"Trust in the media is exceedingly low right now. A 2018 poll by the Knight Foundation found that nearly 70 percent of adults in the U.S. say that their trust in the news media has decreased in the past 10 years... When people stop trusting the media, our common understanding of what is true and what is not dissolves, which allows charlatans and demagogues like Donald Trump to step in and disseminate his own fucked up, self-serving version of the truth."

I agree, while also noting the irony that Slog is one of the worst-edited news outlets ever.


Ha! Nice pick-up! I missed that entirely.

But may I say, Erica Jong is no feminist icon, except in a soi-disant kind of way.


"Trust in the media is exceedingly low right now..."

@1 I came in to say exactly that.

And Herzog's credulous Enlightened Centrist schtick with their logical fallacy parades contribute in excess to this trust gap. At least locally.


This reminds me of that time a reporter from the stranger asked andy ngo in earnest if he was a nazi because people were accusing him of being in the sack with the proud boys and patriot prayer, and then the reporter accepted his denial at face value while treating the accusation as absurd because andy ngo is a gay asian son of immigrants, and then the reporter never acknowledged the error when it was conclusively revealed that andy ngo is in the sack with the proud boys and patriot prayer, leaving readers to question the reporter’s judgment and due diligence.

It’s hard to blame people for distrusting the media because the media never own their mistakes and are never held accountable when they fuck up.


hey katie, speaking of media credibility i’ve been wondering when your article is coming on the video of andy ngo being present for and laughing about the planning of the cider riot attack. any updates?


@4 @5 that article's been written, and yes, the allegations start and end with "Andy Ngo was standing there staring at his phone". But apparently that's a worse crime than actually assaulting someone . Seriously, unfuck yourselves, brothers.




Magical thinking is all the rage these days.


6, What does andy ngo’s assault have to do with anything? He was standing by as patriot prayer were planning an assault and omitted this from his reporting on the event. If that’s not obvious enough for you, the race science / phrenology blog quilette dumped him within hours of the report because he violated whatever middling standards they have. He is a hack, much like the self-identified “journalist” who asked him if he’s a nazi. Btw, little known fact: you can call out a propagandist without excusing or defending the people who assaulted him.

Anyway i just read the dms in question and literally the very first thing williamson does is insult molly jeong to her mom. This is getting embarrassing.


This might be the WASPiest shitshow I've seen since the reservations system went down at Daniel.


@10 The Boston Straight Pride parade was a WASPy version of Mardi Gras without the tits, which clearly out classes this weird DM debacle and Any Ngo combined.


Somebody said something on Twitter.


@9 go on keep being a dubmfuck bitch


yeah i’ll be sure to do that


I often am forced to roll my eyes at your hot takes Katie, but I appreciate this article. I kinda wish that none of this had happened in public, and that the two women could have had what was essentially a private conversation, well, in private.
I also would hope that you are examining your own tendencies to shape the "truth" in your reporting to fit your own narrative.
Ignoring the first tweet to Jong for example and your credulous acceptance of Ngo's word at face value and subsequent silence when confronted with evidence contrary to what you wanted to be true.
It's a hard job you have, and you're going to make mistakes obviously, but if you believe that media has a trust problem ( and I agree with you, it does) you need to be diligent in your own reporting too.


"... the President they elected likes to distract people from his incompetence and corruption by screaming about "fake news"—but declining trust in the media is a serious problem. When people stop trusting the media, our common understanding of what is true and what is not dissolves, which allows charlatans and demagogues like Donald Trump to step in and disseminate his own fucked up, self-serving version of the truth." --Katie

I concur. The Fourth Estate is fucking Vital to an informed Citizenry.

Without it, we're at the mercy of the propagandists,
who can outspend us sixteen different ways.

And with video editing soon comes the ability to make historic revisioning just a matter of cost, who can trust their own lying eyes, these days? 'Specially with a raving mad, cartoon of a "president."


You got two things right, 1) it’s always best to go straight to the source to talk things out. 2) the media doesn’t always get it right.

Just because someone with the platform to share their views and thinks that their decision should be the tell-all for what needs to happen is what keeps America doing the opposite.

I like that Marianne is in the picture and I support her 100%. Her voice has riled people who think they’re mainstream, which is what caused those people who felt like they were on the periphery to want anyone, not in the same old political vein.

Marianne has brought a whole new light to the dreary world of politics and is speaking to a deeper level of consciousness. It’s obvious when people just want to sling mud it’s because they let fear guide their thoughts and not the deeper truth that real change needs to happen.


is she "deliciously wild" or "magically delicious"?


@1 is right. Clean up Slog before you go talking about mistrust of the media. The number of factual errors you guys make is appalling.

And Katie, I think you vastly overestimate the number of people who heard or cared about this story.


herzog SUCKS

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