Alex Pedersen Rides Light Rail—But Only in the Summer



Nevertheless - he remains the best candidate for D4.


Everyone knows Monorail is the only solution.

Monorail with minimal Japanese style stations with one bike/wheelchair elevator, up 2 flights, 2 basic staircases on each side, and a basic rain shelter with lights on the small platforms.

Monorail we can afford. Meanwhile we pay billions for fancy tunnels and fancier bridges when we could just grade separate that way.

But no, you had to have your fancy views.

Views that will be blocked by 2030 by the buildings that are already in the planning stages, as all the economic and climate refugees make a mockery of our 2050 planning by dumping that population here by 2030.

Are you happy?

Next time, realize your future is 40-100 story buildings and stop resisting. Or else rezone back to 6 story MFH citywide. Those are your options.


He needs to drop his kids off? Why aren't they taking the bus?


@1 Why not Scott?


@3 The world has changed a lot since you went to school. Today's parents don't even let their kids play outside unsupervised until age 12, let alone ride a city bus. And eligibility for yellow school bus service isn't what it used to be, either: in Seattle, K-8 has a one-mile walk boundary; for middle and high school you get an Orca card if you're more than two miles out.

Go ahead and grouse about it, by all means, but roughly half of all American parents drive their kids to school these days-- it's the cultural norm now.


pedersen so vague


Scott FTW!! Pederson for the old transit averse fogies. I feel sorry for his kids because like so many parents these days, their dad doesn't trust them to get to school or do much of anything on their own.


I just took a look at the photo gallery on Alex's website. #PedersonSoWhite LOL


Maybe when The Stranger calls out candidates for not adequately supporting light rail, they should point out that they endorsed a Tim Eyman initiative explicitly because The Stranger wanted to cancel light rail. Every time The Stranger runs an article about Link they should apologize for their endorsement of I-776. It's pretty hypocritical to criticize others for something your own paper did to a far greater degree.


We are so close to fighting climate change more successfully, how about implementing more environmentally sound, safer AND sustainable transit options for children going to school as well?
"Get you some of that ol solar travel for them there rugrats ya har. "
Solar travel with electric buses to and from schools would be sustainable, less expensive in the long run for school system, less hazardous on our ever worsening climate issues, among many other benefits that are obvious if you know anything about the cost to keep up those regular school buses.
This is just one idea, but it seems to me that this is something that needs to be thought about the community, city council/legislature, not to mention the entire US and on. Something more sustainable with renewable energy sources for set transportations like that.

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