Chong the Nomad wings it.
Chong the Nomad wings it. Brian Oh

Chong the Nomad, "Non-Stop" (self-released)

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Every so often, great music arises out of what some MBA types might call "corporate synergy." Case in point is a new song by Seattle producer Chong the Nomad, "Non-Stop." The piece resulted from a meeting between creative agency TBWA\Singapore and Singapore Airlines, which concocted a campaign—"Seattle Sounds Even Better Now"—to hail the airline's first non-stop route from Singapore to Seattle with the release of a track featuring sounds derived from the Airbus A350. (You must see this making-of video to witness the ingenuity with which Chong the Nomad [aka Alda Agustiano] constructs the final product.)

"Non-Stop" is a new kind of musique concrète: the first track made out of sounds strictly sourced from an airplane. The result is a sprightly, quirky dance joint abounding with all sorts of unusual textures. It reminds me of Cornelius, Nobukazu Takemura, and Mouse on Mars—all purveyors of inventive rhythmic music in the '90s and '00s. That Agustiano could organize these disparate, non-musical building blocks (wheels, trays, seat belts, carbonated beverages, etc.) into something so charming and emotive is a testament to her extraordinary creative resourcefulness. Check it out below.