Hes gonna chew and swallow a stick of cinnamon gum during each step of the tango.
Sean Spicer is gonna chew and swallow a stick of cinnamon gum during each step of the tango. Win McName/Getty

Representative Matt Shea is unfit for office: According to Spokane mayor David Condon and police chief Craig Meidl. Shea's whole "wants-to-train-children-for-a-holy-war" thing and also the "start-a-51st-state-governed-by-Christians" thing that was exposed in leaked e-mails didn't do much for his case to continue as a representative of the state. All of Spokane's leadership—the city council, the mayor, and the police chief—are calling for Shea's removal.


No! Stop this! Sean Spicer is joining Dancing with the Stars. That's fucking dumb. The former press secretary has been working to fix his public image ever since he lied to the press and the public on Donald Trump's behalf for more than a year. It's going to take a little more than a good cha-cha for us to forgive you for helping dismantle our democracy, Sean!!!!

The viaduct demolition is still happening: The Washington State Department of Transportation is 82 percent done with tearing down that concrete eyesore! Crews are on track to have the job done along the waterfront by the end of summer. Some streets that have been shut down since February have reopened, like South King Street at Alaskan Way and Yesler Way at Alaskan Way. A section of South Jackson Street, however, will be closing down for a few weeks as demolition continues.

Sign her, you cowards: World champion soccer player Carli Lloyd could easily start on an NFL team.

Tent City 3 makes an emergency pivot: The legal homeless encampment has been staked out in the University Congregational United Church of Christ in the University District. They had promised the church that the encampment would move by Saturday. The permit for Tent City 3's new location (an old church parking lot in the Central District) fell through. So drastic measures ensued and the encampment uprooted and moved to a city plot on 63rd and Ravenna. In a letter to the mayor, Tent City 3 said that they are "assert(ing) our right to survival and shelter."

Some light August rain: It started dumping this morning right around when the city started stirring. That's a thing I notice now with the old body clock getting used to waking up before the crack of dawn. The city yawns and stretches its way to life with the occasional rumble of a car or the planes getting back on that flight path that is somehow directly over my bedroom window. Today the little symphony was accompanied by rain. It was nice. And then my alarm went off and it was less nice.

Dad's driving lesson doesn't go as planned: A Marysville father let his 14-year-old son get behind the wheel of an SUV in order to teach him to drive. The kid lost control of the vehicle on a real ass road (State Avenue near Grove Street) and struck a 60-year-old woman and her 1-year-old grandchild. They suffered injuries. The dad and the boy are facing charges for the driving exercise—a "misdemeanor criminal traffic charge of allowing an unauthorized minor to drive" for the dad, and for his teenage son, "Negligent Driving 2nd degree" and "a misdemeanor criminal traffic charge of ‘No Valid Operator's License,'" according to KING 5.

Crashed dump truck's company has a history: On Monday, a dump truck crashed into a pedestrian, several parked cars, and, ultimately, a Subway sandwich shop. It injured five people. The brakes went out on the dump truck and the crash has been billed as "catastrophic mechanical failure." It turns out that the dump truck's company, Barrett Services of Mill Creek, has failed three of four inspections on its trucks in the past two years. Not a great track record.

An update on the Titanic: I could feel that you were all chomping at the bit to know what was up with the long-sunken ship. I'm happy to provide. Knowledge, after all, is power.

Candidate Survivor is tonight! The best way to get politically informed is happening tonight, at 7 p.m., at Neumos. The Washington Bus and The Stranger are hosting a forum and talent show for city council candidates. Come one, come all! Last time, Senator Bob Hasegawa vape-fluted.

Texas accidentally legalized weed: Texas passed a law this year that legalized hemp. The language in that bill pertaining to the percentage of THC specifies that the legal amount is 0.3 percent (hemp) and anything higher than that (marijuana) is illegal. That makes sense. The catch, however, is that law enforcement has no way of testing the amount of THC in a product. So if you're caught for marijuana possession, you can just lie and say it's hemp.

BREAKING: Donald Trump is lying to the people about his plan to do away with Obama-era carbon-emission regulations on cars.

Trump wants to crack open Alaska for oil: Everybody wants to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The pristine stretch of land is a gold mine of oil, the Trump administration has asserted, worth nearly $2 billion to the US Treasury. Except that's not true. The New York Times analyzed the data and found that, actually, that oil would yield only $45 million over a decade. While also ruining a one-of-a-kind natural habitat.

Is this strange feeling in my chest... hope? Save the corals, science! Save the corals.

The FBI is clamping down on mass-shooting threats: Since the Dayton and El Paso shootings, the FBI and local police departments have arrested 27 people who have made threats on social media about carrying out mass murder. CNN has a list of all of the threats here if you're in a morbid mood.

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Drama in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: If you're at all tuned in to comic-book-movie politics, you've heard some of this before. Basically, Sony is taking back ownership of Spider-Man and taking the franchise, and everyone's favorite neighborhood web-slinger, away from Marvel. This happened before. If you remember the scourge-on-Spidey that was the Andrew Garfield movies (disclaimer: I do not remember these movies), that was when Sony was in charge and Spider-Man wasn't allowed to mingle with other heroes. That all ended with the most recent, and some say, the best iteration of Spidey—Tom Holland's Spider-Man who played an important role in the end of the Avengers. He's crucial to current plot threads in a post-Endgame world, and fans are worried.

This New Hampshire town opened up a 50-year-old time capsule: And there was nothing in it.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: Washington Bus and The Stranger's Seattle City Council pageant Candidate Survivor, a hip-hop show with Kung Foo Grip member Shorty Fresco, and a talk with ACLU deputy legal director Jeff Robinson about the legacy of slavery and the impacts of US imperialism.