Lizzo Cancels Bumbershoot Appearance Due to Sinus Infection



I hope her doctor isn't just throwing antibiotics at her. She'd be much better off using sterile saline solution in a neti pot. The salt kills the infection and there's no risk she'll be immune to antibiotics if she needs them for some other ailment in the future.


Refunds? Doubt it. This could be the infection that kills Bumbershoot.


Thoughts & Prayers™ were just answered for the very first time in history!


yes THANK GOD the popular headliner from a music festival I won’t be attending canceled because i too am an old man who delights in the disappointment of today’s youth because they like things that are new and strange and unappealing to me


i'm not young but I thought Lizzo's headlining performance at Glastonbury (broadcast on BBC) was fuckin great and people said she destroyed at the CH block party too so y'all can suck her jazz flute.


@5 Dad?


@3&4: Lizzo is STILL happy and famous and successful and fat. And you can continue to be petty little babies about it allllll you like but it won't make the tiniest bit of difference. She'll still be happy and famous and successful and fat and will never know or care that the two of you don't want to fuck her.
Have a great weekend!


@9: I refer you to the exchange between them on this morning's Slog AM. :)


Never compare a serious artist with a pop culture phenom. Not until Lizzo sings Tosca for six nights running - or better yet until you've seen Pavarotti in a thong and a bustier just barely containing those big, jiggly tatas singing, "Can Y'all Twerk Likes Dis?"

Get well soon, girl.


It really is too bad because, she will be a memory in short order.