Slog PM: Reichert Isn't Running, North Carolina Has Two Weeks to Redraw Its Legislative Districts, a New Pike/Pine Corridor Superblock?



Dino Rossi? Maybe running again?
Yeech! This worse than creamed spinach 5 days in a row. And I like vegetables!


Boris Johnson = the Donald Jackass Trump of Brexit. And he blubbers like a baby, folks!
Who'da thunk?
I wonder how many currently active service members, reservists, and their dependents who ecstatically voted for Donald Jackass Trump now wish they hadn't.
What a relief the Dave "Free Gary Ridgeway---because I said so!" Reichert ISN'T running for Governor after all. Washington State has enough RepubliKKKan created diarrhea problems.


@1 pat L: Ohhhh, SHIT! I forgot about egg-sucking, woman-groping Four Time LOSER, Dino "Mafia Don" Rossi! Can't somebody just innocently run Dino off a cliff and make it look like an accident? This is further proof that the RepubliKKKan Party of None produces nothing but a gross overabundance of diarrhea problems (5 days' worth of creamed spinach?! I second your Yeech!).


Boris Johnson isn’t stupid like Trump. He’s a delusional narcissist insane for power like Trump. He almost started to believe the Brexit bullshit. And now he’s stuck defending the lies. And those lies have consequences. His party knows it they let the lunatic fringe in with no-nothing racists like Nigel Farage in order to get a majority, not thinking in a million years Brexit would actually pass and that three decades of xenophobic propaganda would come back to bite them. I’ve been back six times since Brexit. And what was smug revanchist posturing has turned to palpable fear as the country slowly undstands what they’ve wrought. That the EU doesn’t need them. That the financial sector has pulled up stakes. That major companies are moving to the continent. That no-deal will devastate their pathetic little island of talentless uneducated rural dipshits who produce nothing the world wants. May couldn’t get out that cluster fuck fast enough. It saddens me. Angers me. And, of course, inconveniences me. But like America these cretinous fucksticks deserve everything they get and our only consolation is the perverse pleasure of watching the suicidal mouth breathing twats reap what they sew.


@4 ProfessorHistory: That really is sad about the U.K. If Boris is smart, he'll join May and jump that sinking ship while he still can. What I cannot understand is how much Trumpist xenophobic propaganda bullshit the British government has bought (i.e.: Brexit and its dire economic consequences). As for financial stakes---doesn't China own everything now? Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is hysterically laughing his ass off....


It's up to the Republicans to find a good candidate for governor. It's actually somewhat helpful that they keep running the same familiar losers. If I had to predict I'd say Matt Shea is a shoo-in for the nomination.

I think Disney not doing binge watching is more down to their executives lack of knowledge about streaming. Remember when David Lynch wanted to recapture the magic of Twin Peaks going out weekly or whatever? Some of these people are just old.


@4 Oh come on. Boris is a true believer in Brexit not a recent convert.


Even if Britain stays in the EU, the union dead as a dodo. No more new members (Turkey? Ha!). More countries scuttling the €uro as they realize the value of their currency will be based on the productivity of a Greek bureaucrat who retires at 55. Everyone still in the EU is tightening immigration, the Danes have gone back to hard borders with Germany, the Italians are fed up.

Bye-bye European superstate and laws being made by bureaucrats in Brussels.


@8 HAHAHAHA. Jesus Christ. You honestly have no idea what you’re talking about, do you? You gleen this nonsense from some Trumpist subreddit made up of other trolling dipshit shut-ins who’ve never been anywhere or done anything. Though sometimes you are good for a laugh, admittedly. This one in particular.


"... DonaldTrump is willing to cannibalize already allocated military funding to boost his own ego, and for a wall he promised Mexico would pay to build."

Or, he could use all the money he saved BY NOT GIVING US THE FUCKING HEALTHCARE HE FUCKING PROMISED TO GIVE US. That's gotta be many many BILLION$ he saved, right there, right?

OR -- that TRILLION AND A HALF DOLLAR Tax Cut he gave to the Rich --
that'd surely pay for it, wouldn't it?

What a fucking Losing fucking Liar.
Thanks, Republicans!

Way to Support the Troops!
Did your vote for trumpf come with a
Support the Troops bumpersticker?


If so many people would stop moving here in tidal waves (razing single family neighborhoods for high-density condos at $2 million a pop doesn't help, either), maybe Seattle's / King County's newly declared worst traffic congestion status via KOMO news would ease up. I largely blame U.S. News and World Report for declaring Washington State officially "The Best Place to Live" nationwide. Otherwise, I'm grateful not to have to use I-5.


@10 kristofarian: I know, right? Luckily, this U.S. Navy Gulf War veteran knew to wisely vote for HILLARY CLINTON in 2016. And I'd proudly do it again. She was our only choice for #45.


