The Future of Tacoma's LNG Plant Hangs in the Balance Today



Yep, a LNG plant build specifically to wean ships off of bunker fuel and diesel. Better stop that.

Maybe we should start canoeing products to Asia and visa versa?


Is this the same Puyallup tribe that's expanding their casino along I5 with a massive new parking garage, double the size of their previous huge parking garage, that will have space for more than 2,500 vehicles? A $350 million project featuring a sprawling 110,000-square-foot casino, 2,000-seat event center, buffet, and sports bar. One has to wonder what the carbon foot print on that car-centric monster will be over the next few decades.


I guess none of those natives will be applying for all those $$ construction jobs. Or. jobs at the plant when it's done.