Slog PM: Elizabeth Warren in Seattle This Weekend, RBG Treated for Cancer, Trump Embarrasses Self/Nation (Again)



"Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China..."

He really is losing his goddamn mind. Now, if people would go back to calling him "Individual-1," do you think that might give him the heart attack for which he's so overdue?


After Mao and the Communists took over the mainland post WWII, China for the US was only the Chiang Kai Shek government in exile on Taiwan. We refused to admit that Mao's government on the mainland was legitimate or that mainland China even existed (no diplomatic relations, US trade forbidden as well as any business dealings, Americans forbidden to visit).

It was a Republican (yet another disgraceful GOP crook), Richard Nixon, who began normalizing relations with the real China and opened trading between the two nations. I bet Tricky Dick is doing grave spins over Trump's actions sabotaging one of the good things he's remembered for. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when these two finally meet in hell.


I'm so glad I read all the way to the end, where the horse news was. NOT.


Sure, why don't you ask a Libertarian whose paycheck depends on Koch, what he really thinks of Koch the Libertarian.


I could never imagine obama hereby ordering american companies to do something but i can absolutely imagine the full scale meltdown that would ripple through the republican party and the right wing media if he did.


@4 plot twist: the writer of this Slog PM is a libertarian, so yeah, that happened.


Whether arrogance or shit-the-bed bungle, it's unforgivable that RBG didn't retire in the middle of Obama's term. We are already royally fucked in the courts. If RBG dies now I guess we all just lube up and wait for the retrograde knuckle dragger American Taliban Corporo-Plutocratic agenda to be shoved up down and sideways into all available orifices? It's insane how such a small number of powerful people and a minority of dupes and sycophants have engineered their utterly self-interesred agenda against the popular will.


One down, a shitload of RepublikKKans to go, and good riddance.
@1 Knat: I know, right?
@8 ClaraT: WTF? Ruth Bader Ginsburg, bless her heart and soul, is among the few decent Supreme Court justices we have left! I pray she gives Donald Jackass Trump the heart attack it so richly deserves, and soon. The world can't wait.


I wish RepubliKKKans would all die of cancer, slowly, painfully, and nastily.
They created this mess--they should face the consequences.


Just imagine what a utopian world we could have had if Fred and Maryanne McCleod Trump had been irreparably sterile.


David Koch de facto financed the elections of card carrying members of the American Taliban and the nomination of ultra conservative judges his entire life, so whether or not he personally held liberal views about freedom to choose is perfectly irrelevant to the fact that he pushed for ultraconservative politics his entire life. Same goes for his supposed opposition to the Iraq war since he netted ~$80 million in no bid contracts from DoD during the war. Only fools think that words are more important than deeds.

Also note that it isn't a bug but a feature of Libertarian ideology to promote "economic freedom" at the expense of everything else. "Economic freedom" in right wing extremist parlance is a euphemism for the wealthy doing whatever the fuck they want with their money including poisoning the neighbors who really should get out of the way rather than complain about pollution.

I suspect we all want nasty comments like @12 to disappear, yet it's useful for all to see the kind of animals we are dealing with.


But you're OK with nasty comments like @10.
Sadly, we already know quite well the kind of animals we are dealing with.


@10: No auntie. If you actually experienced first hand someone dying a slow and painful death from cancer, you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.


@14 Sick puppy troll rushes to defend another of his probable sock-puppets. I hope you get paid to comment at all hours of the day and night because only a miserable fuck would spend all this time here just to antagonize libruls


@9 RBG was 83 years old in the middle of Obama's term, and had already had cancer. There's no doubt he would have appointed an RBG 2.0 to replace her, and we would have had another 40-50 years of her legal perspective seated on the court. Retiring then was obviously the right thing to do for the American people. But she, foolishly and/or out of ego, decided to roll the dice on staying. For all of us.

If it turns out she dies with a Repug in office, we'll have 5 right wing distortionists on the court doing the will of the Corporo-Jebus-White-Supremers. It's a gross political gaffe that over time will do more harm and limit more progress than she positively created. Thin odds she holds on AND we dump Trump, but here's hoping, fingers and toes crossed ....


