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David Bowie's Linguini Incident



That is a photo of fettuccini, not linguini.


Never mind - it was corrected. Sorry for my dupe.


I have a promo copy of The Linguini Incident that I nicked from Blockbuster when I worked there as a teen. It's a great, quirky little flick.


@3 No worries! You were right. We need to go back to pasta school.


Any connection to the GNR album The Spaghetti Incident?


I love the Linguine Incident SO MUCH. I have a bootleg vhs of it which I baby since it is so fragile at this point.
I actually used one of the line from the movie on my ex husband as he was saying goodbye at the end of our first serious date. He was very young, (11 years younger than me and in his early 20s) and I was in fact the first person he had ever really gone out with.
At the door as, as he was about to leave, I looked him dead in the eye, and said:
"I'm going to kiss you now, and I don't want you to panic" and kissed him.
He promptly imprinted on me like a baby duck and we were married a little more than a year later.


@7 Lissa, love that comment. There are so many good lines in Linguini Incident.


@8: Thank you! You are so right. The one about being able to have a boyfriend AND a library card is also a favorite of mine. :)

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