Nathalie, I realize your schtick leans heavily on appearing New To Town as long as you possibly can, but "Seattle Governement Creates New Committee" is so not-news that even a third-tier Onion knockoff wouldn't run it.


What's the Onion, old guy? Is that like Faux News?


The City Council should immediately ban the sell of all meat and animal related products in the City of Seattle or they will show they don't really care about the environment.


Will it include money for people who don't wanna work?


So the strike to save the planet lasts for four hours on a Friday afternoon?


How can we take a GND committee seriously they overtly shun philanthropy and technology?


The committee is worthless if it does not have a member to call out Nazi’s. “ Hey there’s one behind the water cooler.”




God gave us a perfect planet; she could at least have created perfect people to go with it.


You have to admit this will be good for a laugh. I hope they stream these NGD meetings. If you've ever worked for a do gooder non profit like I have, you've sat in conference rooms full of people proposing one idealistic solution after another. Nobody wants to say "that's a bad idea" so all ideas, no matter how odd, get respect. Nobody will have any real good ideas of how to get from A to B, but that doesn't matter - what matters is your intent and what is in your heart. Words will be spewed, but solutions will be elusive.

Where are the ambitious people who want to go into engineering and science to actually advance green tech? Why does everyone think yammering and yammering and sitting in conference rooms yammering does anything?


Same young people can't wait to buy their first car.


Boy I'd love to know if this Jesus guy actually came to the council meeting!


By Jesus, we have had enough economic prosperity! What we need more of is depravity and unemployment, because Jesus is lonely without his flock during the work hours.


First item on the agenda: Using the homeless as fuel.


So does this mean the city council will be forced to stop building bike lanes that increase congestion and carbon emissions? Or does naïve hope still count more than actual carbon emissions.


Sawant is such a dumbass (and I say that as someone who voted for her). I really hope her district kicks her to the curb in the next election.


Oh mellow dear, turn that frown upside-down. I haven’t been a slut since approximately 2001. Believe me, it’s not for want of trying. But, as I’m sure you’re aware, unattractive people don’t have as many opportunities to be slutty, and I am very, very old.


“Council Member Abel Pacheco proposed an informal amendment to add four more positions that would give "philanthropy and tech" seats on the board. It was received poorly.”

Of course it was, If you allow people on the board who are used to diagnosing problems and solving those problems, then all the gasbag SJWs and cronies our City Council will appoint to all the other seats will feel bad, pout, and cry.

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