@17: RBG is a fighter. That spirit is critical to battling cancer. To suggest she should have politiely stepped and died is - well, obnoxious to say the least.


@18 you are insane. I can't imagine ANY circumstance under which your nasty drivel is OK. See a shrink, soon, before you do something everyone will regret


*stepped aside


Decent people should spend 15 minutes a day browsing Breitbart comment threads to build up a resistance to emissions like @18. They produce that same post hundreds of times a day over there and its not hard to numb yourself to it.


Oh nos, what will I do with my Notorious RGB t-shirt and pussy hat I wear everyday?


Cancer is a disease in which a cell forgets that it is part of a community, and that its well-being is entirely dependent on that community. It seeks to maximize itself at the expense of the whole, and ultimately destroys both the community and itself. May the fate of David Koch's perfidious cells, which have now died because they destroyed the system on which they depended, be a lesson to cells everywhere. Particularly those ones in RBG's pancreas.


@17: I think we would instead have seen TWO examples of Mitch McConnell refusing to consider any Obama Supreme Court nominee, instead of just the one.

I look forward to checking this thread on Monday to see how well the wingnut sock puppets have managed to both raise the discourse® and martyr themselves, in reaction to a childish offhand comment.


16 It’s a bit much even for these 8chan incels but in light of trump’s bizarre statements about being the chosen one and issuing decrees to american companies on twitter it seems like they are unraveling in parallel with their lizard king, like the hivemind is collectively coming unglued



When Trump invokes the term animal it's clearly being used as an ethnic slur. In your case, people simply use it to insult your intelligence. You've roughly the intellect of a parakeet, in other words. But if you're truly confused or otherwise still offended, I'd be willing to ask my fellow sloggers to instead simply refer to you as a shit-brained idiot going forward. That better?


@20 been a while since I told you this, but you're still a half-wit vanilla wafer who confuses constantly having something to say with have anything interesting or insightful or intelligent to say. I mean you just perpetually blather forth with logically disconnected dog legs that you seem to fancy as out of the box independent thoughts. The reality though is that 99% of what you write is poorly considered dullardly dhiarhea. And it just never fucking stops.

My saying there was an obvious politically expedient time for RBG to retire in her mid-80's, and that her choosing to not do so might end in tragedy for our country, is not remotely equivalent to assuming she's a quitter and wishing she'd go die. Get the fuck out of here with that silly twaddle


@30: You were rather harsh on her ("foolishly", "out of ego") - nevertheless, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.


@31 yeah no shit?

@32 this Fox News headline just came up in my feed: Pretty obvious you watched this Fox News segment and then trotted our some crooked walking aberration of a non-thought based on it. This is probably how you formulate all of your copious comments? I take all of my criticisms back - you are clearly qualified to be President.


The word "fighter" is a ubiquitous adjective as far as cancer patients are concerned. I immediately think of John McCain, and recently Marcia Cross. No, I actually did not see that article. But thanks for the link.


Reading The Stranger is becoming truly regrettable as columnists continue to rely on pointing and laughing at people in an attempt at levity.


So it's fine for Republicans to call immigrants animals and say they are all rapists and criminals, but wishing they die of cancer is offensive.It's fine for the so-called president of the United States to laugh about people being shot, inciting mass shootings, and demanding photo shoots with unwilling (or unable to consent) victims of the shootings he incited, but wanting the same people to die horrific deaths is off limits, too much for the people here. Got it.

And to prove one's point, you go after female commenters on this board, specific, single, individual, real people, targeting them, singling them out personally, wishing they get raped. Interesting how that comment and other misogynist comments get left up on this forum.

Please explain to me why there are so many really hateful, nasty, PERSONAL attacks here on SLOG BY MEN TARGETING WOMEN, but the only comments that get removed are ones men complain about??? SLOG reads like an incel reddit board at this point. I mean I posted a comment once that so offended one guy he still complains about it endlessly and makes up fake accounts to posts nasty shit about me endlessly.

There is no dialogue happening here but there is lot of shitty, nasty, hateful bullshit being allowed to be posted and not being removed. And people say Dan Savage doesn't hate women.


When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.


