Stones fans are old and white.


The Stones are no fans of Trump either. This is a fun read:


Older people slant conservative.

Try to keep this in mind as you continue to write about bands that haven't released anything anyone cares about in over 25 years, Dave.


A Frank Zappa fan loves Trump????
Thank God Frank is dead or that literally would've killed him.

As for the Stones, there's a certain sort of nihilism that the Stones and Trump fans share.....


You pond scum PIECE OF SHIT.
Trump Train Forever!!!!!!
Nobody likes Trump, Dave, but the guy does have a valid point.


I suspect the first message was generated by the Enraged Trump Supporter Email Generator.


Who the fuck wants to read more lazy trolling from Trump types? We get plenty in the comment section without you putting it in the article.


I wonder how many Trump supporters are actually fans of the Stones? It sounds like some of the people complaining were just complaining -- they weren't at the concert. Which isn't to say there isn't some overlap. But I would guess that most Rolling Stones fans think Trump is a piece of shit.


"Trump's Economy"? As far as I can tell, that's an extension of the Obama Recovery, right? The one that followed the Bush Recession, which in turn followed the Clinton Boom? Have I attributed the economic shifts to the various administrations that happened to be in power at the time appropriately?


trump fans are very delicate flowers


My 401k has been completely stagnant for the last few years. Trump has been shit for the economy, and that commenter doesn't even have a 401k.


You would snipe too, if it happened to you.


@10 Fake News.


I have a FB friend who continually brings up the "Bet your 401(k) is doing well" canard, even though every time he copies and pastes that screed I've pointed out that I don't have one, and he admits that he doesn't either.

That apparently isn't enough to stop him from copying and pasting it in several ensuing posts.


there were 2 bush recessions (3 if you count his dad’s) but the one at the end of his 2nd term is the only one people remember because it nearly killed us all


@9: Obviously you've never watched a Trump rally. They always end with 'You can't always get what you want' being played immediately after Trump finishes his speech with "... and we will make America great again!"

The Stones have been trying to get the Trump campaign and now re-election teams to stop using it to no avail.


"You sure come off as a low-IQ, gullible fool who can't spell."

come off? No, no Dave, they are low-IQ, gullible fools who can't spell


Dave is so smart.
Trump supporters are so stupid.
For his next trick Dave will visit an inner city high school and mock the grammar and English of the students.


You probably should have added a trigger warning to your review.


@12, I hope you invest into some form of a 401K or a retirement investment that you contribute religiously every pay check. If you don't and aren't currently owning or buying real estate, you have nothing.


@21, Sorry, ment @15

@12, If your investments have been stagnant then it's time to reevaluate. Only you are in charge of that.


Frank Zappa has some following among libertarians. He was considering being their 1988 presidential candidate yet declined. “Joe’s Garage” the album where the (mis)quote comes from, is a story about a futuristic 1984-like regime where music is outlawed due to its bad influence on society.

He was always suspicious of government and constantly mocked conservatives
It should still be acknowledged that in this album, as well as in few other Zappa’s tunes, there’s plenty of homophobia. He died in late 1993 and I want to believe that he would have come around if he was still with us.

All them rock 'n' roll
Writers is the worst
Kind of sleaze
Selling punk like
Some new kind of
English disease
Is that the wave
Of the future?
Aw, spare me please!

Oh no, you gotta go
Who do you write for?
I wanna know
I believe you is the
Government's whore
And keeping peoples
Dumb is where you're
Coming from
And keeping peoples
Dumb is where you're
Coming from


Facedesk, re: the twitler loving Zappa fan. Dave should email him links and excerpts of the countless written and video diatribes Frank Zappa wrote and said about republicans, Reagan, religion and conservatives. Some of FZ's libertarian-ish views are little cringe worthy today, but his insights on how religion and right wing factions taking over the country are right on the money.


Is a liberal dick sucker someone that leans liberal politically and performs fellatio or one that performs said fellatio liberally among others?


Trumpanzees prove once again that they are not just hateful, racist, homophobic, misogynist & xenophobic ...they are also the dimmest of the dim dumbshits.


@25: I don't think they're mutually exclusive.


"My response: Trump not only won't win in 2020, he won't even be on the ballot."

From your lips to God's ears. It only took 70,000 votes in the upper Midwest. Trump will lose California, he'll lose New York he'll lose Washington and Oregon.

Heck we can completely run up the score in California and New York assuring the Democrat has a stunning lead in the popular vote.

Won't mean a god damn thing if we lose Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by 70,000 votes or just 4.


Oh my. @5 must have been a typical rabid Trump apologist MAGA troll.
Griz WAS going to comment, but so many of you already beat me to it, and kicked ass. Keep it up.


Two thoughts: first, the consolidation mania in radio led to repetitive playlists, especially on ‘rock’ stations; and second, older MAGA-holes with spare cash want to buy coolness. Repetition is key to sales and our salesman president and fits perfectly with a reactionary, traditionalist mindset. The MAGA-hole with a deficient imagination figures he can buy some coolness with a band he trusts, because he’s pounded the songs into his head during the commute, at the bar and playing Hot Rocks on his ski boat. As a traditionalist, he wants what he already knows, and getting a buzz of coolness from hearing ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ for the 8000th time is killer.


Dave Segal shouldn't really write about anything at all until he utilizes whatever therapies he has access to in an attempt to clear his head of the hatred he has for half the world.


Think the time is right for a palace revolution.


trump supporters aren’t even half the counter let alone half the world


@23 Zappa always came across as an unempathetic asshole to me. No disrespect to fans of the music itself, but to me his teatotalling, iron-fisted bandleader thing made his music feel like it was just Beafheart for uptight dudes.


Dougsf @ 34
Zappa was a perfectionist who did things his way while maintaining the rights to his work. So, while demanding of others and paying them union fees he also gave them credit and quite a few own him their musical career.
He always appreciated his fans, his concerts differed nightly, and the quality of musicians, sound, recordings, including live performances, were always a cut or more above the rest.

He was opinionated and wasn’t shy speaking up, whether it was Pat Robertson, Tipper Gore, or people he deemed as “doing stupid things”. And while he may come across as crass and a workaholic, which he was, he was always a good father to his four children and remained happily married despite all those camerillo brillos and Laurel was her name.

Add here what kylecheez @ 24 wrote and watch out where the huskies go.


@31 Has it right, you're spiraling Dave.


@21 Clearly you have literally zero experience with people who have jobs and work for a living. Very few people live off of "investments" (i.e. their parent's money) like you do.


"trump fans are very delicate flowers"

"Trumpism is a 'Fuck Your Feelings' T-shirt worn with a strand of pearls to clutch." -- Ken White, author of the legal blog Popehat.

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