Slog PM: Peter Fonda Dies, Watch for Floaters, We Got a Vape Scare!



RIP Peter Fonda. Dead the same week as my 98 yr old Mother. ‘Don’t bogart that joint my friend..’ Easy Rider, a great movie.


Peter Fonda was one of the good guys. Did a lot of stuff for people that went uncredited.
He financed (& directed, at least on paper) a sci-fi film for a friend of mine- local guy named Tom Mathiesen. This was early '70's.
Look up 'Idaho Transfer' on IMDB.
It was the Fonda name that got the picture made, a picture that never really had a chance of commercial success.


I didn't notice this in Slog anywhere yet, so just to be safe:

I'm sorry to hear that, LavaGirl.


Thanks Knat. It was a two year long exit, so best it’s finally done.


Yes, I also send my condolences LavaGirl.
Thanks for all your posts.


My condolences as well LavaGirl. Hugs from across the ocean


Thanks Guys. Kind of you all.


Rest in peace, Peter Fonda--brother to Jane, son of Henry and father to Bridget.
Definitely one of the good guys. "Easy Rider" was a classic, featuring Steppenwolfe's metal anthem, "Born to be Wild".
@1 Sending hugs, positrons and VW beeps across the Pacific to you and your family, LavaGirl. Heartfelt condolences on the painful loss of your mother.
@2 kallipugos: "Idaho Transfer" I'll look for it. Thanks for sharing.
@3 Knat, @5 pat L, & @6 Lissa: Agreed.



I haven't seen Idaho Transfer in probably 30 years - amazingly, it's available through Amazon Prime.

Let me add my deepest condolences LavaGirl - words are always inadequate at times like these.


Denmark was approached twice before to sell Denmark, by Andrew Johnson and Harry Truman, so any bruised sensibilities should quickly heal.


The armed church-indoctrinated police trained "sheepdogs" are just a wee bit worrisome. Think of the numbers at those mega-churches; think of the common "Christian soldier" mentality and increasing holy war ideology; think of the brainwashing; think of the uncritical gullibility and obeisance.

Whether it ends up saving lives, a profit center for Sheepdog Industries Inc, or just a waisted effort, or whether it forms a domestic armed Taliban or ISIS or a some volunteer imperial guard when civil war breaks out, I'm not really sure. The elements are there for all sorts of horrible outcomes.

Americans seem fine with escalating violence and allowing wolves in sheep's clothing to live amongst them.


@12: Anarchists are far more a threat.


This re-animates the phrase;
Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!


We don't need to buy Greenland. For all practical purposes, we own it anyway. Ask Canada.


religious fanatics trained in armed combat at a time of unprecedented social and political polarization, what could possibly go wrong


@18: Not enough to meet your expectations, probably.


@19: You're defending the indoctrination of literal child soldiers, now? I thought my opinion of you couldn't slide any further, but look, there it goes...


So the guy who wanted the President's 12 year old son kidnapped is dead? Good.


Condolences, Lavagirl....

"Though it presumably began as a joke, Trump [who's STILL a Joke, no one's had the Heart to tell the so-called right] kept bringing up buying the semiautonomous Danish country."

trumpfy's gonna 'borrow' the money from what's left of Putin's hand-picked Oilgarchs and keep the motherfucker for hisself. Who knows, maybe there's mountains of as-yet-undiscovered Unobtanium?

It's GOOD to be King. Or Prez, rather.
With trumpfy, one cannot tell the Diff.


@20: Yep, I also defend the indoctrination of unicorns to attack windmills.


so true, christian nationalists are just creatures of fantasy and we would be better off not talking about any of this at all


"KOMO is so casually sharing this video:

Well, KOMO (God's Favorite, they've done the Research) just wants to soften us up for when we make trumpfy's triumphant return to FundaMentalist Rule and will randomly pick out miscreants, scofflaws, drug Pushers (NOT the Sacklers -- they're Rich) and drugs users out of the crowd and Zap them from above.

Actual quote: "If you've done Nothing Wrong,
then you have Nothing to Fear."

I hear this new Pogram even has
"Rep." Matt Shea's seal of approval
so you KNOW God LOVES it.

Perhaps it's time to buy Bible stocks?


12 and 13 My, keep telling yourselves that. PATHETIC. Since antifascists aren’t the problem.

But STUPID appears to be yours. The third reich would agree with you and so would Trump.


My family members fought Nazis and we don’t forget. We continue to make a stand against fascism.

