Slog PM: Beto Takes the Bus, Seattle Loves 'Stache, Has the Blob Returned to Kill?



If they wanted to lower the carbon footprint, he shouldn't have created an extra trip for a bus that gets somewhere south of 3 miles per gallon.


Isn't taking the train the lowest carbon option from New York to Boston?

@1 -- You have to factor in how many people ride in the bus. (I also think most buses get better than 3 miles per gallon on the freeway).


Oh hey... A fellow blob, how fun!!! Some backstory on that moniker, since I know you're all just aching to know...

I'm a big Larry David/Seinfeld fan. Always got a kick outta that throwaway scene in which Jerry compares Elaine's deteriorating friendly relationship with her neighbor to the Blob's existential need for consumption. I even decided to see if I could find a copy of said movie for reference. Turns out was super easy!
How is it you might ask?!? Turns out not very good at all, real bad even! Awful pacing, utterly pointless scenes that drag on eternally; characters, plot twists and themes that get abruptly introduced, then just as quickly abandoned never to be revisited... And obviously this would've all been tolerable had I at least gotten some corny ass, so bad they're good special effects, but even these were precious few & far between. Maybe one tolerable scene of the blob engulfing a victim or two, but hardly worth the hour+ long investment.

I give it zero stars. You should check it out!


stupid slog comment preview showed a paragraph break after that URL. If they'd just restore some basic html functionality it'd not be an issue.


@2 you can see how many people are on that bus.


I'd love for the Blob to kill off all RepubliKKKans, starting with Donald Jackass Trump, Dence Mike Pence, Babyface Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Mooch McDumbbell, and Trump campaign financier, Shithole of Wall Street Mercer.
@3 mike blob: I remember the movie, although I never actually sat through all of it.


So..... From whence came all of my fellow sloggers funny/interesting/boring/sad/irreverent monikers!?! Hopefully they're a good deal more note worthy than blob's backstory (granted that's a pretty low bar to cross!)

[404 troll should feel free to disregard, lest he break the slog]



It's genuinely and objectively terrible, but also pretty interesting to provide some context as to just how ripe and raw the cinematic horror scene was in 1958 when it came out.



My moniker came from a third rate fantasy novel trilogy. The name of some random and easily forgettable enemy of the likewise easily forgettable protagonists.

But it was untaken at the time of registration so that's really what drove it. Urgutha Forka was around #140 on the list of user names I initially tried to register



The only other moniker whose origin I know for sure was 5280 (RIP, jagermeister shots to whomever remembers him) who, of course, was a long time Denver, CO native... the mile high city... 5,280 feet above sea level.


Turns out altering federal weather data is a felony. Is anybody keeping count? I've lost track.


@8 mike blob: My one favorite horror film / novel based on anything from 1958 is Christine, Stephen King's tale (made into a 1983 film directed by Halloween's John Carpenter) about the demonically possessed 1958 red on white Plymouth Fury that springs literally into automotive life claiming victims--particularly enemies of Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon), a teenager at Libertyville High School who initially catches sight of the car on an abandoned lot and falls for her. The novel itself reads to me like a bullied male version of KIng's earlier novel, Carrie.


@13, 3 MPG would be more like a city bus that's doing nothing but starting and stopping. Intercity buses usually get at least in the high single digits on the highway, some of the modern ones even see the low teens. Since intercity buses are more likely to be crammed full of people when they're not being commandeered for photo ops, they get crazy good miles per gallon per passenger numbers.


@2 actually, I was interested. Until a year or two ago, my guess was that you were actually a semi-prominent Seattleite making a play on his own actual name. Then I met him, and immediately dropped that theory.

That's not a game I'm interested in promoting, anyway; I know I wouldn't want someone guessing my real identity. The only commenters here whose real-life names I know are Will in Seattle and SLOG emeriti Fnarf and TVDinner. The first two are common knowledge, and when it comes to the third my lips are sealed.


I created my name in the mid-1990s when AOL allowed users to have 5 screen names per account. My friend had an account and let me create a screen name.

The Eternal September had polluted nearly every established USENET newsgroup with new-to-the-Internet idiot users, many of whom were there to figure out how to uudecode a picture of Alyssa Milano nude or something. It seemed that most AOL users were adding to threads with nothing but "me too" or "yeah me too!"

It wasn't my first login or email address, but it is my longest lasting, and I used it when thestranger started allowing/requiring registration.


I know global warming is getting bad, but THE OCEAN IS ON FIRE?!