Slog PM: A Special Election in North Carolina, Flying Cars in East Bremerton, Should I Buy an iPhone 11?



Since Apple clearly and purposefully violated labor laws AGAIN in the fabrication of the latest iPhone, it would be so great if no one bought a fucking iPhone. But of course people in this county do not give one fuck about what is done to make anything they own as long as they get to have the latest gadget (even if it costs $1000). Oh and make sure you get the family plan and one for each of the kids!!!


@1: Oh pooh. I love my iPhone and will be upgrading!


@2 -- Yes.
Work or die.

re flying mercedes sports -- there's a severe parking shortage at the Library. They're usually stacked up, two or three deep, when it's fines-forgiveness day --- which is every day, nowdays. Mind your head.


Rumor has it, there's an app you can send the kids at the Apple factory a small jolt of electricity if there's a bug they let slip past. Can't wait to see the video! (Hmmm ... I wonder if that'll increase Production.....)


@2 Specifically, Foxcon is using 30-50 percent temporary workers in the iPhone facilities. The legal limit is 10%. Temps in China have similar disadvantages to US temps-- primarily lack of benefits.


@2 yes


@1: Isn't globalism fun?


@1 Mike Daisey, is that you?

@8 It’s lifted 800 million Chinese out of poverty since 1990. Why do you hate Chinese?


Living in a city, the number of shows available over antenna is pretty great. Start with an antenna and the Fire Recast DVR (records from antenna and streams to your phone, tablet, TV, etc.), and add a streaming service or two for movies.


@9, it's lifted more than just Chinese out of poverty over the past several decades. And the New Green Deal would do everything possible to reverse that trend. If there's one thing the Left hates and that's people who are able to lift themselves out of poverty and Capitalism makes that possible. Socialism does nothing but create government dependent serfs


Wait, now conservatives love globalism? And the $15 minimum wage left hates lifting people out of poverty? Fascinating what you learn when you read the unvarnished brainfarts of random people on the internet.


I don't understand why the release of a new product from Apple automatically translates to newsworthiness. Apple hasn't released a new innovative product since before Jobs died; stop giving them free advertising for their overpriced crap.


@12 oh, I know. Haven’t you heard the latest? See, John Bolton was a liberal progressive. That’s why Dear Genghis Karrot “fired” him. I know because Tucker Carlson, Fox News and Trumpland social media said so. It’s not hard to convince the people who believe Nazis were leftists and AntiFa are the real Nazis of any counterfactual you want. In Trumpland everything is downsideup.


@12 oh, and remember that Trump inviting Islamic terrorists to Camp David, on American soil, on the anniversary of 9/11 was a GOOD thing. And then canceling it was his idea and also a good thing. They are both good things.


"why does Snopes need such a big truck? "
Tons of bullshit. Tons. That's why.


Re: WalletHub: "there's no way it's true."
Upon what empirical data are you hanging that hat?