Warren has never been my first choice, but I'm starting to realize she might be the only choice. Even though I disagree with a number of her plans, she's the one candidate out there who both recognizes the gravity of our problems and has demonstrated that she is up to the challenge.

There's this new national poll that is showing her and Bernie and Biden in essentially a three-way tie. I appreciate that both Warren and Sanders and have been super-disciplined about never speaking ill of each other. Heck, they treat each other like Trump treats Putin. I can only hope that, once we get through a few primaries, if one of them pulls ahead, the other will realize that their cause is bigger than either one of them and find a way to join forces.

Right now, I'm inclined to say the strongest ticket would be Warren and Mayor Pete.


The ONLY call-in talk radio show (that isn't fully pro-Corporate) in Seattle is the Thom Hartmann Program, on KBCS 91.3 FM, 9 am til noon, Monday thru Friday.

Thom did an unscientific poll -- call in, name your fave, this morning:
Bernie 'won' by nearly 2 - 1 (50 some for Bernie to 27 for Warren).

I'd vote for either one.

But I like Bernie 'cause he's been facing people like
trumpfy, toe-to-toe, for Decades. And knows how to school
the Motherfuckers, already. Not that trumpfy'd
likely hang around for his Royal Ass Kicking
but it'd be Fun as fuck to see.

GO, Elizabeth!
And Go, Bernie!


Looks like we have 4 very good choices and a bunch of good enough choices.

Any of which would still be better than the current Moron-in-Thief.


It mystifies me why anyone with a smidgen of sense would imagine that Bernie Sanders would be a competent chief executive. We know very well what it is like to have a bumbling incompetent from the right as a leader of the free world I don't think we need to experience what it is like to have one from the left. Warren is very clearly leagues more competent than anyone else in the running (which of course almost certainly means with our dumb as fuck electorate she does not have a prayer in hell).


Unless the democratic nominee has an enticement for moderates, and gives reason and hope to regretful 2016 Trump voters, we might have another four years of Ivanka's father as president.


@6 Competence not enticing to moderates? Just reading this piece here:
Perhaps for once a bit of courage is in order, instead of triangulation?


Which of the clowns running is competent?
Do tell.....


@8 Hey the dumb as fuck has arrived!


@ 6,

If you think that fickle centrists are the ones that Dem candidates should spend their time hopelessly chasing, then let us know how The presidencies of Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton worked out for you.

I support Warren and her bazillion detailed plans to reform our politics and economy so that they actually work, and I’m wondering if Harris or Castro would be the better VP running mate.


So, Trump literally breeches all presidential authority and free-market Republican norms and attempts to order private American companies out of international operations.

He does this like some petty tin-pot dictator in another incoherent screed which, predictably, crashes the stock market (for the fifth time).

And our local dipshit MAGA troll "free marketeers" are like:

Imagine if a black democrat president with a funny name had done that? Yeah. Imagine that.

I don't know about you guys but I get the sense that our resident Trolls don't really seem to have much in the way of consistent principles.


Original Andrew @10, I find it remarkable that you recite a list of centrist Democrats who failed to get elected president, and yet you're perfectly fine with Kamala Harris, the consummate neoliberal elitist establishment Democrat, as VP.

But hey, I can understand your confusion. The entire premise of Harris's campaign is tricking Democrats into believing she's a progressive. Heck, Trump managed to get elected president by fooling voters into believing he was a populist.


"Trump literally breeches all presidential authority and free-market Republican norms and attempts to order private American companies out of international operations."

As an armchair socialist, isn't that your whole gig? You should be happy.


Let’s rebuild the middle class by handing anyone with student loan debt like four thousand mai tais.

Additionally, give black people money.

Ok, can we also eliminate every foreign military installation, nearly instantly resetting the globe to a state of absolute chaos?


At which point we can begin selling territories to.. uhh.. Saudi.. Arabia.. and.. China...

They’ll create the utopia the First Nations People deserve.


Elizabeth Warren: not popular with the meatheads.

Who'da thunk?


Crowd size in Seattle (or Brooklyn etc) really doesn't matter all that much. I'm glad people are enthusiastic about her but isn't this a normal crowd size for a serious Dem candidate for president in a blue city in a blue state?

What's more impressive is that her crowds were pretty big in Iowa and South Carolina as well, which seems much more significant to me. She's polling decently there too, but I think crowds and donors are a much better indicator than polls (usually based on a small number of people who answer phones etc).

