Slog PM: Vape Panic, Trump Bends the Weather, Boeing Can't Even Keep the Doors on Its Planes



I truly hope he never stops obsessing about this shit.

George W Bush's legacy will no doubt be uniting Americans in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and the squandering of that goodwill in a decades long failure to liberate the Middle East from their corrupt dictatorships, costing millions of innocent lives and trillions of dollars. Obama's will likely be the Affordable Care Act and the ongoing struggle to provide quality, preventative healthcare to millions of impoverished Americans. Trump's will be whether his tweet about a storm was accurate.


trumpfy is a small, bitter man who has no Business being president of a Casino, let alone thee Most Powerful Nation on the fucking Planet. Unless, duh, one wants to Bankrupt America.

Then, who better?


Went to KOMO's link and found the above, plus:

"Boeing 767 bursts into flames, shuts down airport in Ireland"

Also at KOMO -- better Boeing news:
"Boeing to hire hundreds to support grounded Max fleet in Moses Lake"

Boing's greed -- another symptom of Capitalism's unhinged and unbridled madness -- just may be the Death of Capitalism as we know it. Not a Bad Thing, especially if even catastrophic climate change doesn't cause Capitalism to slow the fuck down.

We need to require more Stakeholders on Boeing's Board of Directors.
Union Employees oughtta be First on the List.

Or bust?


"George W Bush's legacy will no doubt be ... the squandering of that goodwill in a decades long failure to liberate the Middle East from their corrupt dictatorships, costing millions of innocent lives and trillions of dollars." Well said, MB.

Oh, and not to mention: all those MILLIONS OF REFUGEES
fleeing the Middle East WHICH the DICK CHENEY
and the boy idiot bush junior fucking Broke.


By all means let's put the folks who are building these shitty disasters on the board.


Thank you, Chase. Typical Trumpian bullshit like this is largely why I avoid Twitter altogether. Jesus Horatio Kee-RIST--WHY hasn't a giant alligator eaten Trumpty Dumpty up and crapped it out already?
I wonder how many citizens of Alabama and the rest of the southeastern U.S. now dealing with Hurricane Dorian, who DIDN'T ecstatically vote for Trumpty Dumpty, rightfully knowing how fucked we'd all be if Trumpty Dumpty ever occupied the White House--and who are now saying "We're fucked." ? Don't count on any help from FEMA, either. Anyone from the New Orleans area who is still dealing with the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005) during the Dubya years, can concur.
@3 kristofarian: Thank you for the reminder, kris. As a concerned Gulf War veteran, I also wonder how many active service members and reservists under Trumpty Dumpty's inept watch on military bases across the U.S. are happy with facing now cancelled building upgrades, government service contracts, once federally approved new hospital facilities and medical services, etc. to pay for Trumpty Dumpty's Useless Waste of a Great Wall instead.


Thanks, Auntie Gee!

Yeah, even the troops're gonna hafta rebel with this
history-revisioning incompetent nincompoop at the switch.
Oops -- forgot Bankrupt.

@5 -- Poofy, you're really gonna blame
Union Workers for the MCAS fracas?

Well I guess you're just as bad as Boeing --
they blamed foreign pilots for not knowing
how to handle the MCAS system that
brought their planes down. Neglecting to mention

So, I guess you're in real 'good company,' there.
Carry on.


"Of all the things you can win an Oscar for, how surprised
are you to win one for acting, Mathew McConnogay?"

Gotta get a new Netflix pass -- that 'Twixt Two Ferns' looks like a Keeper.

THANKS, Chase!


(Even) More Boeing Miscalculations:

"Former Boeing official subpoenaed in 737 MAX probe won’t turn over documents, citing Fifth Amendment protection" --The Seattle Times·(4 hours ago)

Sorry, the Times won't let me in.
You're gonna hafta go it alone.
Good luck!


"The assault case against Mark and Elizabeth Hokoana ... ended in a deadlock after the jury couldn't reach a verdict."

I’m starting to think that not one leftist person in Seattle proper has ever read the statute in Washington state on self-defense. Get woke people!


@1, are you going to share with the class "what specific words in Washington's self-defense laws need to change?" and @10 assuming you're not the same person, what are we supposed to glean from the wording of the statute? Washington doesn't have a duty to retreat, but that still doesn't mean you can use a gun to end a fight you were an active instigator of, which appears to have been at least partially the situation here. The hung jury has more to do with the ambiguity of the facts (exacerbated by the anarchist victim's refusal to participate in the trial) than any particular fine legal point.


11 ANTIFA fascists showed up for a physical confrontation. This couple showed up ready for a physical confrontation. They both got one. Luckily nobody was killed as a result of both contributing their individual amounts of nonsense.

The couple had a lawful right to be there to see the speaker. They had no obligation to retreat. An angry mob of ANTIFA fascists attempting to stop freedom of thought, and the freedom of the exchange of ideas should make everyone think twice about supporting the sorry state of the leftist fascist group think.

The irony of all this, watching ANTIFA members scream Fascist, and White Supremacist at a right-wing person of color isn't lost in all of this.

This hung jury is a win for the natural right to defend yourself, and your loved ones against violent thugs.

If you don't like what a speaker is saying, mind your own fucking business.


14, I suspect 11 would be fine with a law that requires you to stand there, and be murdered in the face of absolute Fascist hate.


@14, um, how are you going to do it? Self defense cases are by their nature inherently subjective; the basic facts of the case are rarely in question, just the motivations of those involved. Unless you're going to make the justified homi statute into a short novel covering every situation the legislature can dream up, you're still going to be relying on a jury to make a completely subjective determination on the reasonableness of someone's actions.