@12, @14, @24, @26, and @38: The nitrous oxide is going to catch up with you, TeeHee, and MAGA clowns like you. Meanwhile, blow it up your ass, dateless troll. It'd be the best and only sex you'll ever get. Are your SuperFriends undies starting to ride up?
@15 (re my comment @10): No, sugarlips--I actually would wish it upon someone as inhuman and vile as Donald Jackass Trump ad nauseum for their GOP arrogance and blatant disregard for humanity, democracy, the Earth's resources and living creatures for their own criminally insane level of corporate greed. I have no regrets about my comment and stand by it.


@21 anon1256: I have begged TeeHee repeatedly to get medical help but he stubbornly remains a glutton for punishment. Life at juvee must be pretty boring.


The Left loves Nasty Women and their incivility in the name of The Cause;
you got no appetite for Nasty Boys?


Everything you need to know about the evangelical trumpists/GOP is that they think being called a racist is worse than actually being one and that they elevated a child molester to be their longest serving Speaker of the House.

They're shitty people who like putting into power people as shitty as they are. This thread is proof of that.


The word 'racist' doesn't appear in this thread until comment @45.


"The word 'racist' doesn't appear in this thread until comment @"

@46 Is Germansausage on holiday?


For the readers that have never worked in a law firm: lawyers and judges work until they can barely walk, see or write. Every law firm of any size has at least one attorney coming to work into their 80's and beyond. They are often caught napping at their desks, scaring the shit outta everyone because the first thing anyone thinks is "crap they died at their desk and now I gotta deal with this." RGB's behavior is very typical for her profession - no one in the legal profession is surprised by this.

What I find so fascinating about RGB worship is that her legal mind/theory was formed by the writings/legal theories of a bunch of dead white men, yet no one seems to notice or mind.


@43 and @44 I stand by my comment. I still feel that way. Always will. Still working on calling the cops on me? Good luck with that. Doesn't change the fact that my comment was removed while the most vile, misogynist, hateful posts against women are left up for all to read. Trolling me seems to be a full time job for you, how sad and pathetic is that?


@xina, you know as everyone else that aside from being directly removed by staff, comments are removed by people clicking 'Report this' and submitting the form to be reviewed by the webmaster. It is a wildly contorted stretch of the imagination to think that the webmaster and our good friends at The Stranger are so misogynist as to retain abusive misogynist comments that were reported or seen.

What comment of yours was removed? Some past thread? Why would you expect folks to remember your comment, or anyone's comment, that was removed?

Next, you complain about being harassed. Be careful dear, because it seems like you're trolling to be harassed.


@51, yes a past comment that @49 claims was a death threat (it was not, but he'll pretend it was, it was a thought i had in my head, it wasn't a threat, it wasn't a call to action, it wasn't even remotely anything that would play out in the real world). he trolls endlessly about it, whatever and whenever I post a comment he's there, creating a new account, writing a nasty comment, and deleting the account, only to create a new account and comment again. you'd have to ask him why he remembers it, why he posts endlessly about it, and why he harasses me about it now who knows how long after (it's been months? i can't even remember).

and yes, mr. raindrop, i know how comments are reported and removed and it is quite clear that certain comments when reported are NOT removed, while others are. that is the problem. but thank you for being a victim blamer and telling me that i am responsible for the continued harassment. interesting you have nothing to say about the asshole calling for the rape of a well known commenter here on SLOG, but i need to watch myself, because i'm "trolling to be harassed."


@52: Not victim blaming - because you're not a victim. You don't even play one on TV. You're just a bloviating avatar of pixels, prose, and hyperbole just as I am.

That's about as silly as me calling myself a victim just because I get called a deranged right-wing racist Fox news watching climate change denier moron just about every day.


One of the things I really enjoy about reading comments on articles in the NYT and Wash Post is that, while you do have someone take a potshot at another person once in a while, you just don't see the pissing fights like you do on a place like Slog.

Carry on...


@55 I'm not complaining about being called a libtard or librul or a snowflake or any of a million other insults regarding my political comments, beliefs, leanings, or whatever by people who disagree with me. there's a difference. try again.


@57 Just don't mention your appetite for mass murder. Gotcha. I think we can move on.

