Slog AM: A Bad Weekend for Light Rail, Purdue Pharma Files for Bankruptcy, Who Stole This $4 Million Toilet?



With over 200,000 opiod overdose deaths, so far, and a plague of opiod addiction, the Sackler Crime family/admitted opiod drug pushers, owe an enormous debt to US. Giving up their means of production ought to be just the start. These United States must claw back ALL their ill-gotten Profits AND the guilty parties must be rehomed, into the darkest of our nation's vast prison industrial complex.

Or, they could visit the Philippines, where tyrant / Overlord Julio Dutarte's
unique "solutions" to their Drug Epidemic has our president's hearty endorsement.


What happened to Spike?


trumpfy needs cover from Congress's investigations (and Kavanaughtiest Maximus's latest gropey/rapey/dick-in-the-face allegations) so WHY NOT bomb the shit outta any brownly-peopled country he (currently) hates?

Having an unhinged spoilt/entitled not-too-bright Bully as president was never going to end well.

Congress must do its Job and put the Cuffs on this guy.
ASAP, baby.


"Purdue Pharma is bankrupt"
The white male corporate staff of Purdue did the assets-looting long before this legal trouble got serious; the working grunts can clean up and pay for this mess.


@5 some of them, yes. Turns out doctors are human, who could have known.


@5 Yes, talk to my friend who was caught in the Oso landslide a few years ago and had the meat peeled off his arm like a banana. After all his surgeries they prescribed massive amounts of opioids then when he got his settlement money he was a cut off and a full on addict. Great place to leave him, addicted to opioids with a bunch of cash in the bank.


Sally Bagshaw's bike theft looks like an inside job or perhaps an insurance scam.


If a solid-gold toilet isn't the perfect symbol for this fucking country, I don't know what is.


The artist even named the stolen Golden Throne 'America.'
I won't be Surprised if trumpfy is behind all this.
He's prolly setting upon it, even now,


"Hate speech is free speech unless it calls for violence."

The posters read, "you can't have law and order and niggers, too." That's eliminationist rhetoric.


@10: How does it look "like an inside job or perhaps an insurance scam"?


Perhaps, David, perhaps not.

But aren't you much more comfortable knowing the police are gathering information on individuals and groups spreading eliminationist rhetoric, instead of just turning a blind eye to potential terrorists?


interesting i didn’t know the first amendment prevented the police from investigating vandalism, the things you learn from someone low key defending racism bc it’s not a direct threat of violence


White people move out?


White people move in?


Pick a lane and stick to it ladies.


@11: I image there few under the cheeks of sheiks around the world.

@16: Given that the crime isn't particularly newsworthy, and that Sally has a history of being annoying, I felt it prudent to start unsubstantiated rumors.


@20 If we're going to burrow into technicalities, then yes, you're correct: it's not the Seattle Police Department that would do preventive investigation of potential terrorists-- that's a job that would be (and is) done by the FBI.


I can't believe people reporting on the golden loo are failing to mention that this is the same piece that was offered to Trump in lieu of a Van Gogh!


Hmmm ... that so-called pic of the Golden Throne looks (to me) suspiciously like a solid gold TP dispenser. Perhaps if we were to ask Lark 2 of the Golden Throne's whereabouts, s/he/y might prove Helpful...


Weird how with rightwing dipshits it's only "free speech" if you get scream "N*gger!" over and over again.

But a black man takes a knee during a football game national anthem? Oh! My! God! BOYCOTT THE NFL!


21 my god you’re a moron but i guess that’s to be expected of someone who white knights for bigots who vandalized someone’s private property with racial slurs


What opioid crisis? Nothing but a true free market economy. No one forced doctors to take bribes, and customers could have checked the side effects before getting hooked.
This is a great country where the right to petition the government isn’t limited to individuals. Business rights are just the same as anyone else’s. We also have free speech.

Speaking of…
not-so-smart from Shoreline- someone stepped into someone else’s private property, placed an additional poster on a poster they had in their own yard.

Pijama @ 12- sadly so, yet nicely written 


A fool's gold toilet might be a better symbol for the United States



The FBI can and does legally monitor Seattle residents who are engaged in otherwise legal activities (e.g. online hate-group participation) that may lead to future terrorist activity.

This is legal because they are not doing so SOLELY for the purpose of monitoring activities protected by the First Amendment or the lawful exercise of other rights.

They do this all over the country, and if you keep an eye on the news, every once in a while you'll read about a bomb plot that's been foiled, and/or a citizen detained, due to FBI monitoring of their online activity, weapons stockpiling, or other entirely legal behavior.

I have no idea where you get the idea that people are free to go about building hobby explosives or propounding elimination of ethnic or religious groups, without the prying eyes of law enforcement on them.

There has been overreach in the past, obviously, and there are standards to be met, but there really are people out there plotting to kill each other, and there are real, live law enforcement agents keeping tabs on a lot of them as we speak.


Also, your bf should buy a computer. Try a cheap laptop at Target. Make it a present.


Sally Bagshaw was thankful of the immediate Seattle Police response. The rest of us can just file a report on line.