Some Business Owners Really Don't Want to Pay People for Working Overtime



So inspirational with her boot-strapping self pep talk.


That's right it's all about her and how entitled/selfish she is. entrepreneurs is an interesting word we try to make it sound like they're amazing people spreading their wealth around trying to ensure that everyone has a chance.

That is a cruel joke pretending to be better than everyone else while you still have more money than most people can even comprehend.

I cannot honestly understand what it's like to have a million dollars and I never will; I don't think it would change my life either.

P.S. If we really wanted to stop the revolving door on recessions we could just mandate equal pay between owners and workers and then workers would have more than enough money to buy everything the owners would want to sell.

They don't want that because then they would not be better than you. That is the real problem when someone thinks they are better than someone else because of their DNA or color of their skin.


Conservatives: People are poor because they're lazy and unmotivated.

Everyone Else: One good way to motivate people is to pay them more -

Conservatives: If you pay them more, they'll just get lazy - er. Lazier! Also, what about MY profit-margins, huh? Why are you always thinking about yourselves?



Financial planning experts will tell you that if you don't have at least an aggregate $1 mm in savings, investments, and Social Security payouts by the time you're ready to retire you're probably going to struggle through your so-called "golden years", especially now that people are living longer. So basically, everybody NEEDS to be a millionaire by the time they hit their late 60's or else it's three squares (although more likely two) of cat food a day from there on out. In other words, becoming a millionaire isn't a luxury anymore, it's a necessity if you want to have even a marginally sustainable post-employment life.


Remember, in the fascist state, arts are only to be provided by the plutarchs supporting arts that support the ruling state, not open to the poor who want to be artists.

If you pay people, how can they be exploited as baristas and performance artists? Next thing you know, they'll think their opinions matter and they should have an equal voice.


Baronelle Stutzmann could always take a second job flipping burgers at McDonald's if she needed "extra money" (she still lives with her parents, right? So she ought to do okay. That's what Republikkkans keep telling everybody). Or-- how about Stutzmann working an additional position delivering the Daily Gazette and / or washing dishes at Denny's?
Here's a better idea: Baronelle's obviously overworked and underpaid employees can always quit Arlene's Flowers for something better.
@4 & @5 COMTE for the WIN.
@7 Stop snorting nitrous oxide, laughing boy. Settle down and take a nap already.
I think the overdose of triglycerides your mom put in your SuperFriends lunchbox hit you a little too hard today. How was remedial?


I am really, really skeptical that a flower shop has salaried employees that are salaried for any reason other than evading overtime rules. Or any of the other reactionary tiny business owners who usually bitch about this kind of stuff.

The rule change is a step in the right direction, but realistically what's going to happen for most workers is their salary is going to get cut to make it so they're making the same as before. (That exact thing happened to me and all my coworkers at a company I worked for in another state.) They really just need to crack down on salaried positions in general. They're rarely actually justified by any actual business need other than screwing employees over.


It's worth noting that the tech crew of the 5th Ave and PNB are unionized, get daily overtime (as well as weekly overtime during hours overages), and have their wages increased in line with inflation every year (in addition to a host of other benefits that vary between organizations). If the office staff of those same organizations want to get a better deal, I suggest they unionize like the stagehands had the good sense to.


Funny how my comment bbout Bernie Sanders not willing to pay his workers more for overtime but laying them off instead, got erased. :). To be expected. Just like Sanders, the left are hypocrites. All for min wage raise, but when their money is on the line, all of a sudden they believe in free market and supply/demand. Lol. Pathetic. But I guess truth doesn't matter when you are a leftist churnalist rag like The Stranger. Narrative over facts. Well, keep on churnin'!


Interesting that the arts non-profits are also in on this. I thought with profit out of the equation they would treat the employees better - I guess not.


@11 - If the consumer is unable to pay a price for goods and services that pays the workers a livable wage, then there is perhaps a broken business model. If everyone is required to pay a livable wage, then prices for that service will go up in that market more or less uniformly, and if it is a good or service the customer actually wants, they will indeed pay the higher price... Or the market of the good or service never really existed anyway.

Don't blame modern day slavery on the customers. Blame it on the foremen.


"... she [Republican biz "genius"] compared the minimum wage to 'shackles,' and said other countries 'in the western world' without minimum wage laws were 'freer than us.'"

Freeer to steal other's hard-earned fruits of their labor which is what I think she meant.

Speaking of "shackles" -- when will our Maximun Wage Law take effect?
We were quite Prosperous under a 90% tax rate -- until Ronney Raygun freed the rich from their fair share of the tax burden.

Corps, too, who used to pay 33% of all taxes.
Now we have guys like Amazon who pay Zilch.

Bring back the Maximum Wage before we're all dirt broke and homeless
with 5,000 Billionaires safely ensconsed / well isolated from any riff raff in a few Gated Communities. Maybe you can get a job keeping other people away? Do you enjoy working "weekends" and perhaps the odd "second shift" "occassionally"?


"Otherwise, send a letter written in your own sweat to:"

Thanks for that link, Rich!
Keep 'em cummin'!


@13: Wow. So much word salad for nothing to say. Remedial isn't helping much, is it?


There is nothing more nauseating than listening to the privileged class lecture the poor about their nobility and suffering. Well-off people who have never been at the bottom of the barrel have NO IDEA what it is like to exist in a bare room with no money for food, a mattress on the floor and no sheets, nowhere to go with no money, very few clothes, can't afford to do laundry, don't have money for the bus, worried about paying the electric bill. I've been absolutely flat broke and homeless and those smug SOBs with their fucking lectures can kiss my ass. Pay people for their goddam work! You smug bastards will be amazed at how much more productive and positive people are when they can afford to eat and take the fucking bus.