Slog AM: Spokane Wants Rep. Matt Shea to Resign, We're Putting Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars, Texas Accidentally Legalized Weed



RE: Drilling for oil in Alaska

IIRC, before Dennis Miller went insane, he made a joke about how drilling for oil in Alaska was like a junkie pawning his wedding ring for a single night's fix.


People can move on with their careers Nathalie. We should look for the good in folks like John Spicer instead of just pouting on their mistakes. Expect to see Amerosa, Scaramucci, and even Sarah Sanders join the fun on Dancing with the Stars.


Wow, the FBI is actually going to start looking at these guys who threaten mass shootings before they do it now rather than after?

Must be some new brainy leadership at the bureau. What a fresh idea.


Another hopeful story on a gloomy day, from the Guardian-
LA plans to build the world's largest wildlife corridor, over the Santa Monica freeway.
Wildlife corridors- another 'goofy liberal idea' that actually works.


Boomers just wanna pollute and profit until the day they drop, future generations be damned. I'm surprised there's no mention here of trump's latest handling of foreign diplomacy by postponing his meeting with Denmark because they didn't take him seriously when he said he wanted to purchase an autonomous country. That's presidementia at its finest.


@ 6,

What’s most confusing is that the Danes should be relieved and celebrating that they don’t have to suffer through an invasion by Prezirapist AntiChrist and his insane clown posse.


@7 Most probably are, unfortunately it also means we're stuck with him instead. Maybe he'll use the extra time to go golfing with Vlad or Kim, but he'll probably just spend more time on Twitter.


"Donald Trump is lying..."
Let's face it, the rest of that paragraph is redundant.


@3: I'm cool with John Spicer. And Randolph Hitler.


The sad thing is many of these are teenagers (both boys and girls) who make an on-line threat - probably thinking only their fellow high-schoolers will see the post, and it will make them look really cool.



Yeah, yeah, we get it: let's just normalize abhorrent behavior - at least until a liberal does it - because if we had to hold every person to-account who has been constantly lying, shilling, or otherwise covering up for the mentally-deteriorating sociopath currently occupying the WH, there wouldn't be enough has-been political hacks outside of a federal penitentiary to feed the D-List celebrity reality program pipeline.

I mean, we gotta have PRIORITIES, amiright?



You have so much first-hand knowledge of and experience with Tent City - given your level of expertise, one can only conclude you must have spent a lot of time there, amirightt?


@12 -- Nuke 'em?
With compassion, obviously.

Also -- "The FBI is clamping down on mass-shooting threats"

You mean, they're FINALLY gonna start
Why? is there an Election coming up soon?

Right wing terrorism needs to be stopped; and, btw,
stopping Terrorism isn't (necessarily) terrorism.


What the Heck?
Undersea Porn @ The Stranger?!


@15: No, you don't get to spin "terrorism" -- it's all bad. Left/Right/ and all other conceivable adjectives.

If you're saying terrorism to stop terrorism, then you're wishing for war.

@13: Something like that, without the "at least until a liberal does it" clause. Beats tribalism, doesn't it?


@1, Nowadays it'd be like the junkie selling his wedding ring for a piece of gum. At least back in the George W. Bush days when we were talking about it, the ANWR oil reserves were conceivably valuable. These days with horizontal drilling and fracking there's no shortage of much, much easier places to drill. I have no doubt that there are companies that would love to go tear up the tundra doing exploration work to boost their portfolio of proven reserves, but unless there's some pretty major changes in the trajectory of the oil market I doubt it'll ever make economic sense to actually develop up there. Which is why the leases are likely to sell for basically nothing.



"If you're saying terrorism to stop terrorism, then you're wishing for war."

No. I'm saying terrorists (and their allies) will label counter-terrorism as 'terrorism.'

We're already IN a War on Terror. 'Member Gee Dubya -- well, the dick Cheney, but who remembers him? -- and his fabulous 'War on Terror'? we haven't quite won it, yet, but we're really giving 'er Hell!

It's about time the FBI caught up with all (some of) these far right wing Domestic Terrorists.

And they've nabbed a bunch of them lately, I hear...