New Delays to Charleena Lyles Inquest, Hearings Not Likely Until 2020



There's no justification for pointing guns at the body of a woman onto which her infant child has crawled. Nobody who has been shot seven times and is obviously dead could possibly be considered a threat.


"we’re seeking a temporary stay in this inquest so only one fact finding expedition occurs at a time"

All the facts in this case have already been found. Charleena Lyles lured police officers to her home under false pretense, then once those officers were within a few armlengths inside her apartment, she produced a deadly weapon and advanced on them.

She committed suicide by cop in front of her small children and deserves to be reviled for that disgusting action. And for those who say that she had mental illness and doesn't bear responsibility for her actions, then what the hell was she doing living in subsidized housing as the guardian of a handful of small children?

Charleena had agency. She was guilty of one of the most heinous things a parent can do. Her estate has absolutely no case, and it's time they heard that message loud and clear.


The family ought to be happy about this - there's no chance the inquest will find the city or the police at fault, but the longer this goes on, the better their odds of settling out-of-court are.