I agree with #1 until the Pete statement. Pete has a very small and wealthy group of loud supporters. He is just a young guy with two liberal arts degrees who wrote some nice essays, joined the military despite having loads of other options, worked to invest money for rich people, then became mayor of a town in which he has not handled crises well- lots of people there hate him. He is a nonstarter, and this is before you find out his incredibly stupid plan for the SCOTUS- to split it between Reps and Dems and let them select more justices, just an incredibly naive and just down right childish understanding of politics. He also polls at zero with black voters. He's still in the running at all just because he has two dozen billionaires funding him. He should quit.


I can't believe you didn't interview me, a tall white man in a Captain America tshirt who was there with his ethnically ambiguous girlfriend while we both melted in the summer sun. Rude!


EmmaLiz @18. Thanks for reminding me about Mayor Pete's monumentally stupid idea about the Supreme Court: "... and this is before you find out his incredibly stupid plan for the SCOTUS- to split it between Reps and Dems and let them select more justices, just an incredibly naive and just down right childish understanding of politics."

The shame is that it takes the oxygen out of the room for a real and meaningful Supreme Court reform, like 20-year (or however-many-year) term limits.

I'd learn more about Buttigieg's billionaire backers, as you describe, but frankly, I haven't seriously considered supporting him myself, and I'm not totally freaked out about him either--even if perhaps I should be.


@15 -- "Additionally, give black people money."

You gotta ask yourself -- are those Black peeps you wanna give money to
are they Rich?

You know, the Right doesn't belive in Socialism
for the Poor.

It goes to the Rich
or it goes nowhere.


@8: You're not fooling anyone, TeeHee. Stop snorting nitrous oxide and take a nap.
@10: Original Andrew for the WIN! Warren / Harris for 2020. Agreed and seconded.
@17 Rhizome: I know, right? MAGA meatheads are afraid of smart, assertive, and competent women who can get things done. Thus explains their hate rallies full of violence, repression, and corruption towards women. I say it's largely from too much cheap beer, BigMacs, Twitter, FOX TV, a bizarre belief that the GOP is going to save their asses--and fear of flaccidity. :)


@14 & @16 Major Beergut: Take off that ridiculous MAGA cap before your head caves in.


"Today I went to Paradise, California to see the damage inflicted less than a year ago by the devastating, climate change-fueled Camp Fire that destroyed 14,000 homes and killed 85 people.

What I saw there made clear that unless we take major action to combat climate change, what happened in Paradise will continue to happen all across the country and the planet.

Make no mistake about it. The climate crisis that we face today is similar to the enormous challenges faced by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1941, when the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor.

Faced with battling a world war on two fronts – both in the East and the West – the United States came together, and within three short years restructured the entire economy in order to win the war and defeat fascism.

As a nation and as a planet, let us stand together and boldly embrace the moral imperative of addressing the climate crisis and mobilize the political will necessary to make massive investments in sustainable energy, energy efficiency, and a transformation of our transportation system.

A Bernie Sanders administration will eliminate all of the fossil fuel industry's tax breaks. We will use that revenue to make massive investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Make no mistake about it. What the executives of Exxon Mobil and other fossil fuel executives are doing is exactly what the tobacco industry did when it lied about the health risks associated with smoking — conduct that led to federal racketeering convictions.

That is unacceptable. When I am president, I will appoint an Attorney General who will finally hold the executives at Exxon Mobil and other fossil fuel companies accountable for their criminal behavior."

--United States Senator Bernie Sanders (Ind, VT)

We should probably stop thinking like Corps are always gonna Rule us,

and maybe take OUR Turn. I'm ready.


No 21, the South is dirt poor.

Using reparations to sell your campaign, however, is a one-time play(I very, very strongly doubt the sincerity of nearly all politicians) that, in combination with flipping the game of Life off of the table, is going to alienate nearly everyone who isn’t pissed off that their parents no longer buy all of their shit.

And what happens when people learn that, even if you have $5,000, you’re still poor?


@24.....You seem to forget that Bernie Sanders is not exactly welcome in this town; remember that last time he visited Seattle.


@26 What a weird tweet, unless of course there is something I don't know about in which case I'd like to hear it.

Last time he visited Seattle, he had crowds about the same size as this one for Liz. If you mean when BLM shut him down, that is what grassroots activism is- disruption until you make people in power pay attention to your demands and use whatever influence you have with them to force them to change. Do you think the left is going to stop putting pressure on power if Bernie wins? Absolutely not. He's the best we have and the only person with a strategy to use unions and grassroots disruption to force change, and for that reason, most of the left supports him. But - as much as libs love to pretend we think of him as a messiah- actually the left (the unions, the grassroots orgs, BLM chapters, etc) are quite critical of him. But because he's from this same world, he is responsive to criticism.