Anyone else reading The New York Times 1619 project? Woo hoo, what a pile of steaming


@57: So it's exclusively your gender?


@59 Or one of the other 57 genders maybe?


@42: Not when brainless MAGA trolls like you ad nausem keep threatening rape, forced pregnancy and childbirth among your many atrocities. And all because you're afraid of women. Isn't it past your bedtime?
@45 Pridge Wessea: Thank you and bless you.


@60: My, you're so quick to cry victim, TeeHee. Are your SuperFriends undies riding up? Or is it that you can't see past your mein Trumpfy belly? Juvee must be a little slow since you still can't get a dance partner. And after all these anonymous sign ins, too. Maybe if you shave off that hideous orange toupee, ....just a suggestion. Maybe your mommy will fix you some nice, nourishing Cocoa Puffs before Speed Racer comes on.


RBG is done.

Like so many Justices in the past they want to hold on until they don't wake up. It is a job for life, but in her case, her side may lose a seat because it was Ego over reality. With her health problems..., does she really have the ability to be a Supreme Court Justice of the United States? She will go out screaming like your Grandmother being moved out of her home. She's 86. And Frail. I'd love her to be but I don't think she is capable to do her job.


After receiving no response to reporting it, i finally called out the webmaster of this ennobled journal as being the 404 troll recently.
Maybe that's why they've gotten so completely unhinged lately: they've been found out.

In any case, i guarantee that the more we all ignore it, the faster it'll crawl off and fling its fæces somewhere else. It breeds on attention: STARVE THE TROLL.

If you don't, you're only proving you need it as much as it needs you.


Ah, the innate gnawing craving of Leftists to quash opinions that destroy their malignant world view and they can't refute.
A craving incomparable with a free democratic society.
Please grow up.


@66 Seattleblues, is that you? We've missed you.



Washing them occasionally would be a good first step, especially if you want any females to even consider speaking to you, dumbass.



I believe SB is now Raindrop...


Can The Stranger PLEASE publish the unhinged and paranoid email that #65 sent your webmaster?


@69 Oh please, Raindrop is far too mild mannered and charming, plus I doubt he has a home in Italy. Raindrop comes across as the perfectly nice economically conservative, socially liberal type. Or what you would probably call a "Nazi!!!!!!".


Be nice to the Nazi
and maybe he'll fade away?

Watchya say, Poofy?

Say, Stranger, I'd give you guys
a buck a month
(with Editing?!)
for this.

Perhaps we can starve the Nazi ($9 on this one, alone) out.


@71: You're right, I don't have a home in Italy. But if I did, it would be in Castiglione della Pescaia.

Thx for your refreshing words


@70: Huh? Spunkbutter just told everybody to do what you've told everybody to do on more than one occasion, to wit: Ignore the Trolls.
Are you just bent out of shape because you didn't get to say "You could just stop reading, responding to, and having emotional reactions to every single word he types" on both Slog PM AND Slog AM?


@73 I'm more partial to San Donato Val di Comino.


@75: Googled. Wow - I can see why.


@65 spunkbutter: Usually we agree, but I have to make an exception here. There are clearly times when using self defense if justified, and this is one example. Was I supposed to just remain silent to threats of rape and forced anal sex directly aimed at me in comment @12? Now you and others just posting know why comments @12, @26, and @38 have been pulled.
@72 kristofarian: You're priceless.
@74 Lissa: I think you nailed it.


@73: Oh, come on, sugarlips, we all know you're really a Nigerian prince living in exile. :)



"The Californian city's board of supervisors passed a resolution on Tuesday officially labeling the gun rights' group a domestic terrorist organization.

District 2 Supervisor Catherine Stefani, whose district includes the Marina and Presidio, wrote the declaration stating that the NRA 'spreads propaganda that misinforms and aims to deceive the public about the dangers of gun violence.'

It said the NRA 'musters its considerable wealth and organizational strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence.'

'All countries have violent and hateful people, but only in America do we give them ready access to assault weapons and large-capacity magazines thanks, in large part, to the National Rifle Association's influence,' the declaration read."

Finally, they Get It.


Thanks, Auntie Gee!