Originally published Monday, August 19.

It gets weird.
It gets weird. The Washington Bus YouTube Screengrab

Since all politics is theater anyway, The Stranger is yet again teaming up with The Washington Bus to stage Candidate Survivor, the best goddamn display of political theater you'll see this year short of Jeff Bezos dressing up like Richard Schwartz and playing the victim during public comment at the next city council meeting.

Before an audience of politically savvy youths, candidates running for Seattle City Council will compete in three rounds designed to draw out policy differences, test their knowledge of the districts they plan to represent, display their rhetorical acumen, and, most importantly, show off their hidden talents. The competitive candidate forum takes place THIS WEDNESDAY, August 21 at Neumos. Doors at 6:00 p.m. Show starts at 7:00 p.m. Mark your calendars and set up your notifications on your phone accordingly. It's free, but the show always reaches capacity so SHOW UP EARLY.

This year Seattle drag legend Cookie Couture will host the show. A panel including Washington Bus director Chris Lampkin, former interim Seattle City Council Member Kirsten Harris-Talley, and yours truly will ask questions and weigh in with giant emojis.

The talent show portion of the show will likely get wild. Remember last time, when State Sen. Bob Hasegawa played a vape flute? And when Nikkita Oliver rapped? And when Mayor Durkan threw tequila into an all-ages crowd? Expect a lot of that, except maybe not so much of that last one.

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After the smoke clears, the audience will vote with their voice for the city council candidate who impressed them the most. Though the Washington Bus doesn't endorse in city council races, the organization is devoted to getting out the youth vote, so the winner will likely do well among that crowd.

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