Carnival Row Is the Steampunk Faerie Mystery Romance (Some of) You Have Been Waiting For



I'm very curious about this show.

I've long loved the visual aesthetic of Steampunk. I can't really explain why, but I do. I love the Victorian/Edwardian era costuming, mashed with a bit of fantasy and mechanism. Sadly, most of the Steampunk novels I've read are silly garbage. For some reason, the visual aesthetic I love doesn't seem to translate well to the page. Or at least it hasn't been tackled well by many skilled writers.

Likewise, so far there hasn't been a really good steampunk movie. Yet. A view valiant attempts, but all flawed. Maybe steampunk just doesn't stand up to much scrutiny, although that can probably be said about most fantasy. You seem to be implying that Carnival Row has its flaws too. I'll probably give it a watch, fingers crossed.