With the police able to potentially watch my every move Ive never felt safer!
With the police able to potentially watch my every move, I've never felt safer! Denniro/Getty Images

The mill is on fire! The old Snohomish lumber mill caught fire at around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. The Department of Ecology had to get its ass over there because the contents of the mill weren't lumber. Do you have any guesses what was in there? You won't get it. But, seriously, try for a second. It was filled with... wait for it... mattresses and computers! The mill was destroyed.

Teachers approved their new contract: Some called it the best contract they'd ever seen. They voted Tuesday night, and 80 percent voted yes. While the contract didn't address some concerns like adding new counselors and nurses, salaries will go up 11.1 percent over three years. That will put Seattle Public School teachers' salaries between $63,000 and $124,000. Maybe I should consider a career change. For the kids, of course.

A bold move: A Spokane woman has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a car dealership employee during a test drive. In a Kia Optima.

Seen a coyote recently?: Now you don't have to talk about it just on Nextdoor. The Woodland Park Zoo wants to see your carnivore pics. Naughty, right? Be it coyotes or raccoons, bobcats or river otters, file your pictures, videos, and audio here to add to the web of wildlife living among us. The zoo is attempting to create a cohesive map so they can see trends in wildlife habits and behaviors. It's also a fun map to look at even if you have nothing to post.

I guess Trump heard about Elizabeth Warren's Seattle rally: There were around 15,000 people at the Seattle Center for Warren's speech on Sunday. Your insecurities are showing, Donald.

Britain's Trump has just flipped the off switch on Parliament: Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend Parliament in September through mid-October. It would put them out of session at a critical moment. The Brexit deadline is October 31. Members of Parliament believe the move is meant to stifle debate around Brexit and force through a "no-deal" plan by the deadline. That would essentially be like Trump shutting down Congress. The Queen has agreed to suspend Parliament.

Get ready for some heat, Seattle: A real beach day.

Dorian comes knocking: The storm will be at hurricane strength by the time it makes landfall on Puerto Rico later today.

Your Ring camera is contributing to our surveillance state hell, Janice: The new neighborhood watch is your neighbor's doorbell camera that the company (Ring) gave the local police department access to. More than 400 police forces have partnered with Ring and can request to tap into what's happening in the Jones's front yard. While the police can't see live updates, they can automatically request footage from specific dates and times. This may sound well and good to the paranoid homeowner in your life, but these cameras are an invasion of privacy and a potential civil liberty threat, and they may target innocent people. After all, the cameras can help feed into racial profiling depending on who the users consider "suspicious." Amazon owns Ring.

Scientists scramble to save the northern white rhino: There are only two northern white rhinos left in the world, and they're a mother and daughter. I'm no biologist but... by my count, that doesn't bode well for the survival of the species. Scientists, however, were able to successfully fertilize the rhinos' eggs with the frozen sperm of male rhinos before they died. They tugged ’em off to save the species, eh? There's hope now, but critics wonder if all of this effort is even worth it.

15-year-old tennis wunderkind is in the US Open: Coco Gauff beat Anastasia Potapova in three sets.

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Hasbro just acquired Death Row Records: The children's toy company that owns the rights to Mr. Potato Head and the show Peppa Pig just purchased Entertainment One. Under that umbrella is the music label that reps Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur. Death Row Records is now owned by Hasbro. I cannot wait to see Peppa's next album.

Happy Wednesday: My mom sent me this video to share.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: Closing night of Seattle Opera's Rigoletto, a night of dusty Americana with Molly Burch, and Dungeons & Drag Queens Versus the Lizard People!