To conflate the two is illogical. None of children in cages in the border committed crimes.


@1 Well... Actually they did commit a crime by entering the USA illegally. But, any of those children in cages at the border, who want to leave their cages, can do so by simply asking to go home.


Oh. Jesus. Not this bullshit again. These activists are delusional fanatics.

Migrant children who have accompanied their parents to the US border (who've come to the US purely for economic reasons) are not guilty of crimes. Where as the youth jail houses god damned convicted murderers and rapists.

False equivalencies and Strawmen logical fallacies right out of the gate. Couldn't finish it with my eyes rolling that hard.


So what about teenagers arrested for murder? 14, 15, 16, 17 year olds. Send them to Girmay's house to live?

This guy makes Gosset look sane.


@2 Not you, again. No dipshit. The vast majority of recent migrant caravan children in question held at border detention were taken at LEGAL border crossings - still in Mexico - where their parents were attempting to apply for asylum, which is legal. The Migrant Protection Protocol FORCES asylum seekers to wait in Mexico but they can only apply in the US. It's a Catch-22.

And toddlers can hardly "ask" to go home. Not only that most asylum seekers from central America do not have homes. The problem is you racist fuckwads are treating illegal entries and asylum seekers all the same.

PS. You cretinous dumbfuck.


@4 if you had read the article you would know his stance.

“For youth that must be detained by law, for their safety or for the safety of the public, we must not put put them in the current (new) youth jail, which is large, dangerous, expensive and ineffective; instead we can bring them to close-to-home facilities. These are smaller facilities that are oriented toward restoration and located in the community where the youth was raised, rather than being prohibitively far from their families for regular contact. Close-to-home facilities give parents, caregivers and other relatives more opportunities to stay connected to their children and play a vital short- and long-term role in their treatment and rehabilitation.”


You must be an adjunct professor.
Real professors are smart enough to make their point without crude personal attacks.

The answer is we dislike children in cages but animals belong in cages.
Build the Detention Center.
Make the bars strong.


@6 When his stance starts off with a ridiculous false equivalence conflating migrant children with actual violent offenders he has no god damned stance.


Fortunately the whole asylum fiasco is being sorted out:


@9 Yes. In other words they DIDN'T break the law until a bunch of racist shitbags try to change law after they were already here. Ah. The Ex Post Facto universes you love to dwell in.


@6: So, where do we put violent criminals until these ‘close-to-home facilities’ start operating? The reason we built a new facility was the old one is no longer operable.

(Also, how does he know a facility is ‘large, dangerous, expensive and ineffective;‘ before it has even begun operations?)


@6 Great, build a youth jail in every neighborhood with shitty parents. That’ll be cheap.


Nobody has presented any evidence that a family will be any more likely to visit their convicted violent criminal child in a facility 4 miles away rather than one 40 miles away. The commute strikes me as something rather low on the list of things that make friends and family reluctant to visit a convicted violent offender.

And I'm going to need some help understanding how prisoner is part of the community surrounding the prison. Half of the rationale for imprisoning violent offenders is that the victims' communities are no longer safe with the offenders within them.

The people who do volunteer work with prisoners are wonderful, don't get me wrong, but you aren't going to magically create more of them by building lots of charming little new prisons in residential neighborhoods.


Maybe Obama can come to Seattle and build some cages for kids? He sure did a bang up job building the ones being used by himself and Trump


King County does need to answer about why they are operating these concentration camps for children.


You're either naive, or stupid, or both.

"youth prisons are five times more likely to incarcerate Black youth"

Maybe Black youth should stop committing such disproportionate shitloads of violent crimes.


@15 The County's approach is the direct result of the 2012 voter-approved levy funding such operations, isn't it?


Another interesting question is why Seattle School District is listed as diverse, but if you check the stats (see the Washington Post article today), you'll see that all the Black and Asian kids are being pushed out of our school district due to the lack of affordable housing.

So now, when Black or Asian kids show up in certain neighborhoods, they get treated like outsiders, and then arrested more.

I blame the Mayor, and the ineffective County Council incumbent.


"youth prisons are five times more likely to incarcerate Black youth,"

Wait, that ain't right.
According to the Obama Justice Dept young black males commit murder SIX times as much as other demographics.

We're missing some who should be down at lock-up.

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