Do you know why I pulled you over today? No, not for a ticket. To DANCE.
"Do you know why I pulled you over today?" AVID CREATIVE / GETTY IMAGES

Seattle has headache-inducing driving but fewer traffic tickets: Despite constant reports about what a nightmare Seattle drivers are, on the whole, traffic tickets are down 40 percent since 2015, according to Gene Balk at the Seattle Times. That's for stuff like running red lights and whatever "inattention to driving" means. As for speeding? Those tickets went down by half. Distracted driving tickets, however, have gone up. Police rarely write up tickets for drivers violating bus-only lanes since there is nowhere for cars to be pulled over without impeding traffic further. Are police just writing fewer tickets? What are they doing? Making another lip-sync video?

Animal-rights activist accidentally kills 90 baby bunnies: The Spanish activist "rescued" 16 rabbits from a farm. Unbeknownst to her, the rabbits were pregnant or lactating and had around 90 offspring. Those baby bunnies had to be euthanized after being abandoned.

I'm sweating right now: Not because of the weather but because of the weather. I was out yesterday when heaven's floodgates opened and god's tears plunged me, and my backpack, into soggy hell. I was literally drenched in one minute from the downpour. Apparently, it affected my computer or the charger. Which is at a strong 14 percent and wouldn't take a charge for a panic-inducing 10 minutes. It's finally charging and I am typing as best I can without moving the computer. This may not impact your reading experience, but I want you to be able to read with the kind of tension I am feeling at this very moment.

Speaking of rain: It's still happening! The skies keep on crying and, despite how my ordeal yesterday may have come across, I fucking love it. There will be showers throughout the day today but also some sunbreaks if you need a little rest from the wet. Look at how much Everett is thriving!

Oh my god, I take it back: This rain isn't thinking of the kids. Everett High School had to CLOSE because of rampant flooding. An inch of rain fell in one hour in Everett yesterday.

Here, warm your heart:

Sound Transit is trying to do some workshopping right now: This is my favorite thing right now. Since the light-rail tunnel predates Sound Transit's involvement, there are about to be three stops along the current and future line with the word "University" in them (University Street, University of Washington, and the future University District). That's going to be a nightmare, especially for tourists. So they're trying to change the name of the Univesity Street station. There's a whole list of potential names. I like "Symphony" or "Seneca Street." You'll be able to provide input in person!

The Seattle Police Department lost a lip-syncing competition: Look. I gave these lip-syncing cops a whole lot of grief last year. And don't even get me started on the bizarre reality that there was actually a prime-time television slot dedicated to this stale competition. But the Seattle Police Department had the best lip-syncing video out of any police department last year, and I watched a lot of lip-syncing cop videos (for work, not pleasure). The Norfolk Police Department, which did a bland rendition of Bruno Mars's "Uptown Funk" won. There was no pizzazz! No local sheen to the performance! They just won because obviously cops and the American public still tolerate, even enjoy (!), "Uptown Funk."

The winners:

And, just in case you forgot, Seattle's version (which, according to Twitter, came in second place):

Good for him: The UK ambassador who was forced to resign after he called Trump "inept" and "incompetent" is being made a lord.

Happy 9/10:

The CIA has lost one of its best Russian informants: Whew, this story is a ride. So the CIA's top Russian informant was a high-ranking Kremlin official who had regular access to Vladimir Putin. This informant provided key details to the CIA about Russia hacking the US 2016 election including the detail that Putin himself had made the order. But the informant had to be extracted for fear that their position was compromised—partly because the CIA couldn't trust the president to keep the information confidential. Now the CIA is deaf and blind when it comes to the inner workings of the Russian government.

Iranian woman lights herself on fire while facing possible jail sentence for watching a soccer game: The 29-year-old was arrested back in March for trying to enter a soccer stadium to watch a match in Iran. It is illegal for women to watch men play soccer in stadiums in Iran. She served jail time before being released on bail. On September 2, she doused herself in petrol and lit herself on fire in protest. She died on Monday.

Peak UK Parliament drama: Parliament is closed. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has gotten his way and the law-making entity will shutter for five weeks. The normally stuffy and traditional Parliament was thrown into complete disarray last night and into this morning as lawmakers did whatever they could to try to prevent the closure. It didn't work. They have yet to reach a deal when it comes to Brexit proceedings.

Some good news: This cargo ship capsized over the weekend. The US Coast Guard was able to rescue most of the crew except for four remaining men. Finally, as of yesterday, everyone was rescued. Now, to flip that ship back over.

Update for the concerned: My charger and/or my computer dried out. There is hope! We're at 100 percent charge now, baby!

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A reading with Snow Falling on Cedars author David Guterson, a live taping of the wonk-approved Vox: The Weeds Podcast, and Margaret Atwood: Live in Cinemas.