On the fence, Seneca or Symphony. Maybe leaning Symphony.


Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest
(Jefferson-James, Cherry-Columbia, Marion-Madison, Spring-Seneca, University-Union, Pike-Pine)
Yes, stupid, agreed.
Still, an effective mnemonic.


Obviously it needs to be Pikes' Place Station, since all the tourists think that's what Pike Place is called.


I agree Rich, let it be Symphony Station.


Socialist Station


Sinclair Broadcasting Seattle Is Dying Station


Since it was named for University Street, we should re-name it Union Street Station, for the next block north.

Only after we re-name UW Station to Union Bay Station, of course. ;-)


Agreed, Symphony is the best name for this station.


Symphony & Museum (S&M for short).


Absolutely not. Benaroya is much better. It's unique, the way a street name should be, and "Symphony" in the context of a station sounds like a bathroom deodorizer or a dryer sheet. Gross.

Besides, Benaroya Hall is not exclusively used for the Seattle Symphony, nor is visiting the symphony something most people do. They will, however, walk past or through Benaroya Hall and wonder who its namesake is.


@8 Does the SLUT go as far as S&M?


Station names should be geographically useful, and useful even for tourists who have never set foot in Seattle or other who have never used the system. Symphony doesn't work for that, too abstract.

"3rd & Seneca" would be a good option... Seneca alone isn't very useful for inputing into whatever other transportation app you want to use to get to/from the station.

This stuff isn't rocket science, who came up with the lame options?


Agree the Art District names would just increase confusion. I first thought of Pioneer Square too, when I first read "Art District". Pioneer Square has been what most people think of as the center of art in Seattle for decades. And I agree that Midtown sounds lame and pretentious.

I'm kinda torn between Benaroya or Symphony. I'm okay with either.

Doug @8 wins for best alternate suggestion!


You're joking? Are none of you from Seattle? I am throwing up in my mouth right now and spitting out my coffee at the same time.
1. The AVE STATION. It's the Ave it's always been the Ave and will always be, the Ave.
2. They already named the Husky Stadium station, the stupidest most ignorant horrible name of all time "University of Washington station" It's not on campus. It's now the UW station. There is no UW station. This is ridiculous. I hate everyone.
Good day to you.


While we're at it, Pioneer Square station should be renamed "Muscatel Meadows" to better reflect the park outside the entrance.


"Symphony" sounds corny. And just like how University Street is named for when the UW was there One Million Years ago, what will people do when the symphony is replaced by robots with auto-tune, and Benaroya is converted to a data center?


First world problems


@16 The robots willl just name the new data center "Symphony," obviously.


True enough, robotslave dear, but robots are also corny.


It should just be called ‘Downtown’. Southbound, the stations are named for what the area is called; ‘Capitol Hill’, ‘Westlake’, ‘Downtown’, ‘Pioneer Square’, ‘International District’, ‘Stadium’, ‘Sodo’.. why try to match a street or a ‘what’s near’ in the name. This is where all the on-line maps say ‘downtown’. Don’t over-think it. (Yes, UW station should gave been ‘Husky’ or ‘Montlake’)


@13 Problem with your idea is that “The Ave” Station isn’t on the Ave, it’s on Brooklyn.

Agree w other commenters that University of Washington Station should be renamed Husky Stadium or Montlake. Much more precise.


While we're naming stations, let's name the future station at NE 130th "Superfluous Station."

Northgate and 145th are plenty close to each other. There was no good reason to delay everyone else's trip by plopping in yet another station between the two.


Why would it be "Othello", but then "Seneca *Street"?

Just "Seneca" please. It's the most distinctively Seattle of all the choices except for maybe "Benaroya Hall".

And (essentially) naming a station after a developer and venture capitalist who was alive within the past decade is unseemly. Putting your family name on a building for contributing $15+ million to a nonprofit is one thing; having it attached to publicly-owned infrastructure for free is a different matter.


@11, @20:

While everything you say is correct, the four stops in downtown are clustered rather tightly together, and are therefore not really regional. Westlake Station is named for that adjacent avenue, and so we should re-name University Street as either Seneca Street Station or Spring Street Station. (If we want a New York vibe, choose the latter.)


@23 Yes, I agree about "Benaroya" and I'm surprised no one else has voiced that concern. On principle, I just don't like giving a rich family that extra, unneeded boost - feels like an ad or something. They paid their money and got their name on a nonprofit; they don't need to become institutionalized in the infrastructure of the city. Pretty soon we'll have "Bezos station" in SLU.

@13 - I'd go with Husky Station, for short; and I've been visiting the Ave for decades, but there's something off about calling a station "Ave" when its not on the Ave. And you complain about other station names but don't actually address the question at hand - what's the best true-blooded Seattlite rename for University Street? (I'm a native and am not sure myself because I've never cared for or spent time on that stretch of 3rd Ave)


Symphony is nice. Sounds much nicer than the actual location. And while I do like Benaroya, it drives me insane to hear people mispronounce Benarora. ARGH. Pioneer Square Station will always be PEE station to me. It stinks and the street people use the stairs as a toilet. It's disgusting.


@25: Besides, who knows how much longer it will even bear that name? Lincoln Center paid the family of the late Avery Fisher the same amount of money to remove his name (so that concert hall could be renamed for David Geffen) as the Benaroyas paid to to put their name on Seattle's.


Benaroya or bust!

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