Two of the biggest complaints the wider left had with him in 16 was his lack of attention to issues of racial justice and his iffy record on imperialism. And since then, through grassroots activism and disruption, he has been moved left on both these issues- he listened and responded. Note he did let BLM say what they needed to say, met with them later, and has been campaigning with them since, after widening his platform and responding to the issues they raised. Likewise, he's done the same with imperialism- introducing the bills against the war in Yemen, trying to invoke the War Powers Resolution, leading the fight against weapons sales to KSA, etc. This is what politics should look like.

Now if you are talking about something else that happened in Seattle that I don't know about, then please educate me. I'm not from there.


@26 - I was there. Well, I was at Seattle Center.

I got there two hours early and the line was about a couple hundered or so. But when they'd filled the Coliseum, there were 10- or 15,000 still outside; lined up; Bernie spoke to them first and when he finally got there, the love people had for him was electric -- here's a guy who's gonna put Citizens before Corporations; the battle against unfetterd Capitalism might, it seemed, just be Winnable. Imagine, Healthcare a human right. A livable wage, a human right. The right to a habitable Planet, a Human Right.

The energy Bernie generated was like nothing I'd ever seen.

No wonder they elected FDR four fucking times.
But, like Bernie says, it a Movement, not a man.
Elizabeth and he'd make a Awesome fucking Team.



You're assuming they have any principles to be inconsistent about - from my perspective they have none; unless contrariness for its own sake counts for anything.


I still think that the Bernie sabotage was a set up by the Hillary people to knock him out of thr race. The BLM people were probably promised six figure sinecure jobs for their effort; unfortunately for them Hillary lost the election.


@25 Here's an anecdote for you sharp guy: a few years ago a study was done in the Boston area, surveying household wealth. They found that average household wealth for white families was somewhere around 240,000 dollars. Black families: 8 dollars! 8 dollars! Tell me about the 'game of life' numbnuts. Anyone who is paying attention knows it is stacked against minorities first, the poor in general second. And no one, aside from self-help guru what's her name, has a specific plan for cutting checks to any and all people of color. Discussing reparations, studying the issue, is a perfectly reasonable position, except to white guys whose primary motivating force is racial grievance.


I live in the ivory tower, Rhizome, although I’ve spent, day, nine months in Hawthorne and Bed-Stuy, pre-gentrification.

Fuck these cunts demanding a free leg up in the employment market, in loan rates, in insurance, and every other “good citizen” metric China is attempting to implement.

I’m not against free school going forward, and fuck, it’s been implemented in fucking Tennessee.

But not in this life.

No fucking way.



Here's some economics (Science!) for you, Missy;
when you start having kids at 14 and skip the HS diploma and husband you are going to be poor, your kids are going to be poor, you aren't going to accumulate or hand down any wealth.
When you are the fourth generation of that lifestyle choice you are screwed.
It doesn't matter what color your skin is.

Flip side;
if you get married and finish school before you have your kids, and stay married, you are going to stay out of poverty and probably accumulate a little.
Three of four generations of that and you might even build up a little nest egg.
It won't matter what color your skin is, either.


Thanks for the 'economics' lesson bruh! Hey how is it that you have endless amount of time to generate a new account on here for every comment? Are you one of those freeloaders who is still living in his mommy's basement at 35? I want to know if my tax dollars are subsidizing your Pornhub membership!


It’s Bernie or we get Trump for another 4 years and I’m not looking forward to the Democrats blaming everyone but themselves for their monumental loss to the Republican they purposely propped up because they thought he’d be easy to beat.

Best case scenario if it’s not Bernie, we get one of the centrists (and I include Warren who’s making it clear to the party elites that nothing will fundamentally change for them) who turns their back on the people again and we end up with someone far worse on 2024 with no m4a, and not a single advancement towards mitigating the inevitable disaster that is climate change.

Look at the Dem leaders now, just as we are all starting to pay attention to this election cycle, capitulating to their wealthy donors on these very issues, and doing everything they can to derail progressive primary challengers for the benefit of the candidates bought by corporations.

Seattleites are the standard barriers for progressive chops. So please, don’t let us down by settling for Warren. She doesn’t have what it takes to get shit done in DC—a movement backed by the people.

NotMeUs #FeelTheBern

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