As Summer wanes and we approach the Autumn equinox, so too does the submissions window for the HUMP! Opening Festival this November. Many of you have grabbed your friends, lovers, a camera and probably headed out into the woods somewhere to strip down and make your movie. And you’ve probably been in overtime getting those final edits done. Well, it is time to finally hit that "submit" button.

The final cut off time for submissions is this Friday, September 13 at 5 pm PST. There are plenty of ways to send in your film (and it’s totally free to do so, BTW). Details on how to do so can be found here and if you ran into a snag and need some assistance, you can email the HUMP team here.

Support The Stranger

Listen, there’s nothing to lose by sending us your dirty little movie—in fact, just by doing so you’re in the running for up to $12,000. Did we mention that selected films also get a percentage of the 2020 HUMP! Tour profits?

“But I’m too nervous!” you cry. Well, relax already: HUMP! films are not released online or in any other form, and the filmmakers retain all rights. HUMP! is the dirty little film festival that allows you, your friends, and your lovers to be porn stars for a weekend in a movie theater, and not for the rest of your life on the internet!