@10 don’t forget, Trump, the champion of the mighty market and capitalist freedom impotently attempting to order thousands of private US companies from doing business in China. And the GOP nervously nodding along while making frantic cold sweat calls to corporate donors assuring them they can ignore the squealing angry carrot in-Chief.

But my favorite moment from today’s news was the Pound skidding into the toilet the all morning but then hitting the ceiling the very second Tory MP Phillip Lee defected into his Liberal seat. The. Very. Second. If that wasn’t an indictment enough of the Brexiters and Johnson’s lamentable contemptible disaster, Theresa May literally laughing on video over the news was.


1) Republicans are horrible people.

2) the Capitol Hill superblock thing sounds like a horrible idea, at least from a congestion standpoint. The city has already made Broadway a nightmare, now they want to create some dumb artsy European thing in the middle of three main E-W arterials between downtown and the CD? Get ready for more car diverting onto the side streets. I know that in some future utopia we are all supposed to be riding bikes or something, but Seattle needs to realize that you cannot reverse a century of cultural messaging that tells people they need to define their self-worth by what sort of car they drive. We need effective traffic flow.


@14 Catalina Vel-DuRay: There you are, Catalina! I missed you.
How spot on right you are on 1) and 2).


@14 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Broadway is as bad as the Mercer Mess? That is truly depressing.


Yeahhh, Barcelona has the advantage that it was built from scratch in the 19th century with basically that exact thing in mind, i.e. a repeating geometric pattern of arterials surrounding what would have originally been pedestrian-only streets. Imposing a similar scheme on a city that grew organically and mostly in the age of cars is going to be harder. Salt Lake City also has a splendid pre-automobile grid system; maybe someone should pitch the idea there!


@6 The weekly release isn’t an old man thing, it’s to reduce subscriber churn. If you only like a couple of the shows you can subscribe, binge them then decamp until the next thing you like comes on. They want you subscribing all year and not just the months they release something popular.


Binging vs. weekly release. What difference does it make? Does it cost more to release all episodes at once? Is it a back end resource issue?

Otherwise, WTF? Since, I'll likely never (as in, I will when hell freezes over) subscribe to anything from Disney, not caring how it's going to parse its programming.


@18 If you've got a family, you don't get to streaming surf the way you describe. Not if you don't want to get constant shit. Kids aren't flexible . . . at all.

Nah, what you describe is likely common mostly with Millennials who don't have families.


Brexit really proves that the Left doesn't really like popular votes when it doesn't go their way. But the left really are the worst kind of people


@21 Nobody likes votes that don't got their own way - look at how graciously Republicans didn't accept the passage of the PP/ACA (60 votes in the senate - doesn't get more legit than that!). And how they didn't scamper right out to help with its implementation. They fight it tooth and nail to this day.

Politics is a never ending struggle. Nothing is ever resolved.


Doesn’t say much for the right that they can’t get their shit together and follow through on their popular mandate to leave the eu but of course they sold their country on a pack of lies and now they’re fucked. When shutting down the government and letting the country drive into a brick wall is your leader’s first choice things are looking pretty bleak.


Seattle Driving is Dead:

Take Transit or bike, walk, scooter!



Well, it's pretty clear that quite a few Brits who originally voted in favor of Brexit are now having serious second-thoughts, particularly given they now recognize the Conservatives not only sold them a bill of goods, but have squandered any chances for a deal that won't end in their economy spiraling down the plug-hole. And add to that all the young people who weren't old enough to vote back in 2016, who adamantly oppose leaving the EU. The simple truth is that if a similar vote were held today it wouldn't pass.


@25 Yes, that should be the standard for all elections. I say let's go back to 1960 when dead people in Chicago helped elect Kennedy and I wasn't born yet and couldn't vote for Checkers the dog.


"Should part of the Pike/Pine corridor transform into a "superille"?"
YES. Like a decade ago, yes. Good lord, I can't believe it's taken this long.
With all due respect to Ms. Vel-duRay, this is a Very Good Thing. I suspect only Pike will be closed to traffic, while Union & Pine remain open (esp. to buses)
@14 - We need less cars. There's this funny climate change thing happening & cars aren't helping.


I'm ALL-IN for
Some Guy Named Kevin, 2020



See, that's the difference between conservatrolls like you Feebs, and the rest of us - you're always wanting to go backwards and we're always wanting to go forward...


It's Mrs Vel-DuRay, treacle dear.

If they want to close a few blocks of Pine, like some 1970's "pedestrian mall", that's the city's prerogative. We'll see how long it lasts. Who knows? Maybe it will be a success.

And while I very much agree that we need less cars, the City of Seattle will not be able to accomplish that, especially if the current trend of affluence continues. Indeed, if one had the money, one would be wise to start investing in parking garages, as the monied interests are currently doing with storage units.