Who will represent North Carolinas 9th Congressional District?
Who will represent North Carolina's 9th Congressional District? DAVID BECKER/GETTY IMAGES

Everyone is talking about this new report from "researchers at WalletHub": It's trending and it's about Seattle, but I won't even describe it because there's no way it's true. I love a good fantasy but we have to be honest with ourselves in this situation, Seattle.

As you're probably aware, Bolton is out: And his resignation letter is roughly the length of a tweet. The first question at the White House briefing on Bolton's firing/resignation was: Was Bolton fired or did he resign? (He was fired.) As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this morning, "The president is entitled to the staff he wants."

Amazon has new digs near Seattle: A multistory warehouse that's the first of its kind in the United States.

The Stream Wars heat up: Apple TV+, a new streaming service coming from the Big Apple, released a launch date and price today. November 1 for........ $4.99 per month! The price, which is directly aimed at Disney+'s proposed $6.99 per month (which is directly aimed at Netflix's $12.99 per month), is the lowest one on the market. Apple TV+ will also be free (for a year) for purchasers of new iPhones, iPads, or Apple TVs. Here's how Apple TV+ stacks against the others:

Apple TV+ - $4.99/month (free for a year with purchase of new device)
ESPN+ - $4.99/month
Hulu w/ ads - $5.99/month
CBS All Access - $5.99/month
Disney+ - $6.99/month
Starz - $8.99/month
Showtime - $10.99/month
Hulu (no ads) - $11.99/month
Netflix (most popular plan) - $12.99/month
Amazon Prime Video - $12.99/month
HBO - $14.99/month

We've returned to cable: "That means that if you want, say, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO, Hulu and Showtime, you’ll be paying about $70 per month. And you won’t get ESPN with that," writes CNBC on the new prices.

Also, there's a new iPhone: It's the iPhone 11, baby! It's got three cameras, the Pro model can record multiple videos at a time, and they all go on pre-sale this Friday and sale-sale on September 20. CNN has a live blog with good coverage of Apple's big event today here.

Seattle is partnering with Lyft and Uber to provide free transportation to naturalization applicants who are trying to get to Yakima or Portland: In June, ICE announced that Seattle-area immigrants will need to travel to those cities to interview for citizenship. Seattle's Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs director called the move "yet another brick in the 'Second Wall' of the Trump administration's anti-immigration agenda" in a press release. To help applicants with the cost of traveling to Yakima and Portland, Lyft and Uber each donated $10,000 to support:

-The purchase of train or bus tickets for immigrant applicants, or
-To subsidize mileage costs for applicants, or
-For community-based organization staff accompanying applicants to interviews.

27.5 million U.S. residents didn't have health insurance in 2018: "Last year was the first time since 2009 that both the number and the proportion of Americans without coverage rose significantly from the year before," writes the Washington Post.

Re-Bar's building is for sale: The Stranger's Jasmyne Keimig talked to Re-Bar co-owner Dane Wilson about it.

What's heavier, falsehoods or facts? And why does Snopes need such a big truck?

It looks like Trump will continue to make West Coast homelessness a campaign issue in 2020: It appears he instructed his administration to conduct "a sweeping crackdown on homelessness in California," reports the Washington Post. He wants to place them in "new government-backed facilities." It's unclear how he will do this and if any California Democrats will cooperate.

The half-Seattle-based fashion duo, Femail Forever, got a big spotlight at New York Fashion Week (NYFW): Camilla Carper and Janelle Abbott, the "up-and-coming fashion designers" (says Teen Vogue!!) that we've been covering on this here blog and in our A&P quarterly for a few years, got a profile boost this week when Teen Vogue invited them to be a part of their Generation Next event at NYFW. Read about it here.

North Carolina is in the middle of a special election: The State Board of Elections ordered a new election in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District after allegations of ballot fraud. It's Republican Dan Bishop against Democrat Dan McCready. The race is currently close. CNN has live updates here.

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Be careful out there, people: East Bremerton is wild.

European regulators are sending their own pilots to the US to test Boeing's 737 MAX: They're calling it an "independent" review. Hopefully a door doesn't blow off.

Wake me up when we stop paying our student loans: Hasan Minhaj testified in front of Congress today about the student loan debt crisis and called out how cheap the legislators' college educations cost. It's funny! It went a little viral!