Sarah Palin's Divorce Raises This Question: Who Are Conservative White Christians Preaching To?



Religion is a scam. It has been a scam for at least 2019 years, but someone who knows something about Egypt will likely say the scam is 5,000 years old. Preaching tribalism and fear of the unknown, mixed in with preaching hope for an afterlife, is the oldest scam in the book.

That the practitioners of this scam are able to engage in the very behavior they preach against probably makes the scam all the sweeter. At a minimum having contempt for one's marks, and showing that contempt by engaging in the behavior one denies to others, helps the people running the scam to do it more effectively.


@1: No, religion is just one manifestation of spirituality. Spirituality is not a scam, so neither is religion. Religions vary in the interoperation of faith and scripture from good to stupid. Of course, there's abundant fodder in the stupid category.


Christianity is what Christians do. Hermeneutics is just a time pass activity.


Charles, you have really whiffed it this time.

The trademark Mudede leap from minor headline to ideology or philosophy trips on the first step, as our hero apparently blanks on the details of the Protestant Reformation. And the Big Point, arrived at after the usual flailing and wandering, points directly back at Himself.

Don't preach to anyone about throwing stones if you live in a glass house, Charles. You yourself have never shown an iota of forgiveness for anyone involved in human interactions which you find ideologically unacceptable.


@4 You're saying more about Joe Biden there than Sarah Palin, of course; I'll take it as an endorsement of Biden.

Sarah Palin was put on the ticket specifically to bolster support for McCain from the religious right. She's not just a Christian fundamentalist, she's a bug-eyed snake-handling Christian fundamentalist. This is considered a political asset in the GOP.


Todd Palin is back on the market? Hot cha-cha. Somebody book me on the next flight to Wasilla....


@9 That romantic weekend might not survive the visits from Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trig, Tripp, Sailor, Atlee, Kyla, and Charlie.


Conservative Christianity was never about morality -- for THEM.

It was always about upholding the patriarchy, sexism and bigotry.


@11 So pretty much the same as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism.......


None of the Falwell stories are actually new for anyone who chooses to read news outside the blue bubble:


Thankfully that little thrill one gets from standing in judgment over the perceived moral failings of others is now available to the religious and secular alike. Don't let your lack of faith stop you, the ranks of the congregation of the Church of Secular Sanctimony are swelling every day! You too can feel the rush of moral superiority as you gleefully cast the first, second, and third stone!

Meetings are primarily held online.


So Todd has finally had enough of Bunny Bootz? Gee, I wonder why.....could it be her alleged literary genius in Going Rogue ? Sarah is indeed, a blank book. Anyone who proudly gives her three year old grandson a 12-gauge rifle for Christmas is just sick--and flakier than her homemade cinnamon rolls. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is laughing his ass off from across the Bering Strait....'Oh look, honey---Russia!'

@9 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I'd have to say pass, but if you can deal with the Palin kids and grandkids, go get him, tigress!


At least she wasn't throwing gays off the tops of buildings like the Left's favorite religion Islam!


A breakup is always hard, especially with kids. So sad.


This is surprising. If you'd asked me a couple of days ago which performatively religious female ex-politician with a thick Minnesota accent (keeping in mind who "settled" Wasilla) was headed for divorce, she wouldn't have been my first pick.


@10 — I just spit coffee all over my phone. Thanks ... I needed a laugh.


@4 yes she was. Video of her being blessed and being protected from witches was pushed hard. Just go back and read the archives at the ADN. Everyone in Alaska knows about her shitty domestic abusing criminal Christian Conservative family.


Hey, say what you will about the Bidens, but Hunter hooking up with his brother's widow was more of a straight-up Old Testament move than anyone mentioned in the article has ever dreamed of making.


Poor Tood's got the PTSD.
I pity the next Fool.

Is Bristle still giving Sex Ed lessons?

Thank you for explaining how how it's so Easy for "christians" to take the Christ outta Christianity, Charles.





I am sorry but most seem to be gloating over this. It’s like “ take that you self righteous Christians. But I will appeal to reason. To often Churchianity gets confused with Christianity. Those of us who are truly Christians no that the wheat and tares grow together. Churchianity is ungodly and unbiblical. It is practiced by Pseudo Christians. They are goats among the sheep. Please realize not all who profess to be Christians are.


Charles, have you been reading “Rules For Radicals” again?

“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

It’s a useful tool for someone living in a world of relative morality.

When will you publish your critique of Ilhan omar’s Divorce? It’s much juicier as far as gossip goes!!!


Conservative Christianity is nothing more than a political support mechanism in this country. Without the baggage of election law oversight. Because, you know, freedom of religion. It's interesting to note that the denominations most involved with political influence are those with a principle of independent local churches with no overseeing governing body (like Catholics have from Rome, for example). This places the power to deliver the congregations' votes in the hands of the local ministers. And makes this the place to make the requisite contributions for those votes as well. If you want to keep that pay envelope to yourself, you make sure that there are no bishops and cardinals that need a cut as well.

As to who they preach to? It's virtue signaling to maintain the facade of an ultimate moral authority. So as to fend off the scrutiny that most other groups are subject to. Never mind that you thought you saw your minister walking out of the male strip club with a twink on his arm. Men of God are by definition righteous. You must have imagined it.


@26...You are right about religion and political support. The Catholic church in particular is all that's left of the old Roman empire. As the empire crumbled the church still plodded along as a sort of sub-government playing at political intrigue and spying on the people at large. The Reformation was merely a revolution within the church"s power structure; revolting against a corrupt system only to replace it with another one. The non-christian churches operate the same way; a tool against the common people.


"Hypochristians", I calls 'em.
Usury is a sin (within one's own in-group at least), or was until Capitalism brainwashtaught us to think we should profit off of EVERYONE, regardless of group status, because..? What, no-one is in your in-group? Rabid individualism much?

That's essentially what's happened. Exchange economy divides people. Well known anthropological observation.
Imagine the insanity of parents actually LOANING MONEY at INTEREST to their OWN children, dividing families, splitting the very generations apart. God, what a horrible world that would be. Hope it never comes to that.

Here's a fun read that Charles might actually appreciate:
..."Christianity and Capitalism: Allies Not Enemies"...
(updated to "Religion", but come on...we know what it's about.)

Capitalism IS a religion at this point. Why do you think they build all their pointy moneytowers so tall up towards God and His Invisible Hand? No one really knows how the economy works anyway, it's all based on faith.


@4: You've got a lot of catching up to do, Kenny. Where have you been since 2008?
@22 kristofarian: re: Christian hypocrisy: Agreed. I know, right? If you had typed Tool instead of either Todd (or Tood) your unintended typo would have been even funnier as well as ironically spot on.
@28 treacle: Yes, indeed. And a blind faith at that.