The GOP Is Recruiting Dave Reichert to Run for Governor, but He Likes His Lobbyist Job Too Much to Jump In



There's also Susan Hutchison!


Don't worry, whether Reichert or Hutchison runs, you can be darn sure the Seattle Times (yeech!) will endorse them!


Don't forget, Sheriff Dave also let Gary Ridgeway keep on killing as the Green River Killer, even after interviewing him because a woman had accused him of kidnapping and strangling her which was the Green River Killer's M.O. Reichert had become focused on another suspect and let Ridgeway go. Probably why one of his supervisors at the time called him "...probably the worst detective I've ever worked with". But if he runs for Governor, please don't bring that up- it would probably upset Reichert.


Why is "various clients" in parentheses?


NOOOOO!!!! Jay Inslee Washington State Governor for term #3 in 2020!


I quote Catalina Vel-Du-Ray: "Republicans are horrible people". Agreed and seconded. The GOP repeatedly demonstrates their inability to effectively and legitimately govern, and only continue to do so.


@3 yeah but we got to see him shove some Antifa at WTO so he gets to do nothing and collect 6 figures from boomers.


@4 "various clients" is in quotes (not parentheses, like this is) because it's quoting what passes for a client list on his page on the lobbying firm's site. Clicking on that link might have prevented you from embarrassing yourself. Probably not, though.


Joe Fain refused to repudiate Trump and what Trump was doing to his party. Never forget.


Pretty sure Fain was the only R in the state to consistently repudiate Trump.


There aren't any real republicans left, many moderates abandoned the party years ago when they started opening their tent to white supremacists, religious fanatics, and lobbyists and it seems Trump's pretty much scared the rest of them off.

Good luck to anyone running as a conservative, you'll need to find some miraculous way to get the GOP and Trump stank off but don't worry, that'll only last for another 100 years or so.


(Checks Wikipedia..) I was going suggest Ellen Craswell, but I see she's long passed on.


Thanks for the PSA, @3.
It's Good for the Citizenry
to know what the fuck.

Never too damn late, geo!
If it's gonna be a beauty contest
between her and Sherrif Dave,
I'm pullin' for Ellen!
2020 or Bust!


How many years did it take him to track down the Green River Killer; and the Republicans think this guy is a leader?


@11 RickFromTexas: At this point I consider RepubliKKKans the grotesque mutation of toxic, orange radioactive waste. The stank of the GOP would take 50,000,000 years to fully decay into anything remotely harmless. Let the cowardly shitholes left in the Mein Trumpfy / Mein Pencey Administration desert their stinking ship of fools. Death to the GOP. MAGAs deserve what they brought on.


@14 -- "How many years did it take him [sherriff dave] to track down the Green River Killer?"

Track down?
You mean, Catch and Release?
Decades, I believe.

Mellow Muffy: "why would anyone sane try to BE anything but a progressive Dem in this state?"

There. Fixed it for ya.


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