Peter Fonda is my generation and we had a hell of a lot of fun and we still do.


My condolences to lava girl for your loss. I understand because we -my family- have lost three loved ones during the last four years as well as a dear neighbor who was shot believed to be by a drive by.


@27: Interesting that you equate anarchists with antifascists.
@28: So did mine.


Numbering references in 29 should be to 26/27.

Best to you going forward, LavaGirl. Very apt phrase: 'long exit'.


My condolences to you, dear LavaGirl. There's few things worse than losing your mother.

As for "Antifa" and anarchists, I have no quibble with them - but I do wonder how many of them are government agents. After all, we saw the same thing in the 60's with groups like SDS.


"Denmark was approached twice before to sell Denmark, by Andrew Johnson and Harry Truman, so any bruised sensibilities should quickly heal." --Rainy

I had not known this, previously.
What if Denmark wants to buy US?
Can trumpfy (Legally) sell us to them?

Would that even make any difference (legally), with the Republicns in charge of the Senate, the "Justice" Dept., and the Supremicist Roberts/Kavanaughtiest Court all in charge of keeping trumpfy the fuck outta Jail?

I hope he gets Top Dollar for US.
Deal "master" that he is, I'm pretty sure we'll
get well-Shafted there, too.

But, who knows -- pehaps we'll all get fucking Healthcare.
And not "health"-"care" Insurance:
Sorry. You're a woman?
That's a Pre-existing Condition.

Oh, and you, you've exceeding your Maximum Outlay.
We're gonna need the deed to your Home.

Good times!


Apparently you can be called a "Nazi" these days only if you happen to think a lady with testicles is ... well, a confused man. Even if you're polite and go along with the delusion because you're .... well, polite.

So yeah, I'm a Nazi I guess.


@33 -- thanks for reminding me --
the Nazis hated the Homos, too.

and the infirm
trades unionists
the educated
Blacks --
get ready for your Bolt outta the Blue,


Well if thinking a “woman” with testicles is still a man makes you a nazi, I’m gonna guess 75% of Americans are Nazis, and out of the rest willing to play along with the delusion, most straight men would not be willing to fuck a woman with a twig and berries.

So yeah, nazis everywhere.


The Stranger sure has been ignoring that circus freak who demanded that he have his nut sack waxed and is now suing the salon in Canada (run by minorities no less) for discrimination. Oh, and a fun fact: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only country that doesn't kill you for being gay


@35 obsessing over the genitals of people you’re not currently having sex with just makes you a very strange person



Have you ever noticed that the 404 troll only talks about pre-op trans women?
Never mentions transmen or post-op trans women.
I bet a quick look through their browser history would show that their Obsession runs a little deeper than they would like publicly known.


when you pivot from “israel is awesome because they have gay pride parades” to “the nazis were gay” you’ve lost the thread on every conceivable level



Hey there 404.
Did you know that in the real world Hitler and the Nazis imprisoned and executed homosexuals?

You really should stop hating yourself for lusting after pre-op transsexual women.
Maybe if you learned to love yourself you could stop hating everyone else.


"Did you know that in the real world Hitler and the Nazis imprisoned and executed homosexuals?"

So like many Muslim countries today.


" pre-op transsexual women. "

Castration makes them women? If I cut off my limbs can I become a snake?


"than 75% of Germans were nazis, so it's not like there isn't precedent."

Oh look, man with pedophile's handle is comparing gassing jews to understanding that cutting off your testicles does not make one a woman.

It seems the standards for calling some "NAZI!!!!" are slipping. But GermanSausage needs to call at least 5 people a day Nazi to feel complete.


@46 Isn't your "Look, Nazzzzziii!" quota up for the day poster-with-pedophiles-handle?


Let's change the discussion from nazis to hollandaise sauce tips!


@44 Achievement unlocked! Welcome to Snake level.


@48 Hollandaise sauce tips? Make béarnaise sauce instead.


I wish Tarantino'd make another Nazi documentary.
I loved the first one.

The Good Guys: 1.
Verminazi: O.





Why do you always sound so jealous when you talk about oppressive laws and other countries?



In other countries.



Why are you so obsessed with testicles?


There’s no such word as “smited.”




Considering how much Feebs seems to get off by typing the word "Nazi", I'll bet his browser history is just chock full of more obsessiveness than even @40 contemplates.


Nothing much to say except condolences to LavaGirl.