@15, you don't have to stand there, but if you need to use lethal force to get out of a situation you knowingly and actively got yourself into you can expect to be prosecuted for at least some form of manslaughter. The criminal negligence isn't necessarily that you had to shoot your way out, it's that you placed yourself in the situation to begin with.

In this case, the jury simply couldn't agree whether the shooter and her husband were active instigators of the fight or not. I don't see any particular issue related to the statute here.


@17, yes, but actively participating in a street brawl is not legal activity. The issue the jury was hung over was whether the couple were actively participating or not. I don't really see how you could re-write the statute to make things less subjective in this case.


16 The actual victims (the couple) had the lawful right to be there. They purchased tickets to a forum.

I obviously come down on the side that although the couple made some bad decisions they had a lawful right to be at that forum, and a lawful right to defend their life, and limb against grave bodily harm, or death.

It's clear that evening who was exercising their 1st Amendment rights, and who was attempting to stop it.

When you show up to a forum with the intention of intimidating, and attempting to stop others from exercising their freedom, and liberty you set into motion a chain of events that could end in violence.

If someone wants to walk down the street holding a flag, and supporting the patriarchy, mind your own fucking business, and move on. If someone wants to attend a forum where a gay Jewish man is talking about conservative beliefs, mind your own fucking business, and move on.

ANTIFA chooses to infringe on the rights of others to congregate, share ideas, and think whatever it is they choose to think. That's fascism.


One more time - why do all those egregiously over-compensated Boeing dumb asses (oops, I mean executives) still have jobs?


@19, the protesters also had every legal right to be there. The circumstances of the two groups coming into contact is irrelevant insofar as the legality of using lethal force is concerned. It sounds like the exact chain of events leading up to the man pepper spraying the protesters is unclear (it obviously was to the jury) but considering that the couple showed up to the event armed to the teeth having previously stated that they hoped they'd get to use the weapons on the "snowflakes" it seems pretty likely that they were at least equally responsible for starting and escalating the fight as the protesters.

Even in states with explicit "stand your ground" laws, you're not allowed to arm yourself and then go around antagonizing people in hopes that you can create a situation where you can use deadly force on them. There's lots and lots of case law on this, and people get convicted for it all the time. Even with no duty to retreat, you still have a duty not to intentionally escalate conflict when you know you're armed with a deadly weapon and such escalation is likely to lead to loss of life.


@6 - You don't have to avoid Twitter to avoid Trump, unless you follow @realDonaldTrump.


22, No, the man who was shot doesn't have a civil case, especially after this hung jury.

The hung jury favored the accused (victim), not the ANTIFA attacker. It may well have been a not guilty verdict.

Beyond a reasonable doubt. If you aren't found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt then you are not guilty, irregardless of the hung jury or a not guilty verdict.

The reasonableness of her shot met the reasonable persons standard. If it didn't then we would see a guilty verdict.

If the perp did in fact 2 knives on him, and she seen a knife in his hand it's enough for me. If she actually didn't see the knife, which I believe she did, that would be an odd but lucky call on her part.


@701coffee doesn’t understand the jury system. A hung jury means they couldn’t come to a conclusion. As noted by others the specific point on which they hung had nothing to do with any WA statues quoted here. They could face another trial but in this case won’t.

Sure the victims can file a civil suit in the case of a criminal hung jury or even an acquittal. And possibly win. Remember Goldman v. Simpson?

Your legal foo is piss poor. You need to up your game.


@23 Phoebe in Wallingford: Thank you. Believe me, I'm doing everything I can to remain a non-follower of Trumpty Dumpty and look forward to its Great Fall.


I've already spent way too much time trying to discern what @1/@22 means by "TS writers." Anyone have a guess?


25, of course there's a difference. The distinction is moot, particularly in this case considering the outcome of both is the prosecutor deciding not to retry. Either way, whether it is a hung jury, or happen to be not guilty, apparently our legal system is still operating under innocent until proven guilty. They were not proven guilty.

"Your legal foo is piss poor. You need to up your game." Coming from someone who referenced Goldman v. Simpson. I bet you generally have a tough time making a distinction between apples, and oranges.

27, TS=The Stranger. Hello. You do realize you're at The Stranger...


@27 "The Stranger" Writers and Readers.

Not that it helps much; I suspect most SLOG commenters don't read The Stranger.


@21 @22 @25 @28 etc

You guys need to figure out what you're arguing about. From where I'm standing, it looks like you're having a platitude contest on the topic of double jeopardy, but the rules of the game say nobody's allowed to use the term.


Simply saying 'staff writers' is much better.


I've been a regular reader and commenter here for more than a decade. This is the first time I've seen The Stranger abbreviated as "TS."

Phoebe is correct. Doing "better," though, isn't exactly in @28's wheelhouse.


In a major tribute to The New Yorker magazine cartoonist and illustrator, Emily Flake, I offer this excellent quote from the artist, from a classic one-framer:
"Ask me about my break from social media."
Sheer genius!! Bravo, and well done, Emily!


The little Microsoft musical was adorable. Chase Burns, you are a Philistine.


Have you all been sufficiently distracted from the Trump self-dealing on military operations and contracts yet?

Are you amused enough to ignore the Impeachment Hearings?

Then Trump has succeeded.


@35 Will in Seattle: No, I'm just as outraged as you are, and not the least bit amused by Trumpty Dumpty's self-serving schemes. This is one of many reasons why I avoid Twitter; I would be tempted to bust my computer screen looking at that butt-ugly sneering face any more often that I had to.