime in the fridge, and actually like the taste, I never buy anything stronger than 10 MG - it's just to get a bit of a buzz and costs about the same as a micro brew, so that's okay in a sunny afternoon picnic kind of way when you want the high to creep up on you. Getting a stronger drink makes no sense to me.

I vape to get down (or up?) because it's so much less expensive: My eight bucks worth of cheap weed lasts a long, long time compared to those drinks, and the impact is more immediate.


happy apple is my spot. wish it were sugar free, but it ain’t. and 10mg keeps the high sociable.


I like apple pie and I like oreo cookies.

I do not like apple pie flavored oreo cookies.


It’s a tough sell when the market is already flooded with edibles that are easier to consume and serve the same purpose. Why would i labor over a 12 oz beverage when i can eat a cookie in seconds that probably tastes better anyway.


The Google Plus of cannabis.


I think the only reason that cannabis beverages exist at all in the market is that it's the only form of edible available that allows you to easily consume a medical-grade dose. They'd be an even smaller share of the market if we could get edibles stronger than 10mg per dose, which with other edibles is one cookie/candy/etc. If we could get stronger edibles, say in the 30-75mg range, I would not be buying beverages at all. The only other benefit they have is being slightly quicker into the bloodstream.

Heck, anyone remember Capt'n Kosmic's Beast Brownies? Now that was a serious edible!


Marijuana soda is for when you want two disappointing experiences at once.


Yeah, @5 nailed it. One of the great things about weed -- especially modern weed -- is how portable it is. I like bong hits as much as the next guy, but I hardly ever do that anymore. It is so much easier to just pull out the vape pen, take a few hits, and keep walking. That doesn't even count edibles, which have replaced every form of combustion for a large segment of the population.

What ABInBev, SABMiller, Heikenen and Carlsberg don't seem to get is that people are tired of drinking booze that tastes like shit. It isn't just about getting wasted. You want to drink something that actually tastes really good. Your average microbrew -- no, your well below average microbrew -- tastes way better than the best beer those fuckers produce.

The only way that weed drinks will be able to compete is if their beverages taste really good. It is possible. I've had a few weed beers, and they aren't bad (all were illegal, of course). But as long as the feds (and the states) crack down on the cannabis/alcohol combination, it remains a big challenge. I have no interest in drinking soda pop that will get me high. I would rather eat something (or vape something, or heaven forbid, smoke something).


Raindrop, the numbers don't lie


I'd guess it's rather cause we've largely moved away from the aesthetics of soda itself. The market image of cannabis drinks somehow links them more closely to soda than to alcohol. Fewer people want to drink soda these days and the cannabis drinks perhaps reap the same connotation of being sugary, unhealthy and unnatural. You want to take something pure and natural, whether that's sparkling water, kombucha or microbrew. The idea of cannabis soda feels artificial and that;s why I;ve never felt compelled to try it.


Why complicate something as simple as "WEED"? Smoke it or vape it, it's simple. If I wanted a bunch of sugar in my mouth I'd eat a Fran's salted caramel.


I think the market will eventually stabilize once beverage makers find the right percentages that'll sell in the retail market. Most stoners are probably comfortable with whatever way they've already chosen to imbibe and legal beverages are relatively new to the mix so it may take some time for the beverages to catch on and find their niche.


Very simple explination "Stoners" (no one really says that anymore) dont like them is because all eddibles weather claiming to be Sativa or Indica will always act as an indica. Juat a markwting ploy. Its the way your body processes the THC. I worked in a dispensary as a manager and we had class after class going through how eddibles and drinks works. So if you are looking for something to help you really knock out go for it but you feel super groggy the next day like you too much PM medicine. Plain and simple. Alcohol companies dont seem to underatand this.