You get $1,000! And you get $1,000! And you get $1,000!
"You get $1,000! And you get $1,000! And you get $1,000!" ALEX WONG/GETTY

Biden releases new political ad about Obama: Anticipating a Democratic debate that may sling mud at Obama, Biden is pushing a feel-good Obama ad to remind us to vote for him because… we voted for Obama??

Seattle will pay out $450,000 to settle a lawsuit from a former City Light employee: Who brought forward allegations of sexual harassment occurring in her office. We wrote about how sexism and harassment allegations at Seattle City Light get lost in the dark back in 2017. (Re)read that piece from Sydney Brownstone and then check out the update: "The city does not admit liability in the settlement with Beth Rocha but agreed to take down a City Light blog post from last year about an investigation into concerns raised by employees in the division where Rocha worked."

Okay, on to the debate: It's being held at Texas Southern University, one of the biggest HBCUs in the country. It's billed as focusing on gun safety and health care. So far, we've gotten into healthcare. We're just getting into gun safety now. You can watch it live here:

Andrew Yang started the night with a raffle: You get $1000 a month! You get $1000 a month! And 8 more of you get $1000 a month! Andrew Yang announced that his campaign will randomly select 10 families and give them a total of $120,000 over the next year to demonstrate his universal basic income plan. You can apply on his campaign site. I love a raffle. I'm gonna do it. Actually, it looks like you have to donate to his campaign to apply. AnDrEwWwwW! Okay, maybe I'll donate $1.

Someone give Bernie a cough drop: He's going hoarse yelling about healthcare. Warren quipped, “I’ve never actually met anybody who likes their health insurance company." Meanwhile, Biden has said that Warren is "for Bernie" and he is "for Barack."

Everyone is for Barack tonight: Unlike the last debate, they're all kissing Obama's ass tonight. Nearly every candidate has quickly started the evening by praising him.

Here's how Pete is doing: He's got that BKEE.

Last words on the debate so far: I endorse this tweet.

Okay, enough of the debate, we'll have more coverage on it in the AM: Let's transition to the VAPE SCARE.

Oregon retailers are pulling vapes from pot stores: Because, as you've heard, people are dying. (We got some doctors to weigh in on the vape health scare here.) The panic has caused one retailer in Oregon to pull 68 vape pens and 15 brands from its stores.

That tank engine: Is me.

Seattle meme from r/SeattleWA

El Paso shooting suspect accused of gunning down 22 people at a Walmart was formally indicted: On a capital murder charge. "Authorities believe Crusius is the author of a 2,300-word, anti-Hispanic screed that was published to an online message board about 20 minutes before the mass shooting," writes NPR.

SAM announces Betty Bowen winner: It's....... filmmaker Lynne Seifert! The award comes with an unrestricted cash prize of $15,000 and a solo exhibition at SAM in 2020. Seifert is the first filmmaker to win the Bowen award. Former A&P cover star Anthony White received the Kayla Skinner Special Recognition Award, winning $2,500.

A construction slowdown is coming for Seattle: Can't be good for the housing crisis. Also, "for the first time in three years, Seattle isn’t home to the most cranes in the country." Now let's check in on the construction happening outside my apartment. It's going wel—WAIT, WHAT?!

I have no power at my place until tomorrow morning: Maybe you don't either. Goddamnit. Will you let me put my groceries in your fridge?

NYC is ending its ban on gay conversion therapy: Why? Because its City Council worries that if a federal lawsuit filed against the city by a Christian organization were taken to the Supreme Court, it "could issue a ruling that could severely damage attempts to ban or curtail conversion therapy," writes the New York Times. Bleak. It's a gambit.

Speaking of gays: Some gay dads are suing the Trump administration because the government is denying citizenship to their daughter. Both of the dads are American, but their daughter was born via assisted reproductive technology in Canada. The administration's policy views their daughter as being born abroad and “out of wedlock."

Unrelated to today's news, but did you know there's a Legally Blonde 3 in the works? There is. It comes out next year. I'm late to the news, but I was researching Legally Blonde today and hoo boy it looks like we're not done with Elle Woods quite yet.

The robota izakaya on Broadway will be closed for "several months" due to "renovations": Or it's closed forever. We're not sure and either is JSeattle.

From baby to rat: He's all grown up now!

Elizabeth Warren released her health plan today: She was criticized for having a plan for everything—except health care. Today that changed.

Warren, Sherrod Brown, and Richard Blumenthal also sent a letter to Daddy Bezos today: The three-page letter accuses Bezos and Amazon of disregarding the rights of its delivery workers. Here's the letter.

There's a full moon this Friday: Friday, you know, THE 13TH. It's a special "harvest moon," a bright moon that comes at the peak of the harvest season. Farmers like it, apparently, and so does the devil. And Neil Young.